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    jarvis Guest
    I tend to agree with you on this one. Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that homebrew is possible, but stuff like this is kind of silly. Anytime I see someone now with all platinum trophies, I'll have to wonder if it is real or not. Cheating in games and then bragging about is kind of lame... and pathetic. It's cool that someone figured this out, but I don't understand why anyone would want to use this.

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    zetlamanplt Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by SwordOfWar View Post
    Things like this were bound to happen once the PS3 was hacked. Everyone is still welcomed to earn their trophies legit, and you will be proud of yourself for not cheating. That's all that matters.
    but it could be nice for those game which have few trophie who bug and won't be debloked as fifa09 and the trophies of the season 2009's ligue if you don't win it in 2009 because fifa stop the leak.

    sorry for my language i'm french

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    tifozi1 Guest
    The best game r(and a great friend) I know has the least amount of Platinum trophies (just 1) in my friends list but dominates every game leaderboards especially racing games. According to some he is insane in COD games as well. There is a reason why I don't like platinums and now it is diluted even more. Last year has especially seen a lot of platinum chasers for some reason. Now I can laugh at them for copping out of games

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    A great hack, I presume, and good job for the coder who came up with this. But I don't really see why any serious person would even want to do this. Its cool and all, but wouldn't you rather feel the amazing sense of accomplishment rather than feel the emptiness of a lie when bragging to your friends?

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    skotosa Guest
    Not the kind of homebrew we need guys. Lets focus on some useful homebrew and not on useless.

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    victorinox Guest
    there's a gamesave hack for that I believe... and Yes they might be good for ones that "cant be obtained legit" like the belts in Fight Night Round 4 since 1 guy held all the belts and kept them though cycling them though friends...

    but overall its more or less gonna be a step by steep thing till its "acceptable"

    person A: its ok to hack Fight Night, you cant do it legit
    person B: its ok to hack lord of the rings, the online is offline
    person C: its ok to hack lost planet 2, even though there are 53 leaderboards, getting #1 is bullshit!
    person D: its ok to hack ninja gaiden sigma 2, my connection isnt strong enough to play the game online!
    person E: its ok to hack singularity, no one plays!
    person F: its ok to hack final fantasy XIII, i could earn all the weapons so why do I need to actually do something anyone could do playing a lot?
    person Q: its ok to hack up, its easy!
    person Z: its ok to hack my list, everyone else does it.

    it might not happen exactly like this... but it will go similar to this.

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    Transient Guest
    It's funny how people are quick to complain about cheating, yet they have no problem with backups, etc. I say good job to Inaudax for the time and research he put into this.

    And BTW, I can think of at least a couple good uses for this that doesn't involve cheating:

    1) If Sony hands out bans for using the jailbreak on PSN, then when you recreate your account (and use a stealthed JB ) you'll be able to recreate your trophy collection.

    2) If you buy a second PS3 which will only ever be offline running 3.41, then you can edit your trophies to match the ones already earned on your online PS3.

    3) Some games have trophies which are impossible to get because online play is impossible (eg. servers are discontinued).

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    Vitalis1986 Guest

    Exclamation Banned PSN.. Trophy hack

    I would do that but i wouldn't want my psn to get banned.

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    victorinox Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Transient View Post
    3) Some games have trophies which are impossible to get because online play is impossible (eg. servers are discontinued).
    How is that fair? I don't support the JB, I just like to keep up on it... but seriously how is that fair? lol just because you were a late adopter that entitles you to what you cant get? this is just what my post was about... people are gonna say "impossible"

    things without online
    things with tasks that cant be done like the belts in fight night
    things like #1 in lost planet 2
    things like matches in games where no one plays online

    but in the end, you didn't earn it... Yeah it sucks that some trophies are time based, but sooner or later people stop playing anyways, and nothing says you picking it up 2 years later... doesn't mean you would get it.

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    Transient Guest
    Because sometimes all you had to do was insert the disc, join an online game and *pop* you have the online trophy. But if I play the game and get all trophies except the online trophy because the server is gone, then too bad for me? Well in that case I think it's unreasonable. In fact, the hex editing would be more effort than simply going online. I don't blame the user, I blame the developer for poor planning.

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