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  1. #211
    jamesnesc709 Guest
    thank you for adding that, my download is almost done 4,000 more mb to go

    i re downloading it the main file i am on part 47 of 92

  2. #212
    ly420 Guest


    what's a 'reference tool unit'?

  3. #213
    joffe Guest

  4. #214
    jamesnesc709 Guest
    here is a update i am on part 60/ 92

    i am on now part 71/92 right now

  5. #215
    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    I downloaded all the files yesterday withing 3 hours with DSL 6.000. And I'm going to do an one file upload soon, which will take a few hours (21 hours), for the full SDK3.60 directory. Hope it's worth and people spread it all over the Internet.

  6. #216
    jamesnesc709 Guest
    if you like the files i have please +rep me. why i had to redo the main file i was on a free trial of it now i have a free server.

  7. #217
    elser1 Guest
    thanks mate.. i'll get it on my torrent sites.

  8. #218
    jamesnesc709 Guest
    mine is almost done downloading i will put it.

  9. #219
    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Hehe, I don't used your files, got it fresh out of UseNeXT. But thanks for upload it anyway. You should merge all the links in one post when it's done.

  10. #220
    jamesnesc709 Guest
    ok but if you missing any files just download mine in case thank you. my file is on usernet and it was over 9,000 mb to go through what was yours?

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