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    echoes4ever Guest
    Err.. anyone can help me on it ?! How can I do it ? a step by step like.. I don't get how to install this PUP ?!

    Sorry my newbiedity lol

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    sgs2 Guest
    i got RSOD on DEX system CECHL, and i try install 3.55 NOTHEROS on recovery mode. why the 3.55 NOTHEROS cant be detected on my DEX system? how i can fix that?

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    BluRay Guest
    sgs2, NOTHEROS is a CEX CFW, thus can't be detected on a DEX system. I could be wrong but I think you're stuck and won't be able to fix without a flasher.

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    h82skate1968 Guest

    RSOD 4.31 or any firmware (Flasher Required)

    I thought I'd post on RSOD fix as I have personally been plagued with this problem for a while and with help from Susoft I was able to fix it.

    History: I had a CECHG01 on 3.55 firmware that I purchased with RSOD. I used the "RSOD Fix Factory Service Mode tool" from the scene with success.

    I upgraded the firmware to 4.31. All was good for 3-4 days. Then RSOD again. With the console on 4.31 my options were limited to a Flasher. I was able to use an e3 flasher to get many perfect dumps. I forwarded the dump to a scene member by the name Susoft who was able to inspect and fix the dump. I am not sure how Susoft found the problem or how he knew where to look but all credit for the fix goes to him.

    So here is how I fixed RSOD:

    1- Get valid dumps using any flasher.
    2- Compare all dumps make sure they are all the same.
    3- Send dump to Susoft for repair. (maybe he will make a tutorial on what to look for)
    4- Check the returned dump
    5- Flash the fixed dump back to the console.

    I don't take responsibility for any of this as I am new at flashing and cannot guarentee that your dumps can or will be fixed.

    I have attached a pic of my original dump and the fixed dump. It is byte reversed as it was done with an e3. That was the only line that was fixed by Susoft. I flashed it to the console and the console is working fine. I also downgraded it to 3.55 without problems.

  5. #25
    JonnyS Guest
    can i get a contact to susoft i have the same problem

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    This is his Profile Page, however, you will need to make (2) Quality Posts or Replies to contact him on it as he doesn't have his e-mail showing publicly there: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/members/susoft.html

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    AKmania Guest
    i get a RSOD and fix it for just 2 days and then come back again but this time i cannot fix it. can any one help me check my nor dump is it the corrupted or not and how to fix it if it was corrupted.

    here is the NOR DUMP (SamsungK8Q2815UQB-PI4B)

  8. #28
    Proximus85 Guest

    i have PS3 CECHL with RSOD, i tried every solution that i found on internet, but my ps3 works for 2-3 days, and than i got RSOD again...

    do i need a flasher to make dumps, or i can make dump via multiman when my console works (first 2-3 days) ?

    thank you

  9. #29
    pepsicolla Guest
    I have 10 rsod consoles most are L01 fat models. I fixed a couple by editing some bad sectors in the VTRM of the dumps. Is there anybody who would be willing to take a look at some dumps and see if they can find what i'm missing for the rest. I saw a user by the name Susoft was had a lot of success with rsod maybe he can help me out?

  10. #30
    h82skate1968 Guest
    I haven't been able to get ahold of susoft lately he has fallen off the grid. I give him a shout again see if he'll answer.

    Sent from my cell using TT2.

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