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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesnesc709 View Post
    and my second one is like 7 gig of files i have to put in, yea make sure i get some +rep please
    here is the first one done
    Thanks jamesnesc709, +rep for you.

    Quote Originally Posted by kreus View Post
    Can't we just add the 3.60 nprdm keys to the tools we already have and make eboots for 3.55?
    No, npdrm keys aren't for retail games but for psn games or update patches. In addition you have to modify the tools because the algorithm of encryption is different. I don't know this algo, so I can help, sorry.

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    don't worry more is coming

    and theses zip are going to be easy to extract

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    Thanks dude , I've already +Rep'd you a couple of hours ago.

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    Sorry mate, why did you do three links instead of one that encloses all three?

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    some of the files where too big and so i did them in sections.

    i also doing one right and it taking me one hour to download.

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    Is all this or is there still more?

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    i am afraid it is a lot more lol i am compressing everything first into folders on my computer and uploading it.

    i have about 9 more gigs to compress and make folders for.

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    Keep up the good work

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    I bet changing a few things in KaKaRoToKS Script to make from an OFW a CFW could lead to 3.6 CFW. But I'm not sure since I don't have the scripts and the files anymore. But I think that somebody already had the same idea then me, and is already trying.

    3.6 would be great. But it's not a real NEED.

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