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    I just wanted to mention that using this tool on a 64-bit windows 7 install it will not see my hdd unless I open CMD as administrator, looks like it requires elevated privileges.

    For anyone running into frustrations that was the ticket for me. I am going to reach out to aldo and fill him in because his tool requires elevation and it won't stack elevation for the ps3 exe so it won't work for me.

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    RemoteSystem SPRX PS3 Plug-In by TheRifBoy for PS3 / PC Connections

    Following up on the recent PS3 XMB Blitting updates by 3141card, today PlayStation 3 developer therifboy has made available a RemoteSystem SPRX PS3 Plug-In for PS3 / PC connections with details below.

    Download: / (Source Code) / RSYS Test

    To quote: I've been working on this for 3 weeks now.

    It allows you a fast connection between ps3 and pc to make function calls and syscalls and some other stuff. It will come in handy for for people who are reversing vsh and quickly want to call a function.

    The download contains a .sprx, a C++ dll. a C# dll and I've included a C# library with some examples to understand how it works.

    Credits to deank and 3141card


    From the included ReadMe file: Load RemoteSystem.sprx on your ps3 using PRX Loader. Add RSYS_Net.dll as reference to your project and add RSYSLib.cs

    Understanding this file is needed if you want to use the functions RSYSSyscall and RSYSCall. Both functions have String format as one of the arguments. This is needed if I want to use __arglist (equivalent to ellipsis (const char* format, ...).

    I'll explain this with an example:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    This syscall takes 2 arguments. First one is an int and second one is a output byte array.. our format string would look like this:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    This is then how you'd call the function.

    [Register or Login to view code]

    The variable out_buffer will contain what the syscall returned.

    Float types and integer types are swapped to big endian if the byte order of the host is little endian. When passing arrays, each element must be reversed if the byte order is little endian. RSYSLib contains some functions for fast conversion from little endian to big endian but it is up to the user to use them.

    The difference between pointer 'p' and const pointer 'c' is that when using 'c' your variable won't get modified.

    [Register or Login to view code]

    RemoteSystem SPRX PS3 Plug-In by TheRifBoy for PS3 / PC Connections

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    does it work?

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    Awesome, stupid restore filesystem.

    Doesn't seem to work with me on Windows 8 or 8.1, tried running as admin or compatability for Win7, XP and no luck at all.

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    very nice, thanks

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    FYI we recently revised promotion requirements, so you may want to read HERE before replying to old threads.

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    awesome thanks for this program

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    very nice software! i hope it will work

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    very useful homebrew, thank goodness i found it. thanks!!!

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