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Thread: PS3 Test Console in store

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    Pabulo Guest

    PS3 Test Console in store

    So it may not be exactly as it was written in title. Im working in one of the shops in Poland which is selling games and other electronic stuff. Of course we've got ps3 demo console but when it broke down they sent another one.

    And yes this is this "test console". So my question is:

    What for? It is only a problem to update, and i must say that i liked much more previous console with demonstration OS or maybe there is a way to change this?

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    CJPC Guest
    Well you should read the Test/Tool faq first, it answers a lot of questions. But the TEST is much better than the Demo unit, as it can run debug code (as in, your own code) without any hassles of signing, etc!

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    Pabulo Guest
    You're right, this console is better than demo unit and if it was my ps3 i wouldnt ask. But after all i guess that is no way of changing the whole OS, because of in "Demo Mode" it's almost impossible to change something which in my situation is what i would like to have... silly but true.

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    Mathieulh Guest
    You cannot change a debugging station into a retail console just as you cannot do the other way arround either but if whoever owns this console really wants a retail he would get much more out of selling his debugging station and then purchasing a retail console than converting it. Usually people look for debugging consoles rather than retail ones as those are more rare.

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