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  1. #291
    JeoWay Guest
    Try these: http://www.xinputer.com/download/Mot...d64_signed.zip

    Install the Drivers, plug in the controller after installation, you should see something about drivers installed, then open up the program you want and it should work unless it asks you to make an installation via the program.


  2. #292
    Gazra Guest
    Thanks was looking for this for SPRX making

  3. #293
    jskew Guest
    good news

  4. #294
    Ab1melec Guest
    thanks, need it

  5. #295
    kuxir97 Guest

    is there any guide of how to use it?

  6. #296
    azutest Guest

    i try this sdk

    i try this sdk

  7. #297
    DazedMods Guest
    Thanks for the SDK

  8. #298
    Actiz Guest
    Thanks I needed the sdk

  9. #299
    RonB Guest
    Nice, thanks a lot

  10. #300
    jasonj85 Guest
    thank you

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