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Thread: PS3 SCETool, Friday Isolated SPU POC and EIDTool WIP Updates

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    holysword Guest
    Will this program work with the final fantasy xii-2 dlc pack that was release a few month ago on 3.55?

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    Vallachia Guest
    Yes, you need to resign the .sprx files as well.

    In general, you need to resign the EBOOT.BIN and resign any and all .self and .sprx files. SCETool can do all of this. The scripts people have released so far are very basic and handle EBOOT only. To resign .self and .sprx files from NPDRM games/patches you will also need the KLicensee key.

    That is the basic problem in a nutshell. So you'll have to do some learning. It's not hard.

    Renegade Ops works fine if you resign the *.sprx as well as the EBOOT.BIN. You can even install patch 1.02 and the game will still work fine.

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    dsavage Guest
    well can you upload a working version of scetool/keys with proper instructions on how to resign sprx files ?

    seems no one has made a tutorial for this, everyone just acts all smart an then offers no explanation of how to do it.

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    elser1 Guest
    one of those people eh. well thanks mate. i own all new games on disc and id like to play them and my 195 psn on a jb console to not wear out my psn console. i'm no pirate but id like to know more and have your "perfect" script. this site is about sharing and helping.

    maybe just maybe you can help someone out. it reminds me of the mathieulh or whatever his name is. i got this but i wont share. not a good look buddy.

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    haze67 Guest
    It is no rocket science at all, take some batch files and learn about the NPDRM/game update having KLicencee key (the sprx/selfs) scetool cannot decrypt without providing the KLicencee, that's all, for that we use scetool_bruteforce package, place the EBOOT and a sprx/self in the scetool_bruteforce folder and run the tools

    for decrypting gameupdate(sprx/self) using KLicencee key, it's this command
    scetool -l 276153276154879340943492346987 -d file.sprx file.elf
    KLicencee is specific to each game so you cannot use the same for another game minus e.g FIFA uses the same key on 12/13/street etc..

    then edit whatever needed and resign the files with proper key, disc and gameupdate/npdrm uses different commands, check the batch files, yes it may require some reading on ur end, take a couple hours and some strong coffee and skip true the batch files

    then if you like to resign the gameupdate with the KLicencee again add the --KLicencee to the command:

    scetool.exe -v --sce-type=SELF --compress-data=TRUE --skip-sections=TRUE --key-revision=01 --self-auth-id=1010000001000003 --self-add-shdrs=TRUE --self-vendor-id=01000002 --self-type=NPDRM --self-app-version=0001000000000000 --self-fw-version=0003004000000000 --np-license-type=FREE --np-content-id=%cid% --np-app-type=EXEC --np-klicensee=276153276154879340943492346987 --np-real-fname=EBOOT.BIN --encrypt FILE.ELF FILE.SPRX
    result: fixed file

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    Blade86 Guest
    1) Replace the %cid% with your content-ID
    2) Replace EBOOT.BIN in --np-real-fname=EBOOT.BIN with the real name ...

    And for some files you need UEXEC instead of EXEC...

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    Muhammad54 Guest
    I have all my games working. Both PSN and BD Games. What to do when you have the following combinations.

    I went thru all sorts of combinations to get two games working. Deadliest Warrior: Legend and Deadliest Warrior :The Game

    One had an install.pkg and crack.pkg original and original would now work. Resigned and resigned would not work. Resigned and original (crack) WORKED!

    The other had install.pkg, patch.pkg and crack.pkg Long story short. All files resigned and it work.

    Just a little info for Noobs.

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    ConsoleDev Guest
    This app is awesome, is a must if you are on 4.xx CFW; thank you so much zeroblu3 you are my new hero

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    elser1 Guest
    i'll stick to buying games and legit ofw psn account. each to his/her own

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    witchfinder Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by richdotward View Post
    Thanks. Just tested on crysis hd psn, drag and drop the crack .pkg and bang its working on 4.21.
    How did you just "drag and drop" a .pkg ? I tried it and all it did was open the program, did not process the .pkg.

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