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    Abkarino Guest
    This is an old leak it comes from 3.60 SDK leaked last year.

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    LILShaggy805 Guest
    so i'm new to this but yeah so if i made a game in the cryengine 3 on my pc could i play it on the ps3 by using these tools?

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    Apr 2005

    Sony Official PS3 3.70 SDK and PhyreEngine Leaks Hit Internet

    Following up on the Sony PS3 Full 3.60 SDK leak from last year, this weekend El Nomeo has made available a PS3 3.70 SDK and PhyreEngine leak for both collectors and other PlayStation 3 developers.

    Download: PS3 3.70 SDK (1.92 GB - 2,065,474,470 bytes) / PS3 3.70 SDK (Mirror) / PS3 3.70 SDK (NZB) / PS3 3.70 SDK (NZB - Mirror) / PS3 3.70 SDK (NZB - Mirror #2) / PS3 3.70 SDK (NZB - PAR2_Recovery) / PhyreEngine (529 MB - 555,396,748 bytes)

    To quote via alt.binaries.boneless: These are links to download the NZB file, for downloading the 3.70 SDK, or if you want to search for yourself, search for 'PS3 3.70 SDK By TrueBlueGaryOPA' or 'TrueBlueGaryOPA'.

    I've always wanted to give something back to the community and here it is. Hopefully someone will figure out a way of having this usable with PSL1GHT.

    Install it by running the PhyreInstaller.exe, then when its done go to C:/PhyreEngine3006/Tools and run PhyreLevelEditor.exe. Navigate the viewport using the mouse wheel to zoom in and out, hold alt key and click the left mouse button to rotate.

    Change the viewport by selecting the X Y Z values in the top left. To load a samples navigate to Media and select one in there.

    Also for those who like tearing apart self files the levels generate their self files in the Tools folder.

    Make sure you follow the PhyreEngine_Getting_Started_e.pdf, in the Docs folder. Then you can run the samples on your PC. Controls in the samples are:
    • Forward: A
    • Backwards: Z
    • Turn Left: O
    • Turn right: P

    Sure you can find the rest when your running it.

    I've discovered how easy it is to import and drag into map, try http://www.turbosquid.com/Search/3D-Models/free/dae for more .dae models, looks like they may need physics.

    Hope that will keep some of you guys happy, don't be afraid to like.

    PS3 SDK 3.70 Link: http://pastebin.com/rBAbmZaV

    Nome Skavinski.

    Finally, from the PS3 NFO File included: PS3 3.70 SDK By TrueBlueGaryOPA.zip

    PS3 3.70 SDK By TrueBlueGaryOPA

    General Information
    Type.................: PS3 SDK
    Platform.............: PS3

    Post Information

    Posted by............: TrueBlueGaryOPA
    Posted on............: 29/01/2012

    Release Notes

    This is the 3.70 Official SDK from Sony, it was given to our group by 'El Nomeo' aka 'NomeSkavinksi', thank you for sharing

    Install Notes


    Shout out to all the REAL PS3 devs that have stuck around in this dead scene.

    Massive props to Duplex and EXEtrimALL for keeping it real and not selling out.

    Extracting InstallFiles:
    • CacheIndex.inx
    • RSX-Advanced_Optimization_Using_Tuner_e.ppsx
    • RSX-Fragment_Program_Constant_Patch_e.pdf
    • RSX-Fragment_Program_Overfetch_e.pdf
    • RSX-Fragment_Program_Txd_e.zip
    • RSX-Fragment_Shader_Optimization_e.pdf
    • RSX-Jump_To_Self_e.pdf
    • RSX-Memory_Access_Sync_Bug_Detection_e.pdf
    • RSX-Multiple_Render_Target_e.pdf
    • RSX-Performance_Counter_Analysis_e.zip
    • RSX-Texture_Mapping_Optimization_e.pdf
    • Public-Cell_Doc-Apr2007-English.zip
    • RSX_Tips_e.zip
    • RSX-Tuning_Fragment_Pipe_e.zip
    • PS3_SDKDoc-370_01-Latest-English.zip
    • PS3_SDKDoc-330_01-Web_Content-English.zip
    • PS3_Checker-312.zip
    • PS3_Generator_Tools-312.zip
    • PS3_GPAD-SDK370.1_11.0_Installer.zip
    • PS3_COLLADA-141_DOM-201.zip
    • PS3_COLLADA_270.1.zip
    • PAMF_Tools-Command_Line-510.zip
    • Cell_HW_Doc-21_English.zip
    • PAMF_Tools-510.zip
    • SNCPPUToolchainforPlayStation3v360.1.zip
    • ProDGforPlayStation3v370.2.0.exe
    • TargetManagerForPlayStation3v370.2.0.exe
    • TunerforPS3v370.1.0.exe
    • PS3_SDK-370_001.zip
    • PS3_Toolchain_411-Win_370_001.zip
    • PS3_SDK_CGTUTORIAL-240_001.zip
    • PS3_SDK_Codec_SampleData.zip
    • PS3_SDK_PlaygroundDemo-350_001.zip
    • RSX-HW_Doc-16_English.zip
    • PS3_Sample_Showcase-100.wmv
    • PS3_SDK_Samples-370_001.zip
    • PS3_CP_Update-360_001.zip
    • PS3DECRUpdateData.372.001.zip
    • ProDG_Documentation-370.1-English.zip
    • TM_Documentation-370.1-English.zip
    • Tuner_Documentation-370.1-English.zip
    • HowtogetthebestfromSNCPPUtoolchainforPLAYSTATION3d evelopmentSN008-E.pdf
    • About_GPU_Local_Stall_e.pdf
    • RSX-Access_Ordering_e.pdf
    • ActionScript.xml
    • Manifest.imf
    • SDK_Manager.exe

    More PlayStation 3 News...

  4. #244
    condorstrike Guest
    I smell a troll... and the best way to take down a troll, is with... "an arrow to the knee"

    sorry, I've been meaning to say that. caw!

    guess i was wrong... lol

  5. #245
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Just to clear things, this leak would doubtly lead to kill the dongles or make a CFW to replace them.

  6. #246
    Natepig Guest
    The "PS3 3.70 SDK By TrueBlueGaryOPA(.nzb Download File).rar‎" nzb hangs then crashes my newsreader. I've tried to different sources with the same result.

  7. #247
    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    It's working fine for me here, if it helps I am using NewsLeecher v3.9 Final as my client.

    I have added a list of the contents for the 3.7 SDK Installer here as well: http://www.ps4news.com/ps3-hacks-jai...-hit-internet/

  8. #248
    spunkybunny Guest
    Anyone got another link thats not a newsgroup? Its too slow and I can never get anything from them.

    It's not on my usual sites yet.

  9. #249
    bloodyface Guest
    is it the SDK that allow devs to sign their game with keys before releasing it? if it is 3.70 SDk, Devs use this tools to sign eboot/self with 3.6+ keys (not above 3.70)? if yes is it possible to sign newer games (until 3.70 not above) with lower firmware's keys like 3.41 .3.55?

    SDK 3.60 allows sign games with keys 3.56 and less, maybe this one can do the same with 3.70 and less?

  10. #250
    Hernaner28 Guest
    Well, I'm suffering a lot with this news.. please release fixes at once!!!

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