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    Senior Member Tidusnake666's Avatar
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    Maybe those microsoft dll's refer to SHA-1 encryption used in ps3gen?

    I really doubt we would see app public keys there, like I said, it's just for masterdisc encryption, decrypting selfs signed with app-priv is impossible on this program

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    the libsecure from the sdk looks more interesting

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    i have compile the cipher project in the sdk, in the libsecure.

    after compile two files show
    cypher.ppu.elf (decryptet)

    ran spu-lv2-readelf.exe from the sdk and got this output.

    what does the magic means ??

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    For who missed it when it was leaked some times ago i have reuploaded PhyreEngine http://depositfiles.com/files/4p123ftl3

    Mirror: http://uploading.com/files/ed9a5m1c/Phyre%2BEngine.zip/

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    Big Grin

    Thanks a lot ConsoleDev , and all those out there who have given the scene soo much.
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    does anybody happen to have the ps3gen links updated because the links on the first post are dead. Thanks

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    I don't know which one you want, but this is the latest version available at the moment: http://www.putlocker.com/file/445A03756E5459B2

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    thanks. you knew what i wanted lol

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    Nice to hear bro

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    Could you please tell me which of those files contains the dualshock 3 driver? Its the only file I want of that 2 GB download...


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