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    torrent does take a little longer for like if the servers are slow but the way i am doing it is a lot better with the file sharing.

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    Sep 2008
    There we go, someone created a torrent, many people already downloading... i got it from, by using google

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    how you know if all the files are there ? note not being a butt ? what i am doing is making sure every single file show up ?

    also on my stuff i am doing it already be unzip all they have to do is winrar and they are finish they don't have to go to a torrents

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    Ok, so do we just unpack those archives in one folder? Or we create a folder with an archive name and put those files in each folder?

    How many parts left?

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    you just plain open them you don't have to archive it you just have to extract the file. so far i did over 14 gig so far. that was just the extra stuff from past sdk he put on it

    there probably about 40 parts or better because i can only download under 1 gig at a time.

    here is another file

    this is my last link for the tonight i will put some more when i get up good night.

    to get you a update i did found a totally free usenet server but it slow i am half way done with that. after everything is done with that i will be uploading up to a 1 gig file thank you.

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    Just finished the torrent posted above and from what I can tell in looking through the files i extracted it's the complete release by JoHNAaRoN from the newsgroups.

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    Ok guys, used torrent file and downloaded it easily

    Here we go, all parts (i just repacked it in less archives, but with bigger size), uploaded to Megaupload! Just unpack it in 1 folder and all the structure is like it should be. Official 3.60.part3.rar Official 3.60.part7.rar Official 3.60.part2.rar Official 3.60.part5.rar Official 3.60.part6.rar Official 3.60.part4.rar Official 3.60.part1.rar


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    I'm just in the process of installing the offline installer. The release from JohnAaron is inherently missing some files, but nothing detrimental to the SDK itself.

    Full list available here:

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    Sep 2008
    went even futher

    here we go multiupload

    Official 3.60.part1.rar (700 MB)
    Official 3.60.part2.rar (700 MB)
    Official 3.60.part3.rar (700 MB)
    Official 3.60.part4.rar (700 MB)
    Official 3.60.part5.rar (700 MB)
    Official 3.60.part6.rar (700 MB)
    Official 3.60.part7.rar (164.81 MB)

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