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Thread: PS3 Unban and Anti-ban Methods for Console ID and Sign-In

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    FireLion Guest
    Except, cheaters are still going to be there anyway. I think this whole new generation of gamers forgot what the definition of cheating means. You don't need a hack to cheat, you need a glitch. There's a difference between a hack and a glitch. "only hacks leads to cheats" is crap. Cheaters have been around since warhawk.

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    Ownedboy Guest
    nice find, going to test it right away

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    ph4rcyd3 Guest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Transient View Post
    Legit users don't need to worry unless the code to generate a legit console ID is cracked. Look at the size of the console ID -- it's 25 digits long. That means there are 10 septillion possibilities. Even for a computer, it would take a very long time to brute force through every possible ID, or even just randomly stumble upon a valid one.
    I can't find better words to describe the whole "psn hacking" thing. Straight, wise & simple. +rep


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    daveshooter Guest
    I don't think you realize, that you are affectively using a hacked computer and trying to get on a secure network using hacking. Just because its about games, doesn't make it any less years inside for hacking.

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    Elmo111 Guest
    hmmmm i think i may have tried doing this a bit too late now

    is it normal for my DNS server to be

    i probably don't understand the whole DNS and whatever else, also, does this anti ban thing work with the fckpsn 0.5? and why isnt my PS3 showing whenever charles is open

    help please

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    Chivafighter Guest
    They will just ban you, and continually do it until they are tired of it. They could take you to court that is if you actually did something similar to George Hotz and Fail0verflow.

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    goodone Guest
    does someone confirm it ?

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    WeedsmokerLOL Guest
    I love how people don't read the first post fully, aswell as the thread and just post asking if it works... sigh.

    It does work but you need someone elses ID, you can't just guess it. That's one, and secondly you will get banned in max 1 hour of being logged in so it's pointless. DO NOT BOTHER.

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    crazelunatic Guest
    i've tried to use a simple ps3 proxy program to connect to psn but alas it doesn't work for me. I have read the readme and perhaps this will work for someone else who has problems setting up ps3dns/Charles/ or fckpsn (any version) on their pc. I'm 1000% sure i have the ps3 and pc side configured properly but for some reason i still can't login to psn...

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    Bioz Guest
    skfu ftw I say..

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