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    Thanks p666 for your answer ! When I used the command "MAKE" on some SDK samples, it created a .elf and a .self file !
    I used the .self file as eboot.bin, and didn't do anything with the .elf ^^

    Maybe I should use the .elf and convert it myself to a .self ! As soon as I'm in front of my personal computer I m gonna try all this !

    Thanks again for you help. I really appreciate it.
    You shouldn't need to use the full path to the file, if you setup the SDK correctly and added the directories to your PATH you can use it from within any folder and you won't get thoose errors
    You re right, my PATH variable is set correctly so I shouldn't browse to the bin directory.
    So, I should run msys, and then launch the make_pacjage_npdrm with the full path to the .conf file and to my 'homebrew' folder ?

    I realised that I have two different errors depending of the .conf file. I m using the SDK 1.92 :

    [Register or Login to view code]

    GameExec is from 1.6 SDK I believe

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Unfortunately I ll be able to test those things in several hours.

    Thansk again

    You were right p666 ! Thank you so much !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xplic1T View Post
    How much of a pain would it be to develop on a retail unit ... being jailbroken of course...
    It will be quite a pain since remote debugging almost certainly won't work. Same goes for stdout redirection as offered by the SDK so debug printfs are also out of the question.

    If you happen to write flawless code on the first try you should be fine, though

    On the other hand I think it should be possible to develop some own libs to perform stdout redirection over the network that would have to be linked to your project. Same goes for true remote debugging via gdb but that will be much harder to implement.

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    Have the various tools been leaked yet like and pamftool?

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