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Thread: PS3 SCETool, Friday Isolated SPU POC and EIDTool WIP Updates

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    Ausdim Guest

    Cool EBOOT.BIN resign option


    In the new v0.3.5 i dont see the option to sign only the EBOOT.BIN file.

    So i edit a little the bat to search first if any EBOOT.BIN are in root of app folder.

    Just replace the CFW 4.xx .pkg Resigner Script START.bat


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    zeroblu3 Guest
    this isn't reccommended cause it is only for NPDRM EBOOT's be careful not to use it with disk eboots

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    niwakun Guest
    scetool can be used for BD Eboots. Dont make such statement that is baseless

    the only thing that had scetool is a bug, it doesnt fetch the keysets correctly, since it looks for the revision+self_type
    maybe this can be fixed on next version

    but theres a way to decrypt BD eboots correctly, just use the option -keyset and manually apply the keys (erk,riv,pub) and it will be decrypted

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    zeroblu3 Guest

    Cool PS3 CFW 4.XX+ F.A.R. (Full Auto Resigner) Script v0.5b is Released

    Following up on my previous update, today I decided to take my PS3 Resigner Script even further and came up with something I'm very excited about - I present to you CFW 4.xx+ F.A.R. Script v0.5b (F.A.R. standing for "Full Auto Resigner" ^^).

    Download: PS3 CFW 4.XX+ F.A.R. (Full Auto Resigner) Script v0.5b

    Changes since previous Resigner Script:
    • Automatically unpacks, resigns, finds/adds "Content and Title ID" to package.conf and repacks .pkg files (Just drag and drop your .pkg file on the "CFW 4.xx+F.A.R. Script (Drag Here).bat")
    • Automatically detects if the input file is an EBOOT.BIN and is able resign DISC and NPDRM EBOOT.BIN's (Drag and drop the EBOOT.BIN on the .bat and select DISC or NPDRM at the prompt)
    • Automatically makes a .BAK (backup) of your original EBOOT in it's source folder.

    Hope you enjoy it

    For questions and bug reports don't hesitate to contact me.

    [imglink=|PS3 CFW 4.XX+ F.A.R. (Full Auto Resigner) Script v0.5b is Released][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    biorn Guest
    Super, thank you.

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    pedro800 Guest
    i'm still in 3.55, guess i'm not need this tool

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    zeroblu3 Guest
    no it's only for CFW 4.xx+

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    Apr 2005
    I have now mainpaged it as well and +Rep zeroblu3!

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    kavechick1 Guest
    Can i launch games signed by this on 4.30 OFW after i data transfer them from my CFW ps3?

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    charlie1533pr Guest
    Thanks... no more copy/paste!

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