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    thank you

    here is a big link

    another link

    also this if you are downloading from my links please give me +rep
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    No one can download that sdk complete! This little JoHNAaRoN is laughing on you

    All links to file scrapyards is bull, Jokers )))

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    or I miss something ?

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    i got another server now so i am downloading more of it

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    who has all files 100% ?

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    how to add spoilers ??
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    W A L L O F T E X T. Please don't clutter up this thread anymore than its going to be.

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    i am downloading it right now..

    true please stop.
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    Here is the MD5 of each file in the sonyhatesme-ja set:
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hosted View Post
    how to add spoilers ??
    We don't have spoilers enabled here, but I added your lists with CODE tags for now and +Rep.

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    i am compressing more files pretty soon i will be uploading the files soon

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    i guess , that if we use torrent its going to be faster and more people can download at once.

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