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    Apr 2005

    PS3 Server Mapper v1.11 and EBOOT Server Retriever v1.0 Out!

    This weekend KiNgOfUnIvErS has released PS3 Server Mapper v1.11 for Rebug PS3 CFW users and d0zs has made available PlayStation 3 EBOOT Server Retriever v1.0 followed by PS3DNS Server Mapper and Cotojestwtf's ServerMapper 1.0 and Server Mapper for Linux by TTT_Dutch.

    Download: PS3 Server Mapper v1.11 / PS3 Server Mapper v1.11 (Mirror) / PS3 EBOOT Server Retriever v1.0 / PS3 EBOOT Server Retriever v1.0 (Mirror) / PS3DNS Server Mapper / Cotojestwtf's ServerMapper 1.0 / Server Mapper for Linux / Linux Server Mapper v2 / PS3DNS Mapper Pack

    PS3 Server Mapper v1.11 enables online gaming using Sony's SP-INT (Dev) severs by remapping the connection to NP (Retail) servers while EBOOT Server Retriever v1.0 allows users to retrieve server lists from PS3 EBOOT.ELF/EBOOT.BIN files for use with Server Mapper.

    To find the EBOOT.SELF, decrypt the EBOOT.BIN in your game folder accessible via FTP.

    Additionally, PhantomRenegade notes that if you try to decrypt the PS3 EBOOT.BIN and get an error it is due to the fact that your EBOOT file is from an update, meaning you'll have to decrypt the original EBOOT that came with the game originally.

    To quote: You need run the game online on both OFW and Rebug CFW (with sp-int)

    First you need to take original server from OFW (always with my tool) and then take the dev server (always with my tool) and then map DEV SERVER resolved to ORIGINAL server that trick should work for every game.

    Example MW2:

    • SP-INT Servers = mw2-ps3-lsg.dev.mmp3.demonware.net
    • Original Servers = mw2-ps3-lsg.live.mmp3.demonware.net
    • Then mw2-ps3-lsg.dev.mmp3.demonware.net resolved to mw2-ps3-lsg.live.mmp3.demonware.net

    How-to-use Server Mapper v1.11 beta:

    1: Install Rebug 3.55 CFW.
    2: Set the Original PSN to Dev PSN. Go to Debug Settings --> NP Environment --> Change to "sp-int"
    3: Run Cex Dex Rebug selector which can be found under Package Manager in the PS3 HDD. Set it to REBUG MODE and you are then spoofed.
    4: Make a NEW account on PSN. You can set everything random, but the PSN ID must be the same as the account of the Original PSN or COD will not load your stats.
    5: Set your PS3 Internet Connections Settings as Primary DNS the LOCAL IP of your PC (192.168.XXX.XXX) and as Secondary your modem IP OR "".
    6: Start the tool and make sure that it shows the right LOCAL IP (192.168.XXX.XX), then press OK.
    Now you are done and ready to play.


    Q: Does it's UNBAN my PS3 from Black Ops?
    A: NO!!!

    Q: Can i use it on 3.60 OFW?
    A: No you cant plus it's useless becouse that it's only for 3.55 REBUG CFW.

    Q: I still get the Server error...
    A: Make sure the account that you created have not the some id of someone banned on original PSN

    You need .Net Framework 3.5 at least.

    Here are some Addresses for Normal Servers:

    Call of duty: World at War Confirmed Working!
    cod5-ps3-dev.lsg.mmp3.demonware.net -----> cod5-ps3-live.lsg.mmp3.demonware.net
    cod5-ps3-dev.lsg.mmp3.demonware.net -----> cod5-ps3.auth.mmp3.demonware.net

    PES 2011 Confirmed Working!
    native.sp-int.ac.playstation.net -----> native.np-int.ac.playstation.net
    getprof.it.sp-int.community.playstation.net ----> getprof.it.np-int.community.playstation.net
    auth.sp-int.ac.playstation.net ----> auth.np-int.ac.playstation.net

    Killzone 2
    killzoneps3.online.scee.com -----> Np Address needed

    Skate 3 Confirmed Working!
    downloads.skate.test.online.ea.com -----> downloads.skate.online.ea.com
    gosredirector.stest.ea.com -----> gosredirector.ea.com

    Medal of Honour Confirmed Working!
    gosredirector.stest.ea.com -----> gosredirector.ea.com

    James Bond 007: Blood Stone Confirmed Working!
    jb09-ps3-dev.lobby.v200.demonware.net -----> jb09-ps3-live.lobby.v200.demonware.net

    Assassin's Creed:Brotherhood
    mdc-uat-rdv06.ubisoft.com -----> Np Address needed

    Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
    nfshptest01.alaska.ea.com -----> Np Address needed

    The Orange Box
    hl2-ps3.fesl.ea.com -----> Np Address needed

    FIFA 09
    ps3fifa09.ea.com -----> Np Address needed

    Motorstorm Apocalypse
    No Dev Server Address Yet -----> GameHost.motorstorm3ps3.online.scee.com

    Motorstorm 2 Pacific Rift
    No Dev Server Address Yet -----> motorstorm2ps3.online.scee.com

    DIRT 2Confirmed Working!
    dirt2ps3dev1.quazal.net -----> dirt2ps3live.quazal.net

    Example (pictured below) on how to lay it out on the mapper! This is what goes in the boxes for WAW.

    PS3 DNS Server Mapper Tutorial:

    1. Start PS3DNSMapperMod.exe
    2. Confirm your IP
    3. Set up your PS3 1. DNS from your PC and 2. Router IP (
    4. You can Play now Online

    PS3DNSMapperMod Commands:

    help --- displays list of available commands
    edit --- opens servers.txt in notepad
    update --- updates your server map list
    updateapp --- checks for program updates
    + --- add a server map entry
    - --- remove a server map entry

    Games that Work with Server:


    Cotojestwtf's ServerMapper 1.0:

    How it works:

    1. Start cotojestwtf Server Mapper
    2. Click Y if the IP on PC the right.
    3. Set up PS3 DNS 1. from PC and 2. Router ( )
    4. Connect to PSN

    These Games work:

    • Call of Duty 4
    • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
    • Call of Duty: Black Ops
    • Call of Duty: World At War
    • Colin McRae: DiRT 2
    • James Bond 007: Blood Stone
    • Medal of Honor
    • Skate 3
    • WWE: All Stars
    • Grand Theft Auto IV: Episodes From Liberty City
    • FIFA 11

    Server Mapper for Linux:

    Ok for all you linux fans out there, I have made an app that will remap certain games (All cods and a few others). This program uses dnsmasq and configures it so that it will remap the dev servers to the retail US servers. Just run it from terminal and set your ps3's dns primary to your computer IP and its secondary to and your good to go. I will come out with more bypass "packs" later upon request.

    Here is a tutorial to do this manually (THANKS TO PCFREAK AGAIN).

    1. Open up Terminal.
    2. Type "sudo apt-get install dnsmasq" (there are other package installers too like aptitute etc, just replace apt-get with your package manager)
    3. Once installed type "sudo *text editor here* /etc/dnsmasq.conf"
    4. Scroll down to the bottom and add your adress like so:
    5. You can add other ones just change the ip and domain.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    wither Guest
    so are you playing on dev servers or regular servers?

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    CJPC Guest
    It looks like the answer is regular servers, as it maps a connection to a dev server to that of a retail one.

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    FierceDutch Guest
    Hey here is the Linux Server Remapper v2. (Made by me)


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    krazyka85 Guest

    Fight Night Champion Prod Server Addresses?

    Has anyone successfully downloaded any CABs from the Boxer Share on EA's Production Network Servers using Rebug 3.55.1 CFW, and Server Mapper 1.14? I have gotten signed into PSN in SP-INT and logged into my newly created PSN acct and can log into the Boxer Share section and it lists all the shared retail boxers but whenever you click on one it just sits there at "Loading" and you never get the chance to hit the download button. None of the pictures of the boxers load either. When viewing the Server Mapper 1.14 I get the following entries: Boot up PC, Launch FNC, Loginto PSN, Log into EA Servers, Enter Boxer Share, then exit game.

    [Register or Login to view code]

    I even went as far as entering fightnight.test.easportsworld.ea.com into my browser to see if anything comes up and it does. It looks like EA has a whole separate web site that is separate from their production one. I was able to log into EA on there with my newly created PSN acct and in there I noticed all the shared boxers are different as well.

    From what I have been reading and learning how the server mappings work, it seems that it should be possible to get it to work correctly if someone can get the true production network address of the Boxer Share section of the game (and any other addresses needed to map to retail) We could try to map the entries I found above with the prod ones.

    Anyone have access to Fight Night on a 3.60 PS3 willing to get these addresses? Or better yet anyone find these out already because I can not find them in any threads relating to mapping addresses.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I hope my findings help others as well.

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