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  1. #271
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    It maybe dumb, but it can be the key to decrypting eboots, as Nabnab hinted. Just a speculation, but I want to try out

  2. #272
    cfwprophet Guest
    Then give i try. I already tried as he hase told and the eboots are 100% the same as before. Just use a checksum tool and you will see. Same checksumm = same file = No decryption was done

  3. #273
    Brenza Guest
    PS3 SDK 4.00 torrent: http://www.mediafire.com/?n5z4c73hjwqrl36

    magnet:?xt=urn:btih:4485D9F5258B7F78D7B0F750FFAE52 5032088FD2&dn=4.00&tr=udp%3a//tracker.openbittorrent.com%3a80/announce

    PS3 SDK 4.00 on uploading.com (for free user)


    PlayStation 3 SDK 4.00


    Password: ps3sdk4.00

  4. #274
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    I tried ps3chk decryption on a retail game ISO - eboot left untouched (CRC is the same). My guess, is this program is targeted only on removing masterdisc encryption, which is useless, as any of the files dumped via multiman is already masterdisc unecncrypted (and sos aid the "Verify" command from ps3chk). It has nothing to do with decrypting eboot.bin as self file, obviously.

    Also, I tried unpacking eboots, the same thing, eboot is not touched, and the program gives a warning saying that this is not the proper elf.

    Sorry for a little rant and offtopic here.

  5. #275
    zadow30 Guest
    anyone knows, whats these files does? open them in ida pro: http://www.mediafire.com/?7l16s7rq9kyn7qy

  6. #276
    zadow30 Guest
    here is some info on Masterdisc: pastebin.com/3WYQLxHn

    rives and media whose operation has been confirmed regarding the writing feature are as follows:

    - Drives
    - Pioneer BDR-101A (BD 50GB is not supported)
    - Pioneer BDR-202 (BD 50GB is not supported)
    - Panasonic SW-5582
    - Panasonic SW-5584
    - Panasonic LF-MB121
    - Panasonic LF-PB271
    - Hitachi LG GGW-H20N
    - OEM models that have the same product ID listed above
    - Media
    - BD-RE SL(25GB)
    - SONY all 2x media
    - TDK BDD-RE25S
    - Maxell BDRE25P.1P
    - BD-R SL(25GB)
    - SONY all 2x/4x/6x media
    - TDK BDD-R25S, BDD-R25A, BRD25PWA10S
    - Panasonic LM-BR25LD
    - BD-RE DL(50GB)
    - SONY all 2x media
    - Panasonic LM-BE50D
    - BD-R DL(50GB)
    - SONY all 2x/4x/6x media
    - Panasonic LM-BR50D
    - TDK BDD-R50A
    - Writing to BD-R LTH media has not been confirmed. Also, BD-R LTH media cannot be used for submission discs.
    - A drive that supports BD-R Ver1.2 is required for writing BD-R 4x media.
    - A drive that supports BD-R Ver1.3 is required for writing BD-R 6x media.
    - Do not use BD-R media that are already initialized.

    - The following drive has been confirmed regarding the restriction
    for the creation of master discs:
    - PLDS(Philips/LITE-ON) DH-4B1S (rev.7D14)
    - Because of specification or bug of this drive, the drive creates Spare Areas automatically when writing image to BD-R medium.
    Thus with this drive you cannot create BD-R master discs for PlayStation(R)3 by Generator and by commercially-available writing software. If using BD-RE medium, you can successfully create master disc with this drive.

  7. #277
    zadow30 Guest
    i think the trick is to first ps3sys.exe before ps3gen.exe

    here i have tried with portal 2.and set it back to sdk 3.50

    still dosen't run in CFW but think i'm an little closer.

    [Register or Login to view code]

  8. #278
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Okay then, I'll keep trying too! Thanks for the heads-up! Been strugling for some time, still no luck.

    Can you reproduce in details what you've done so far?

    Also, ps3sys seems like SFO creation utility, maybe you mean ps3gen?

  9. #279
    WTF Name Guest
    sorry , i don't really get to read the entire SDK, and i just wonder the ps3bin has an option -b2e , which convert a binary to elf.

    i have tried it to a retail eboot.bin , and it generate another elf , but the content doesn't seem to be "decrypted" (but it is different under Hex view)

    second is the ps3gen, i don't get it, if it is the finally authoring process, which encrypt the eboot.elf (or other sprx ...) to the eboot.bin ? if yes , then the key must be inside ps3gen ?

    anyway , i try to read more from now.

  10. #280
    zadow30 Guest
    about the key be in ps3gen.. if i open genelib.dll or ps3gen.exe in PE explorer i see there are alot of other files (dll)

    just don't know why they use microsoft crypto.

    no expert on dll files etc, so can't say if there would be anything there or not.

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