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Thread: PS3 TEST Backup Launcher V.001 Alpha WIP

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    CJPC Guest

    PS3 TEST Backup Launcher V.001 Alpha WIP

    While we await the start of our PS3 KeyVault Project for retail PS3 consoles, below is a screenshot of something else I have been tinkering with recently via Debug.

    As hinted by PS3News already HERE, it is a Backup Launcher for a PS3 Development Unit as shown. At the moment it it still pre-Alpha and very incomplete, however it allows:

    - Boot PS3 Games from HDD
    - Boot PS3 Games from DVD/BD-ROM
    - Copy Original PS3 Games from DVD/BD-ROM to HDD
    - Patch the executable on some games to run from HDD

    Note: This will ONLY work on a DEVELOPMENT CONSOLE, not a RETAIL PS3 unit!

    To be added soon:

    - Read PARAM.SFO for name/titleid, patch to menu (Alpha is hard-coded)
    - Support for deleting games from the menu
    - Support a few more games to start (Alpha is hard-coded for four)
    - Possible support for a "select" menu, versus the button presses

    Optimistic things to be added:

    - A better GUI
    - Backing up PS3 Game files to PC

    For those curious, how it works briefly: when the launcher is started, you can copy a game to the PS3 HDD. It will create a folder on the hard disk and copy the Game files over (it's NOT an "ISO" Loader, it just launches the PS3 Game's files), identical to the way PSN's demos are installed.

    The games are then launched using a relevant call, such as sceNpDrmProcessExitSpawn or sys_game_process_exitspawn2 (depending on location) and the loader then passes control off to the game, where it is run from.

    That is about it for now, just wanted to share some progress. Soon another resident PS3 Dev may share news of a side-project he is working on too!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    ps3love Guest
    Great news, now the only thing needed is a way to run unsigned code(exploit or other). In the meantime where i can buy a development PS3 just curious how much would cost to buy one or you have to steal it LOL.
    Anything that the community can do to help.

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    twitch Guest
    That is amazing!

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    hacked2123 Guest

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    Apr 2005
    I will start poking him with a stick later today.. it may not help him to get the game any faster, but at least it should keep him awake more

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    snaptrap Guest
    sounds good, at least its progress.

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    parkerparker Guest
    ANY updates on keyvault.....??

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    Apr 2005
    The guy doing the server side has moved recently... when he's settled it will be completed and we can go live then.

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    parkerparker Guest
    That would have to have been 1 on ps2Devs ppl by any chance? hehehe

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    Correct, it is... he's also a PS3News Dev too!

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