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  1. #21
    oakhead69 Guest
    Don't know if anybody is interested but I have added support for decryption of V3 and lower SDATs. Still no V4 decryption, need the latest EDAT keys.


  2. #22
    catalinnc Guest
    sweet... i just wanted to request this feature... thanks a lot...

  3. #23
    rocknard Guest
    thx bro!

  4. #24
    oakhead69 Guest
    I release a new version. It has support for different block sizes and a bug fix in the SDAT decryption.


  5. #25
    zacksmith Guest
    this is very useful, thanks

    a question though, some ps3 files (.DAT) - can these be decrypted similar way?

  6. #26
    rocknard Guest
    Can it decrypt .edat??? I can't, only sdat

  7. #27
    suquip Guest
    Wonderbook: the book of spells fix sdat, please

    BCES01531_Retail-Fix-341-355 by opoisso893 - ReadNFO: http://rghost.net/44793141

  8. #28
    killerener99 Guest
    very helpful thanx

  9. #29
    warfan118 Guest
    something we needed for a while

  10. #30
    Rewssd Guest
    Make a New decrypter OakHead

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