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Thread: PS3 Timestamp Generator, Timestamps for Hacked PS3 Trophies!

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    vanvir Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by jokr2k10 View Post
    Its nice to see homebrew and all that stuff but I think this just ruins the trophies system... What's the point in giving yourself platinum trophy's on everything? Just so you LOOK like a good gamer? I'd rather be a good gamer with a few gold and platinum trophies than be lying to people (including myself) and appearing to have earned a bunch of platinum trophies.

    I like to compare trophies to my friends and see how much progress they have made in games and maybe even see how much time they have spent on certain games collecting these trophies. Personally, I like seeing it pop up in the game that I have unlocked a trophy by playing... but that's my opinion.
    I agree. Cool that you can do it, but how little life you need to have to actually do it (hack your trophys) and brag about it later.

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    kablooey Guest
    I think the same as you. And I donīt understand why some fools congratulate things like this. I understand that making this kind of "hacks" require time and knowledge and there goes my congratulations to the guy who made it, but to me this is worthless and completely ruined the trophy system forever.

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    Tokyo Rain Guest
    Pretty cool concept but I think it needs to be made easier to do. As in feed the app a file or make it generate a file or something along those lines.

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    MorPs3Kng Guest
    The more homebrew the better. If you got your trophies the legit way then it's not affecting you at all. I couldn't care less if Joe Trophyhacker gives himself 187 platinum trophies. And in most cases you can see if someone didn't earn a trophy the legit way due to the timestamps and the order they were received unless the person pays attention and edits each one individually since a lot of times you can't earn one trophy without earning a certain one before it.

    I personally would just play the game and get achievements that way but in the cases of trophies that are not possible to get anymore I don't have a problem with it. Calling someone a 'late adopter' is ridiculous. This is one reason why I don't like online trophies for the most part.

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    victorinox Guest
    it's the concept of something being "rare" No one said Fight Night Round 4 was hard, it was just 1 guy made it impossible, so it comes down to... hes still the only person in the world to get it, and it get rated a 10/10 usually over that.

    most people know the "rating" over the actual tasks that go into it. While games that are hard and unknown like spelunker black will go without hacking... However some people are insane!

    I met one guy who offered me 50+ to plat spelunker for him. you look at thee guys account, its littered with games that conflict and all of that... but in the end, no one cares enough to look at times.

    if you don't know it exists, this guy could plat mag, and all of that... Sorta like how Hakoom is highly respected though him and several of the 100+ plat people are 2+ people

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    lolster Guest
    Why bother? I mean trophies are supposed to mark your pride and the hard work you did to earn it. Why would you just hack them? I see no point in it, but oh well.

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