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    Do not update while in Live Firmware Mode. It will reboot, setting the original dev_flash back, and then it will update! Do not update from USB FIRMWARE LOADER!
    This means, if you attempt to update while using the 'Live Firmware' mode it will restart your PS3 CAUSING it to NOT be in 'Live Firmware' mode. Meaning that it will update your current dev_flash.

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    Feb 2010
    would it be possible to use ps groove on a debug ps3 then use FTP server to copy the debug dev_flash then use this Custom Firmware Loader to run it. or maybe you could make a hybrid with debug and retail dev_flash?

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    Does the flash contents have to be from your own console or can you use one of the dumps floating around the net?

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    Wow! Can't wait for someone to finish off a custom firmware!

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    How do you get on PSN with CFW?

    I'm after a few MOVE patches, not to play play online, just to get into the store.

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    i can not get this to work. i'm using peek 'n poke psgroove, put dev flash on usb (both copied via ftp and by that new file manager) i get nothing but a blank screen.

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    not working for me. i have tested with olimex psgroove 1.1 by evilsperm and the the other patched with led function both no work, black screen.

    I have tested with winscp and filezilla transfer. Anyone have with olimex same problem?

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    I've tried it with the iphone-port of psfreedom... Doesnt work, just a black screen

    Edit: Nevermind, seems to work, after a fresh format of the usb-drive...

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    Quote Originally Posted by patholi View Post
    I got an idea, but don't know, if i understood the whole thing:

    we could load the latest (3.42) firmware to usb and whenever we want to play online, we load the fw from usb...if we want to use backups we start the ps3 without the usb...

    is this possible?
    this is what im hoping as well. is this possible? can we load the latest firmwire while keeping our console 3.41? (or other way round even?)

    the only real reason i want this is for when GT5 comes out in november, its the only game i want to play online and dont really want to have to buy a new ps3 just to do so since i've jailbreaked my ps3 already lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by sk group View Post
    i can not get this to work.
    did you transfer all the folders out of dev_flash or the whole dev_flash folder cause that happened to me so i tried transfering all of the folders out of dev_flash over and it worked don't know if this will help but it worked for me.

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