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    Apr 2005

    PS3 HDD Utility v1.00 Homebrew Application by Nullptr is Released

    Following up on his initial release and the previous update, today PlayStation 3 homebrew developer nullptr is back with PS3 HDD Utility v1.00 homebrew application and details below.

    Download: PS3_HDD_Utility_v1.00.rar

    To quote: Hello everyone,

    Here is a new version of the PS3 HDD Utility. It's remade with a built-in UFS2 (GameOS) file browser, and file extraction.

    The raw tools are removed for they are not needed anymore.

    As for phat support, I'm going to need an eid_root_ key and a raw sample for testing.

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    Apr 2005

    PS3 HDD Reader v1 for Windows by 3141card is Now Available

    Following up on his previous updates, today PlayStation 3 homebrew developer 3141card is back with PS3 HDD Reader v1 for Windows followed by an updated GUI from aldostools below.

    Download: ps3_hdd_reader_windows.rar / ps3_hdd_reader_windows_v1.rar / ps3.exe (with Debug Functionality) / ps3_hdd_gui_1.3.rar by aldostools / HDD Reader Source Code / HDD Reader Source Code (Mirror) by 3141card

    To quote: A update, I finish the FAT read support, for dev_hdd1 on NAND and NOR and dev_flash, dev_flash2 and dev_flash3 on NOR. A big THX on sguerrini97 and sinsizer for test the tool on slim-ps3, and on 3absiso for test it on fat (NAND/NOR) ps3's.

    Usage: A simple on-the-fly decrypter and ufs2 reader as comandline tool for windows. To see the content of your gameos(dev_hdd0) and copy files and folders to PC. No write suport! Hdd will only read.

    Put your eid_root_key file in the program folder and connect your ps3_slim_hdd to your PC. Comands are "dir" or "ls" for see a directory, e.g.:

    ps3 dir /

    to see the root of dev_hdd0, or

    ps3 ls /home/0000000X

    to see your user folder. To copy a file or folder use "cp" or "copy", e.g.:

    ps3 cp /home/0000000X/exdata/act.dat

    to copy act.dat to the program folder, or

    ps3 copy /home/0000000X/exdata

    to copy the whole exdata folder. Its not a profie app, quickly written, maybe you found bugs.

    Big THX again to ALL involved! Specially to Graf, Glevand, Naehrwert and Flatz.

    Glevand show it for a slim hdd, ok, but for a fat only the decryption is other.

    For slim:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    For fat:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Next is, compile the kernel for UFS write support, and mount gameOS rw. Work perfect for me. So why a maybe risky hombrew, if i can use a brilliant OS with proper coded device driver.

    About: It decrypt a ps3-hdd on a windows pc. Show you the content of the partitions, and offers the possibility to dump this content to your pc.

    If you have a ylod, or the ps3 is in a other way death, than all data on hdd are lost. All your game-saves, trophys, music, videos, ... Only the ps3 on which this hdd was formatted/installed can read this hdd, no other ps3 can this.

    If it was a cfw-ps3, and was you clever enough to dump your eid-root-key, than you can use this tool to get your data back.

    If you have a corrupted hdd, and the ps3 say, you have to formatte, than also all your data are lost. Or you put the hdd on the pc and use this tool and your root-key. If you was not clever, and have no root-key, can you use another hdd to get him.

    The tool will maybe not correct work with a corrupted hdd. But there is a chance to get some data back. And if it work, be aware: A file can have the right name, size, attributes, timestamps.... but there is no warranty that the file data are correct, no tool or os can repair such
    data. No tool or os can divination.

    Only to clear a misunderstanding, what i add is FAT(the filesystem) support. Not fat-ps3 support. Fat-ps3 support was already implemented, weeks ago. But the tool has befor only read UFS2, gameOS.

    I read that some people would read also the vflash regions and dev_hdd1, so I add FAT12/16/32 read support. I read some people have a old backup, created with dd or a hexeditor and would read this to recover data, so I add the possibility to use a file as source instead of a hdd.

    ps3 hdd print <sector number> (show a sector in a simply hex-view)

    [Register or Login to view code]

    ps3 hdd dump <start sector> <sector count> <dump file name> (self-explanatory)

    Finally, from zecoxao: Today i stopped by irc as usual, and had a nice chat with 3141card , who provided me the source of his hdd reader in exchange for the community to improve it and add more features to it.. you can check the source here (linked above).

    Some things that need improvement are:
    • fat module needs to be remade without windows dependencies
    • fat write support
    • ufs write support

    As for the fat and ufs modules, a LOT of information can be obtained from www.kernel.org (linux kernel can support ufs read write and supports fat natively)

    Finally, also from 3141card comes a video below of PS3 XMB Blitting as follows:

    Hi sandungas, I found a way for blitting informations on the XMB screen, it is not perfect atm and work only in main XMB, not ingame.

    I found some bitmap-data in main ram, and poke other RGBA values on this place. I make a simple framebuffer, print text in him and poke him on the screen. The example have only a blue background and white text, but more complex things are posible, inclusive nice interaktive GUIs.

    Source and prx comes later, after cleaning, very very busy atm.

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    wesinflater Guest
    can you copy savedata from a hdd of a ps3 that is dead

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    Brenza Guest
    and you can take rif\rap from a previously modified ps3 without downgrade\dual boot stuff

    I hope you and 3141card solved the problems with slims hdd, i'd love to use this tool.

    Great job Sguerrini, I envy you!

    3141card just curiosity: are you working on a read\write tool? that would be awesome

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    sguerrini97 Guest
    I have only tested the tool, the job is 3141card

    What is the problem with the slim hdd?

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    Brenza Guest
    I can't decrypt mine, 3141card already knows everything

    EDIT: It works erfectly, an awesome work!

    Thank you very much 3141card!!!

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    aldostools Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by wesinflater View Post
    can you copy savedata from a hdd of a ps3 that is dead
    yes, but only if you have the eid_root_key from the dead ps3. Brenza about the write feature, here is what 3141card answered:

    I can you say why I not plan to do that. I simply know not enough about filesystems. Is the de/encryption a prob? No, its the easiest part on the prog. Its easy to write a fuction for on-the-fly encryption, simply a invers of my read_device(). I have no wish to write a app was kill in worst case a many ps3-hdd's. Only because i forget to set a flag or to update a special value in superblock or cylinder. And why write such a prog? There is always a better way. Linux.

    glevand has it show (on psdevwiki.com/ps3/Mounting_HDD_on_PC). It is easy to mount a ps3 hdd on linux.

    He show it for a slim hdd, ok, but for a fat only the decryption is other.

    For slim: cryptsetup create -c aes-xts-plain64 -d <key-file> -s 256 <decypted device name> <path to mapped encrypt device>

    For fat: cryptsetup create -c aes-cbc-null -d <key-file> -s 192 <decypted device name> <path to mapped encrypt device>

    Next is, compile the kernel for UFS write support, and mount gameOS rw.

    Work perfect for me. So why a maybe risky hombrew, if i can use a brilliant OS with proper coded device driver.

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    majid25 Guest
    I have a similar question, I have a dead ps3 on which I want to recover the hard drive contents but I did make a flash dump before it died. Can the eid root key be obtained from the dump? That's how I believe it works unless there is some other step

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    aracard Guest

    how to copy data (saved files) from hdd without eid

    how did you copy the data with this program from the hdd? i have ylod and cannot access the ps3

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    Apr 2005

    Video: PS3 XMB Blitting POC Plugin By 3141card is Now Available

    Following up on his previous updates, PlayStation 3 developer 3141card has shared a PS3 XMB Blitting POC Plugin alongside a demo video of it in action below.

    Download: blitting_xmb_test.rar / blitting_xmb_test_PIC1_PNG.rar / blitting_xmb_test_ram.rar / blitting_xmb_bg.rar / blitting_xmb_bg.rar (Mirror)

    To quote: I found a way for blitting information on the XMB screen, it is not perfect atm and work only in main XMB, not ingame. I found some bitmap-data in main ram, and poke other RGBA values on this place.

    I make a simple framebuffer, print text in him and poke him on the screen. The example have only a blue background and white text, but more complex things are possible, inclusive nice interactive GUIs.

    Here is the sprx+source, it is very simple, not perfect only a quickly written test app... I test it only on rebug 4.46, after booting hold R2 and press Start, it will only work after bootup!!! Not after leaving a Game or App.

    Copy PIC1.PNG from download (blitting_xmb_test_PIC1_PNG.rar) in e.g. multiman dir. In XMB go on multiman and press select. Simple example, draw only one frame if select was pressed.

    Furthermore, it is a stupid method, but if no better way arises... in principle:

    IO module is running all the time the ps3 is running.
    IO module awaits input from many devices, not only pad, also Kb and mouse.

    The system (XMB, in Game XMB), hombrew like multiman and also in background running prx, need a struct for handle the input.

    This is a ram dump from my rebug 4.46C ps3. At offset 0x10389F4 is the pad-data struct.

    [Register or Login to view code]

    00 00 = DIGITAL2 (if O is pressed = 00 20, see psl1ght header files for pad to understand the flags)

    The point, if you are in game and press O on your pad, to set this value in the pad-data struct of the running game to 00 20 or use a in backround running plugin to set this value with poke to 00 20 if you press a special Keyboard button, it is the same.

    Analogstick (00 82 00 82 00 80 00 80) 2 Mouse is a little bit more tricky, but also possible.

    If you have rebug 4.46C running, here (linked above) is a simple ram viewer prx, based on the blit into PIC1.PNG. Look at offset 0x8000000001038800 and 0x8000000001038A00 for the pad-data struct, press e.g. O and you see the altered values...

    I use it only on 4.46C with Users prx loader. Work only in XMB, is not stable, only some playing for me, not a release !
    • Go in games column on the app with the special PIC1.PNG, press select to toggle the hex-viewer on/off.
    • Use R1 and L1 to go one sector up or down,
    • Hold R2 and use R1 und L1 to go 1 KB up or down,
    • Hold L2 and use R1 und L1 to go 1 MB up or down.

    EDIT: fixed a stupid copy-past error in source code of prx

    Blitting in XMB Background PNG Example (see video and files above):

    The background png must be 1920x1080 and set 100% (no scaling!) Select button start/stop blitting, work only in XMB, kk

    Its a simple example, no event checks, blitting stop not automatically! Use select to stop blitting before you start a app/game or shutdown the PS3, Otherwise your PS3 crashes.

    Update: May 5, 2014: Two freezing bugs fixed.. new sprx+src (linked above) and please notice, its a example, a concept, not really an app.

    Will not work, it need the background png (say png, mean the ARGB area in local memory for the bg) to see the blitting area.

    I have tried several things, but nothing stop fast enough, the prob are the short time to write a finished frame in local mem. In XMB there are 0x0FE00000 (254MB) accessible, the bg area begins at 0x00C80000, the raw ARGB data 0x200 later. If a eboot.bin starts, only 0x00500000 (5MB) are now accessible, so r/w offset 0x00C80200 and higher = freeze. say it again, blitting is stupid time to look at gcm...

    Hhmm, found a more cooperative mutex, now blitting stop automatically by game/app start or shutdown. I also lock now the gcm_lwmutex during r/w processes to local mem.

    I use furthermore 4.46 CEX rebug + User's prx-loader for testing a prx, keep that in mind if use other MFW's.. same link as before (write no change log or make revisions, is not a app and simple source code say all, if someone will use the method)

    Another change, skip the mutex stuff and stop blitting now each time the X button is pressed, that stop blitting also if you go on trophies or a sub-menu under setting, don't like it but better than a freeze.

    I don't know how the power-button can be checked, so if you shutdown over power-button during blitting, PS3 will freeze.

    Update #2: Finally, in related news haxxxen shared a mod that allows users to reboot from the PS3 XMB (via User Category without the need of loading a plugin) on Custom Firmware with details below.

    Download: reboot_xmb.zip / Reboot Installer Ita.rar by Orion

    To quote: I have been using this in past already, when cobra and its testplugin was released, before i have run cobra cfw myself. with cobra functions and webman there was no need and i discarded the usage of it.

    Now i was doing some mods lately and i have thought about its usage again, cause using the reboot pkg from xmb takes too long for my impatience, lol.

    I have added a new entry in user category and the reboot function can be used from there (german strings)

    It makes usage of official xmb function in main xml and it is disguised as "xai_plugin.sprx" signed 3.30, which is an official plugin by sony for these widgets functions and was removed from flash since 3.40 ofw. though, the plugin name itself still remains in xmb_plugin.sprx and can be called from xml.

    It only has the reboot syscall included and it is a non residential plugin, which unloads itself. the way i have made it, it does not work work with prxloader or cobra loading from plugins.txt, and besides, it is not needed and would cause problems on autoload and you can directly start the plugin from xmb without. it is built like official plugins and you can find templats in sdk prx samples for it, so no source needed.

    I have made a hard reboot version and a soft reboot version, which one would prefer and you have to copy the plugin itself to "dev_blind/vsh/module" and those xml to "dev_blind/vsh/resouce/explore/xmb". better to make backup of original, even though not really needed.

    I only have added new entry for the plugin under user category and it can be used from there. i had to make an extra folder and disabled it from ingame, cause the item icon cannot be viewed ingame and it would only show this spinning icon.

    This will not work for other things and is only good for immediate reboot.

    From atreyu187: Awesome but when you say German strings can this be used by me as is or do I need to do something. As always you come up with some really nifty unique ideas. Thanks a ton.

    You can translate the strings in category_user.xml yourself to English, and there would be no side-effect if you use the uploaded one.. the strings are directly put into xml.

    From aldostools: This file contains the xml with english labels and the Restart action is not in a sub-menu as in the german version. I also removed the "info" string as eXtreme suggested.

    Download: xmb_reboot.rar

    I only tweaked a bit the xml. The sprx are from haxxxen. BTW it's very neat to have the restart option in XMB

    I've updated the file removing some unneeded attributes from the xml.

    Also I just noticed that the Restart icon is not working while in-game. I really don't care much about it, but it doesn't look aesthetic

    From littlebalup: Aldo's modded xml, french translated:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Download french zip installers and instructions: xmb_reboot_FR.zip / xmb_reboot_fin.rar (Finnish translation) by johtaja

    From bitsbubba: I think to make this a permanent modification for CFW we'll need some rco editing (add icon in-game, proper title string, etc.), translations (all languages supported XMB), etc.. as is being done with ☆Package Manager.

    From Joonie86: The issue with multiMAN not being able to return to mmCM is currently fixed with some changes developed by habib.

    Compiled binaries for REBUG 4.75.3 REX/D-REX are available on my repository of github, however I have no plan to release another fw update. I will just wait till the new ofw update then start work on it later.

    CoD BO3 is around the corner, I expect the newer fw update any time soon along with new twitch tv app support for PS3.

    Download: 4.75 GIT / 4.76 GIT

    Feel free to share your MOD version of unofficial REBUG if anyone wishes to.

    Instructions: How to Update Your Existing COBRA Payload (See download links above for Stage 2)
    • Replace stage2.cex.release file with stage2 located in dev_flash/rebug/cobra/stage2.cex
    • Make sure to rename your stage2.cex.release to stage2.cex
    • webftp_server.sprx is a test version of aldo's latest build of webMAN MOD that allows re-enabling syscall 6/7/9/10 that's disabled by PS3MAPI.
    • The path of the integrated webman is located at dev_flash/vsh/module/
    • Make sure to mount dev_blind to have write access to dev_flash or rebug toolbox can mount dev_rebug that does the same job
    • Stage2.cex.debug is debug version of stage2 binary. Unless a user wants to debug with socat, not necessary to use this.

    From haxxxen: If you really want to have this, try this in user xml just add on root before user_provider:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    and then the segments:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    This will make an extra folder, where you can have friend category functions under user tab.

    On friends root you have to remove them of course, to not have them twice.. then you can add to friend root what you want to have there. for my example, i have a package installer and xmbman+ as already mentioned.

    From sandungas: Mysis did his magic to add an interface to the custom xai_plugin.sprx (to accept the 2 custom action names for softreboot and hardreboot). Here is the new version uploaded by mysis:

    Download: xmb_reb00t.rar / xmb_reb00t.rar (Mirror)

    And a dummy xai_plugin.rco i just made: xai_plugin.rco

    The .rco is needed because after creating the custom interface... the firmware will try to locate it, so it needs to be there.
    Is a bit special dummy, i kept some of the original info inside the .rco to avoid problems with the firmware, has been made by using this layout: pastebin.com/raw.php?i=GbLmryX8

    [Register or Login to view code]

    One of the files included in mysis release was the official xai_plugin.rco from 2.00 firmware or so... is a container for images and texts, but because the xai_plugin.sprx is 100% custom code the contents of xai_plugin.rco are not accessed.

    The dummy is the xai_plugin.rco i uploaded separately, is separated because i made it after mysis release but has been tested and is working.

    The reason why the xai_plugin.rco is needed is because is indexed together with xai_plugin.sprx inside xmb_plugin.sprx... when enabling the interface for xai_plugin.sprx it seems the firmware makes a check for the presence of xai_plugin.rco so it needs to be there.

    We are not sure what exactly is checked from xai_plugin.rco so i made a special dummy that keeps a bit of the info from the original (just a few labels names, is a valid rco structure that looks like the original but is empty).

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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