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Thread: PS3 Unban and Anti-ban Methods for Console ID and Sign-In

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    iloveyou Guest
    Why not rushing Sony's White/Blacklist... someone writes a prog, that generate real ps3console id's...we go all online with this...the id's get banned...clean/legit players begin to call Sony, thier id's have been banned and in 3 weeks, they have to shutdown or change thier hole system... just an idea

    ...i know Sony will lose... it's just a matter of time.

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    moditall Guest
    any new developments in gettin psn back on CFW 3.55 ?? I have no intention of going to 3.56 , i only play my own games but I enjoy the homebrew and emulators so I would rather buy another console over updating my firmware and letting fony control what I paid and was taxed for already !! I've heard rumors of keeping things under wraps with things..

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    slifer1231 Guest
    I was wanting to know has sony started banning anyone yet or were the e-mails just a scare tactic if so we need to start a thread and if you were banned post exactly what you did when you were banned then we can start looking at what they look for and hopefully spoof it because i heard that some people have been banned already and some haven't.

    i've heard some were playing backups and were banned and some that were playing them and havent been banned but we need to find out if they really are banning right now or if they are just trying to scare us into updating.

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    DemonSeed Guest
    I would also like to add to this - if you were banned did you update trophies/clear pushlist&boot_history.dat/add valid entries to games you have in boot_history.dat/what specific games were you playing/did you mod-cheat in any games/were you connected to the net in any way or form/etc

    It is kind of confusing that some were apparently banned, need more input on it since everyone seems to have a different reason. We just need a list of 'ban requirements', and if we can pinpoint the things that will set off the flags. Maybe write it into some kind of template like:

    Current firmware:
    Boot_history.dat cleared? [y/n]
    Pushlist cleared? [y/n]
    Manager used:
    Other homebrew used:
    Changed param.sfo gameid's to fake id (some games using geo cfw required this method)? [y/n]
    Net enabled? [y/n]
    Games played:
    Game files modded? [y/n]
    Cheated in game? [y/n]
    Used proxy? [y/n]
    Used dns method? [y/n]
    Used fckPSN? [y/n]
    Used other method to get on psn (please state):
    Synced trophies? [y/n]
    Current PSN status: [account banned/console banned/works fine]

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    slifer1231 Guest
    I found a thread over at nextgenupdate were people are doing what we are talking about heres is the link:

    and here is the format they are using:

    CFW: (what CFW are you using)
    Last Time Online (PSN) : (self-explantory)
    PS3 Model: (slim or Phat)
    Online Method: (Charles or fckpsn)
    Country/Region: (self-explantory)
    PSN Email: yes or no (the email syaing that they have deteced unauthroized software on your ps3)
    Banned: yes or no (self explantory)

    they have only one reported ban as of today 2-22-11 and its on geohots firmware.

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    DemonSeed Guest
    Odd, wonder what else that guy was doing/had running.

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    modz4fun420 Guest

    How do you unban your console fron psn? Please help.

    I have a cex that is banned from psn. Can some one help me unban it please?

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    Azrial Guest
    You need the unban program and a legit console ID to get it back online, nobody will supply a legit console ID for you, you will have to find that yourself.

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    Rac3rX Guest

    What are my options? System unban

    I get stuck on what will or will not work on the CFW Im running Rebug 4.41. I'm not sure what can and cant be done.

    I bought a semi broken PS3 off a friend for 30$. Its optic Drive doesn't work & the hard drive is small its a 125g slim. Its on OFW and he has a few games from PSN on it. What I want to do is take the PS3 console ID off of the broken PS3 and put it on my CFW PS3 to "un-ban" my console.

    Somehow at some point my console ID got changed to straight 00000000000 so I figure however that was done I should be able to add in my new busted PS3 console ID in. If I have to drop to 4.30 or 4.21 that I figure should just be a PUP update away, but am I left with no choice but to drop down to 3.55 with a downgraded? (I went from 3.55kmeu or something like that to 4.30 Rogero and then up to 4.41 Rebug, Ive not been on 4.21 ever.

    If I do have to drop to 3.55 is there not a way to get a new console ID of its own through a 3.55 hack that would not require I use the console ID off my new used PS3?

    Thanks for any help on this

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    StanSmith Guest
    I've only gotten the console ID from a CFW not OFW. There are a few ways to change your console ID. The easiest now is with PS3ITA Manager as when you load it up to load your backup game it automatically changes your console ID to whatever you choose.

    So somehow get the console ID from that broken console, input it into PS3ITA Manager and enjoy the games online.

    There are tutorials here which tell you how to get the console ID, I'm just not sure where or how. When I need to do it I find a tutorial and get it that way.

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