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    Jurai2 Guest


    Has anyone gotten this to work, all I've gotten is a black screen.

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    thanks for the translation DarkZeros Rep+

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    LioMajor Guest
    So what i understand from this is:

    We can duplicate our real Firmware (Flash 1/2/3) to the Usb-Stick and restart the console loading it from Usb. We can test altering the Firmware on Usb and check it out. Firmware Update will update the real Firmware. We need Peek+Poke to get it working.

    If anything is wrong, please say so to make it clear.


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    talruum Guest
    Means (made some changes in the phrases to better translation):
    No actualicéis estando en modo Firmware Live. Eso reiniciaría el sistema volviendo a poner la dev_flash original y os actualizara!

    Do not update when you're in "live firmware". If you try to update when using my tool, the ps3 will reboot and return dev_flash to the original point and will update your system!

    Do not update from USB FIRMWARE LOADER!

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    ModderFokker Guest
    Basically... DON'T EVER PRESS the damn update button ...like always.

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    solrac1974 Guest
    Great news, we are getting closer and closer to CFW, can't wait to test all this stuff when my PS3 Break arrives!

  7. #27
    nafeasonto Guest
    I can see it now: "Persons house gets raided today for Illegality of making custom firmware on PS3." Knowing Sony, this will happen.

  8. #28
    brampower Guest
    Wow. Spoofing 3.42 is only a matter of time now.

  9. #29
    m3l0n3 Guest
    Damn.. Sounds good Great Work!

  10. #30
    febag92 Guest


    Translation by me:
    This program let you emulate the dev_flash from a USB. Allowing a Custom Firmware to be loaded.
    We can modify the files on our new dev_flash (USB) as we want, without the risk of bricking our PS3. This is a BETA version, it will have some bugs.

    I will keep working on this on my free time. Remember that there is no risk to the console. Everything you change on the new dev_flash will really just be on the USB.


    1.- Syscall Peek and POKE.


    1.- Copy all the content of the /dev_flash to the USB stick root folder via "FTP Server"
    2.- Also copy the file JaiC_USB_FIRM_LOADER.pkg to the root of the USB Stick.
    3.- Install the package


    1.- Insert the USB into the PS3.
    2.- Execute the USB FIRM LOADER. After a few seconds you will be back to the XMB. The new Firmware is loaded.

    You will see that whatever you modify on the USB will be launched. Ideal for modifying RCO, exchange modules, whatever you imagine.

    Do not update using the Live Firmware mode. Is will restart the system, back to the original dev_flash and update it.
    I'm nether American or Spanish, I'm Brazilian, sorry if there is any errors. You all should learn Portuguese

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