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Thread: Ps3 TOOL firmware

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    taladas20 Guest

    Question Ps3 TOOL firmware

    Hey guys,

    Quick question, is the ps3 tool firmware just an enhanced version of the Debug firmware?

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    CJPC Guest
    Well, its similar, but better yes. It is generally the same, but it's debugging capabilities are enhanced!

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    taladas20 Guest
    CJPC i presume all the devs have had some interesting code they have been eager to run on it aswell. Best of luck to you guys.

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    You've been around awhile, so just take the time to contribute to the site. Spend 10 minutes making (2) Quality posts or replies (thought-out, longer than one sentence, that share your personal opinion on Site News articles, offer solutions to UnAnswered Posts, etc) and you will be Rep'd... but begging isn't the way to do it.

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    Madell Guest
    So the tool is at cjpc's home? Do you guys just send the code over or will you sometimes exchange it with the other developers? That would be good, so they can get the hang of it but I dont know how far you guys leave from each other. If it went through the mail then it would be risky. Could get lost or stolen. It is something to think about.

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    To answer briefly: the way it works is all the PS3 Devs here have access to a private IRC chat room where they can work with one another. Most of them have PS3 Debug consoles, and now that CJPC has a PS3 TOOL a lot of the areas they were unable to advance on in the past can now be revisted with it.

    It's all done online (IRC, occasionally MSN), and yes the PS3 TOOL is at CJPC's house but he can give remote access to it to the others of course, as need permits, since some possess special skills that CJPC may not.

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    Mathieulh Guest
    Actually there are a few differences with the playstation 3 Reference Tool and debugging stations firmwares, the debugging station has (starting 2.00) an emulated Communication Processor, which allows anyone with a debugging station to actually perform game development and debugging.

    The Reference Tool (DECR-1000 only) however has a real hardware CP which of course does not need to be emulated. As such it still requires software to interact/communicate with it (the CP is an entire different hardware with its own Linux build running on top of it) additionally the Reference Tool allows an ehanced use of the DECI3 protocol (again for a better debugging) and since the CP is not emulated it allows to see the lv2 (kernel) output as well as theorically perform kernel debugging (if sony did not block that particular feature out of it).

    The Reference tool also handles a few extra features (debug options), the most noticable one the Tool VS Console memory mode which allows you to use the extra 256MB XDR ram supplied in the Tool consoles (this feature has of course to be supported by the firmware). All of these make a Tool firmware quite a different from the one of a debugging station. I hope this answered your question. If you have any additional ones, feel free to ask and I will reply as best as I can.

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