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    Apr 2005

    PS3 Slim Goes Portable with Hori LCD Screen Modification

    Today Japanese video game peripheral manufacturer Hori has announced news of a new Sony-licensed PS3 Slim LCD screen modification that, when installed, will allow the PS3 Slim to go portable.

    The devices attaches a 1,366 x 768 LCD screen and stereo speakers to your PlayStation 3 Slim console allowing you to essentially take the PS3 system anywhere you'd like.

    Due out in Japan on May 27th for 26,040 ($275), and is able to display games in high definition (720p).

    To quote: "Built by Japanese peripheral specialists Hori, it's an LCD screen that attaches to the top of the console, and is able to display games in high definition (720p).

    Sounds slightly stupid, but then, it doesn't just give you a portable PS3, it gives you a portable Blu-Ray player as well (and, for the Japanese, it's even compatible with the torne digital TV peripheral). One that can display stuff in HD, for those times you're stuck at Gran's house on her old 28" SDTV.

    It'll go on sale May 27 in Japan, for USD $275."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Warrorar Guest
    damnit.. now i'm thinking about why i bought a new fat ps3 o.O

    that is awsome nice o.o

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    ekrboi Guest


    anyone know if it supplies battery power? or still gotta be plugged in?

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    foresttree1 Guest
    not a bad idea but still think ps3 and hd movies should be only be allowed on any screen larger then 32 inch or the awesomeness is lost.

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    Pretikewl Guest
    While this does have a certain "coolness" factor to it, I really don't see the usefulness in it.

    Yes it is still a "slim" but it doesn't exactly fit in your pocket. So there's some lugging of this large device around. Not only that, the power requirements for a ps3 aren't exactly light. I'm not sure how long a battery pack could actually power it before going dead, but my money would be on 'not long'.

    Also, where exactly are you going to use this thing? Aside from the home, it just doesn't seem like there's many convienent locations. I can't see myself going to a coffee shop to set this up, when I could just as easily do in the comfort of my own home. And while yes, I understand that the japanese like to show off their latest gadgets, I just don't see trying to farm gil for my ultimate weapons in Final Fantasy 13 while sitting on a crowded subway.

    And for a portable blu-ray player, that's been done way better than this setup. And cheaper too.

    But still, kudos for the 'coolness' factor.

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    SDF Guest
    There should be a category in guiness book with the most useless things ever made... they could claim the top spot.

    They could add at least a bloody keyboard and a touch pad.

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    moneymaker Guest
    Yep, "portable" with a dedicated truck, a generator or a roll with a very long power cable....

    It cost just like another console... neither 1080p... nice chindogu... they can keep it warm...

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    Jovim Guest

    Big Grin

    its cool for you to get it to your work, for example when you are working at night and your job is only be there in case that something happens! I work at an airport and sometimes I work at night and I'm often doing nothing because there's almost no air traffic there at night. So it would be cool to be able to play PS3 in that situations lol!

    Any way I don't think that it will have a battery pack, it would need to power up both PS3 and LCD (if its able to run on battery i don't believe that it would have more than 30min autonomy) and it isn't a cheap gadget! But is a good idea! Probably it would be cool so the PS3 addicts can take the PS3 with them when they go on vacation!

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    Raze1988 Guest
    If people bought the iPad, people will also buy this.

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    CyanCaze Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by foresttree1 View Post
    not a bad idea but still think ps3 and hd movies should be only be allowed on any screen larger then 32 inch or the awesomeness is lost.
    I run mine on a 23 inch 1080P screen, and believe me the awesomeness is only lost on SD screens. Unfortunately I have to record all my reviews on SD screens. Lucky for me though, I recently got an S video cable that makes everything look 1000X better.

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