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    Senior Member jamesnesc709's Avatar
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    thank you for adding that, my download is almost done 4,000 more mb to go

    i re downloading it the main file i am on part 47 of 92
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    what's a 'reference tool unit'?

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    here is a update i am on part 60/ 92

    i am on now part 71/92 right now
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    I downloaded all the files yesterday withing 3 hours with DSL 6.000. And I'm going to do an one file upload soon, which will take a few hours (21 hours), for the full SDK3.60 directory. Hope it's worth and people spread it all over the Internet.

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    if you like the files i have please +rep me. why i had to redo the main file i was on a free trial of it now i have a free server.

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    thanks mate.. i'll get it on my torrent sites.

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    mine is almost done downloading i will put it.

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    Hehe, I don't used your files, got it fresh out of UseNeXT. But thanks for upload it anyway. You should merge all the links in one post when it's done.

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    ok but if you missing any files just download mine in case thank you. my file is on usernet and it was over 9,000 mb to go through what was yours?


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