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  1. #221
    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    There are just two archives which you need. The "dox" one and the "SDK3.60", the other archives are irrelevant.

  2. #222
    saviour07 Guest
    jamesnesc709 it shouldn't have been 9GB! It was only 4-5GB on the Newsgroup.

    The 92 archives are reliant on each other to be present and will extract out to the two folders oVERSoLDiER mentions.

    This thing is on MultiUpload and torrent sites now, so probs no need to keep posting all these links in here anymore - surely 2 different sources of MultiUpload and 2 different torrent sites is enough?

    Those who need this now have it (or should do!). No one else really needs it except devs.

  3. #223
    jamesnesc709 Guest
    ok i just extract everything it came to 13 gigs, this how the files should look like


    note there are 15 parts in here right now and still uploading the files up

  4. #224
    damox Guest


    [Register or Login to view code]

    Even if you combined both the archive and the extract the total is still only: 8.74GB

  5. #225
    jamesnesc709 Guest
    i mean to say it all the files in there including those two file folder is 13 gig

  6. #226
    kofkofkof Guest

    A problem about install ps3 sdk 3.60.

    I cannot install the files under \SDK3.60\Extras by PS3SdkInstaller.exe.

    How to install those files by PS3SdkInstaller.exe?

  7. #227
    jamesnesc709 Guest
    did you download a torrent file ???

  8. #228
    kofkofkof Guest
    no, I download from megaupload.

  9. #229
    jamesnesc709 Guest
    ok here is my folder megaupload.com/?f=UDSH6OZ7

    now on the PS3SdkInstaller.exe

    number one thing is you will get some error message when you use this app ok there will be a couple of documents will not be loaded or can be use.

  10. #230
    saviour07 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by jamesnesc709 View Post
    i mean to say it all the files in there including those two file folder is 13 gig
    Yeah I don't know how you have managed 13GB??

    Like Damox says:

    92 RAR files = 4.26GB
    Extracted = 4.48GB
    Total = 8.74GB

    But once you have extracted the RAR files, you can delete the 92 Files.

    Seriously, where and what have you downloaded?

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