Today PlayStation 3 developer Jappi88 released his PS3 Save Encryption Lib File System Source Code with details below, as follows:

Download: PS3FileSystem.rar

Hey guys, today i decided to release my sourcecode for ps3 file systems. This will work for any ps3 savegame if the proper key is provided. Its not tested with anything else besides saves.


Q : What can you do with it ?
A : you can decrypt/encrypt save data using the secure file id.
Q : Can i use this to add or remove file entries from the ps3 filesystem ?
A : No, you cant... i havent added it yet because i dont need it yet, it should be easy to add though.
Q : Am i allowed to use this?
A : yes, you are allowed to use and modify it to whatever you see fit.Though it would be nice to recieve some credits whenever you decide to use it.
Q : How can i use this on my VB project ?
A : Load the attached project into VS2010 or higher, compile it, and add the output dll as reference into your VB project
Q : How can i use this on my C# project ?
A : Add the attached source files to your project, or compile it with VS2010 or higher and add the dll as reference
Q : Why did you make it ?
A : Because i own a ps3 now, and like to mod some of my games, i hate using third party apps...
Q : Why releasing the source? people will just claim it as their own...
A : Yes, im aware of that, but if everyone thought the same then there would be nothing on the net that may actually help out the good people that likes to learn, intsead of stealing code.
It would be nice to recieve some credits from the good folks though
Q : How can i Decrypt my save to Byte Array?
A :

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Q : How can i Encrypt the file back using byte array?
A :

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Modifying anthing to the files requires you to Rebuild the Param.PFD, Like so:

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This is all, the rest should be self explanatory. Enjoy!

Finally, from Wulf2k: Typo in Ps3File.cs:

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Typo in Functions.cs:

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Well, I suppose it could still Decrypt and Encypt things fine, but most people will try to Decrypt and Encrypt.

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