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    PS3 SPKG Tool v1.0 for Windows and Linux is Now Available

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    Today an anonymous PlayStation 3 developer has released PS3 SPKG Tool v1.0 for both Windows and Linux users with details below.

    Download: PS3 SPKG Tool v1.0 for Windows and Linux / PS3 SPKG Tool v1.0 for Windows and Linux (Mirror)

    From the ReadMe file: SPKG Tool 1.0

    • fail0verflow key folder
    • spkg (3.56+) and pkg (0.80-3.55) key/iv
    • disabled ecdsa check in spu_pkg_rvk_verifier

    • spkg in.pkg out.spkg_hdr
    • spkg in.spkg_hdr out.decrypted_spkg -d

    Thanks to:
    • Fail0verflow for their tools
    • Anyone that thinks replacing a coldboot logo means creating his/her own cfw

    PS3 SPKG Tool v1.0 for Windows and Linux is Now Available

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    cool is there gona be a 4.31 ofw jailbreak?

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    when yes ...Great ... but i know there will be no CFW on OFW for 4.0+

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    somebody, please make a mirror. This mirrorcreator is not accessible

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    I added another mirror to the first post now.

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    Is this to downgrade if so can you tell me how if not can you point me in right direction as head is booming I'm on 4.31 and want to go to 3.55 thanks

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    no this is not to downgrade, you can use flasher (E3, Progskeet, etc) to do so. basically this tool is used to sign the pkg on firmware update. since rvk_verifier.self not touched before by old CFW.

    so now all CFW can run smoothly, without toggle activated and hdd replace issue is fix

    btw you need spkg-key and iv from retail one to get this application working.


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