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    Apr 2005

    PS3 Slim HDD Reader (Windows Command Line) by 3141card Arrives

    Today PlayStation 3 developer 3141card has made available a PS3 Slim HDD Reader (Windows Command Line) followed by a GUI from aldostools with details below.

    Download: ps3_slim_hdd_reader_windows.rar / ps3_hdd_gui.rar / ps3_hdd_gui_1.3.rar / reader.zip (Picard's HDD Reader Source Code)

    To quote: A simple on-the-fly decrypter and ufs2 reader as comandline tool for windows. To see the content of your gameos(dev_hdd0) and copy files and folders to PC. No write suport! Hdd will only read.

    Put your eid_root_key file in the program folder and connect your ps3_slim_hdd to your PC. Comands are "dir" or "ls" for see a directory, e.g.:

    ps3 dir /

    to see the root of dev_hdd0, or

    ps3 ls /home/0000000X

    to see your user folder. To copy a file or folder use "cp" or "copy", e.g.:

    ps3 cp /home/0000000X/exdata/act.dat

    to copy act.dat to the program folder, or

    ps3 copy /home/0000000X/exdata

    to copy the whole exdata folder. Its not a profie app, quickly written, maybe you found bugs.

    Big THX again to ALL involved! Specially to Graf, Glevand, Naehrwert and Flatz

    From aldostools: I made this quick GUI prototype (linked above)... but I didn't feel in the mood of remove my internal PS3 HDD to make tests, so it may be very buggy. If someone could post some captures of the DOS output when the tool is copying a file or a folder, and listing other folders with files would help me to improve it.

    ok, I added a progress bar and add an initial slash if it is missing. Also added support for some shorcuts from the address bar:

    1-9 -> /home/0000000x/
    10-99 -> /home/000000xx/
    mm -> /game/BLES80608/USRDIR/
    iris -> /game/IMANAGER4/USRDIR/
    st -> /game/HTSS00003/USRDIR/
    pkg -> /packages/

    Any title id in lower case -> /game/TITLEID/

    A new Description column is now included (like in my FTP Client).

    Update: PS3 HDD GUI 1.3 - It's a GUI for the PS3 HDD reader tool created by 3141card. Now includes a PS3 HDD Hex Viewer to view/dump sectors.

    The tool is a simple on-the-fly decrypter and ufs2 reader that allows to browse the content of your gameos (dev_hdd0) and copy files and folders to PC.

    PS3 HDD will only read (Nothing is written to the PS3 HDD, so it should be very safe). PS3 HDD for Slim and FAT models are now supported.

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    StanSmith Guest
    Its interesting but you need CFW for it to work which kinda makes it useless. If you have CFW installed you can just FTP to the PS3 to see the HDD.

    Its needed for OFW PS3s. Thats what I'm waiting for, OFW HDD access. Even read access would be great then I can copy it over to the CFW PS3.

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    BerserkLeon Guest
    It's not entirely useless. If you have a CFW ps3 and it decides it doesn't want to work anymore, you can use this to grab your crap without having to redownload it all.

    I could've used this around january.

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    Apr 2005

    PS3 HDD Utility (Beta) Homebrew Application by Nullptr is Released

    Following up on the PS3 Slim HDD Reader, today PlayStation 3 developer nullptr has now released a PS3 HDD Utility (Beta) with details below.

    Download: PS3_HDD_Utility_Beta.rar

    To quote: Hello everyone!

    Here is a lightweight utility for your PS3 HDD raw backup, decryption needs, and other features. Right now it only supports slim PS3s.
    It's written from scratch except for some ported code form naehrwert's PoC. If you have any feed back, please put it here.

    Beta Version:
    • Dumping raw images from external disks.
    • Image decryption is done in chunks to save memory.
    • Extracting file block tool. Allows user to dump specified parts of a file.

    • I'm not responsible in ANYWAY for what is done with this app.
    • This tool is only for testing. It's not a one-app-solution to recovering data from PS3 HDD yet.
    • Decryption for NAND will be added later.
    • If you want to mount GameOS or do on-the-fly enc/dec, linux offers that in it's "device mapper". (I didn't test it and know nothing about it except its name)
    • Connecting via eSATA is much faster. Speed is affected by other factors as well.
    • If anyone knows/finds a way to mount GameOS in Windows, please put it in this thread.
    • This app uses some modified parts of the PoC code released by naehrwert.

    Tested On:
    • WD Scorpio Blue 1TB
    • Windows 7 X64

    Thanks to glevand, naehrwert, flatz, PS3 dev wiki & everyone who worked on it.

    Quick Tut:
    • Select your eid_root_key file.
    • Connect HDD to PC, ignore any initialize/format offers from windows.
    • Select the HDD index as it appears in "Disk Management" or HxD.
    • If the key and device are correct, the partition table should appear.
    • Click on "tools" to do whichever operation you want.

    • Dumping raw images requires access as "admin".
    • To do an operation on a whole file, set its "size" field to 0.


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    salh24 Guest
    thanks for the news

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    PS3 Fat and Slim HDD Reader for Windows by 3141card is Released

    Following up on his previous revision and the utility from nullptr comes PS3 HDD Reader for Windows from 3141card which can now read and copy from both fat and slim PS3 HDD variations.

    Download: ps3_hdd_reader_windows.rar

    To quote: Ok, with much help from mind i get it work. A BIG THX to mind for help me debug the prog. The app can now read, and copy from, fat and slim hdd's.

    Some words to safety. The app has only read access, self the incredible bug of all bugs, can not lead to a write access. The app can not destroy your ps3-hdd.

    Windows knows not about a PS3-hdd, its a unknown format for Windows. That means, if you not initialize the PS3-hdd, AND DO IT NEVER, the ps3-hdd is not existing for windows, no random read or write processes to a device which not exists for the OS.


    1) The App will NOT destroy your PS3′s HDD.
    2) Now you can COPY from PS3 Fats too.
    3) Avast warning about detected “Win32:Evo-Gen [Susp]“. False Positive? = It’s not infected.

    Some information about corrupted ps3 hdd's:

    This Tool was writen to work with a intact ps3 hdd, without filesystem errors! My test hdd, a slim hdd, is intact and work perfect.

    Some people try out hdd's from ps3's with corrupted ps3 hdd's. For example, you play a game, after the game you are back in XMB and the ps3 say something like "error occurred, must format... ". In this case are some files not correct written, maybe a save or trophy file from the just played game.

    This files are simple bad, and not the ps3 or linux or my tool can repair this files magical! The ps3 and even linux mount the ufs2 volume (dev_hdd0 aka gameOS) aktiv. The ps3 will say furthermore "error occurred, must format... ", linux will simply freeze it it come to the corrupted parts.

    The ps3 hdd reader mount no aktive volume. He read passive! So he simply not copy the corrupted files. If errors like "error: can't open file ..." occur, than is this not a prob in the app! So be happy that you can recover anything, than otherwise you have nothing.

    Have fun

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    StanSmith Guest
    Nice that is does nearly all PS3s now but still needs a CFW PS3.

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    ripplar Guest
    I used this yesterday. I like it and it works great. Thank you.

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    chroncile Guest
    Is there any way to use this without eid_root_key? My PS3 is stuck in an update loop and I need to format the HDD in order to access the recovery menu, but I need to backup my saves and trophies first.

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    joffe Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by chroncile View Post
    My PS3 is stuck in an update loop and I need to format the HDD in order to access the recovery menu
    Would it be a solution to put in an empty/unused HDD to perform format on recovery and then get either eid_root_key from there or put back origin HDD after update finished?

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