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    Go to MultiMan and fix the permissions. Thats how I got it working.

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    If you look in the pkg file there is also a 3.55 EBOOT.BIN, so just use multiman or FTP to change the EBOOTs over once the pkg is installed.

    That said not a lot of point installing it on 3.55 as 3.55 can not decrypt V4 SDATs. We can already decrypt V3 SDATs on the PC. The decrypting is not the issue, we have been able to decrypt V4 SDATs since we got 4.XXCFW. The re-encryption to a V3 SDAT that 3.55 can use, that was the part that we were missing. Now using my SDAT Creator you can now do this.

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    can you add CLI support?

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    I must admit I left the interface pretty much as the original code, including all the crashes if the file names are missing or incorrect.

    I will implement a CLI such that it is input output (optional original)

    Also if you only specify 1 input parameter it is taken to be a file containing a list of CLI parameters e.g.

    input1 output1 (optional original1)
    input2 output2 (optional original2)
    input3 output3 (optional original3)

    How does this sound? I will also add checks for incorrect file names while I am at it.

    As I say I did not do much with the interface as I was concentrating on getting the core code correct.

    If I wanted to handle multiple files I just modified the code to have an array of file names and looped around them.

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    This will be really useful.

    The day we can rebuild iso.edat files will be glorious.

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    this will be very useful for handling large numbers of .dats using a .bat/.cmd with a loop...

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    Hi Guys,

    Uploaded a new CLI version:

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    I have updated the main article with the CLI version details as well now and +Rep oakhead69!

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    thanks a lot...

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    Quote Originally Posted by StanSmith View Post
    I just patched Epic Mickey with this helping on the SDAT files.

    I'll give that F1 2012 a go tomorrow.
    Hi StanSmith, any luck with the F1 2012 EUR sdat?


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