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Thread: PS3 USB JailBreak Adapter Review

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    BwE Guest

    PS3 USB JailBreak Adapter Review

    Here is my quick PS3 USB JailBreak Adapter review, which I got from (linked above).

    Mine came without the stickers on by request if anybody was wondering.

    Once plugged into your PC it starts installing its drivers and eventually it will come up as "USB Input Device".


    - Cheap
    - Lots of space (64k)
    - Fast shipping (DHL straight from manufacturer)
    - Good service
    - Comes with PSGroove pre-installed (Web site says it comes empty)

    On their Web site they have 2 tools:

    - Ps3USBJailBreak Programming Tool V1.19 (AT64)
    - Ps3USBJailBreak Programming Tool (AT16)

    The second one allows for uploading any .hex and .bin files but it doesn't seem to recognize the USB.

    The first program works, but only has pre-selected PSGroove mods.

    Not sure what to think about the software side of things yet but overall it's a decent product.

    All Done!

    Spoiler: HongLei International Electronic Co., LTD makes these - Established in 1993, Guangzhou Haizhu Borough Honglei Electron Factory is a specialized wholesaler and manufacturer of game accessories, video games and video games accessories in China.

    [imglink=|PS3 USB JailBreak Adapter Review][/imglink]
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    Apr 2005
    Thanks for sharing a review sk group, +Rep and I have added it to our PS3 Reviews page now as well.

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    shummyr Guest
    nice review, +rep


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    Starlight Guest
    Looks like a nice review sk group and thanks for it.

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    Romualdpsp Guest
    Made in China

    Thx for [COLOR="Black"]sk group[/COLOR]

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    skyo78 Guest
    Quick question, so can this be programmed with the hermes v4 hex files and compatible with Gaia manager and others?

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    lanzl Guest
    yes, it has hermes v4 supported, and the asbestos supported, that confirm it has at lease 50K flash size (included bootloader). asbestos need 45K

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    solrac1974 Guest
    Good to know that, one more low cost clone, thanks for the review! rep+

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    It seems that they supply to resellers rather than sell directly.

    I guess that means I'm screwed until one reseller will ship here for a reasonable price.

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    BwE Guest
    indeed! i'm going to be supplying their products shortly

    just organising the legalities of it with ebay and so on.

    edit: i also have to mention this is the cheapest jailbreak (wholesale wise)

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