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    Apr 2005

    PS3 SDK 1.92 Leaked, Guides Now Available on How to Set It Up

    It's been several years since the last PlayStation 3 SDK leak, and today the PS3 SDK version 1.92 has leaked publicly with some guides already available on how to set it up for budding developers to begin creating some fresh PS3 homebrew to use with the recent PS3 JailBreak exploit.

    A few weeks ago Sony's PS3 Blu-ray and Service Manuals were leaked, and today the full PS3 v1.92 SDK is available which includes the required compiler and toolchain for those who do not wish to wait for development of the Open Source PS3 Toolchain to be completed.

    Those interested in jumping in can check out This Guide by CJPC with Another Guide by internetfloozy.

    Finally, those seeking help with PS3 homebrew development can reply below as this thread is being made in our PS3 Dev section... however, be aware that ALL non-development replies will be deleted so if you are seeking information or links on the PS3 SDK leak please post HERE instead.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    PSGamer24 Guest

    PAMF Tool

    Compiled a PAMF (PlayStation Advanced Media File) Player, now I can play PS3 FMVs without the disc. Tried FFXIII but needed to hex edit the header (first line is malformed) before it would play.

    Download: PAMF Tool

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    talruum Guest
    Ok, we got .self's and .elf's. And now what?

    It would be better if someone can write the entire steps to make a .pkg and run it

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    Tender Phantom Guest
    Everything you need is in the documentation

    But put as short as I can, download the stencil below then follow the instructions
    • Build your s/elf
    • Run "make_fself_npdrm *.elf EBOOT.BIN"
    • Copy the "EBOOT.BIN" file to the "USRDIR" directory within the stencil
    • cd to the stencil directory
    • Run "make_package_npdrm" to create your .pkg ready to install on your PS3

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    PSGamer24 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by talruum View Post
    It would be better if someone can write the entire steps to make a .pkg and run it
    Here are the steps:

    1. Compile elf
    2. Convert to self (run make_fself_npdrm.exe filename.elf filename.self)
    3. Rename self EBOOT.BIN and place in APPNAME/USRDIR
    3. Add the necessary PARAM.SFO ICON0.PNG in APPNAME folder
    4. Edit the PARAM.SFO with the title id you wish to use.
    5. Use the package GUI for easy PKG creation
    - - Place the APPNAME folder in the content directory
    - - Change the text NPXS00000 in content ID to the title ID you used in the sfo
    - - Add the title id in the required field
    - - Click Make PKG

    Run "make_fself_npdrm *.elf EBOOT.BIN"
    You could also do that and skip a step

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    Vejita Guest
    Let the homebrewing begin!

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    twitch Guest
    Haha I saw this earlier and Sony is doomed, like I thought they were screwed with the PSJailbreak but now this tops the cake. Thanks

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    Sessions212 Guest
    In laymans terms what could this possibly open up to?

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    Apr 2005
    Basically just more homebrew for JailBroken PS3 consoles, specifically handy applications like the PS3 FTP and LV2 dump ones that were made from the Sony SDK.

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    Field Guest
    Hi everyone - just got a quick question, hope it's ok for it to be here.

    I can see that everyone will want to acquire a copy, even if they have no idea on how to use it.... such as myself. So my question is - can we have a section (or a basic tutorial) that is dedicated to newbies wanting to learn how to code.

    I wouldn't know where to start. Making the pkg is easy enough, but how do you actually code the app. Do you need to learn C++, Visual Basic and some other weird DOS based code. Is there a great site or 'white paper' that has info?

    I've always been intrigued in how people like CJPC code their apps. That's of course if people are willing to learn and stuff and not just say to their friends 'Hey I have the PS3 SDK' as bragging rights. Thanks.

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