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Thread: PS3 RetroArch v0.9.6 Multi-system Game Emulator is Released

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    s25s Guest
    This version is only for DEX ?!!

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    Playa4Life352 Guest
    CEX is now available:

    Quote Originally Posted by Erz View Post
    Just a quick question, can I play XBOX 360 games with this?
    You must be smoking crack....

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    Roll Eyes

    maybe game cube games in the future?

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    Videos: PS3 RetroXMB Beta 3: Boot RetroArch ROMs from PS3 XMB

    Following up on the previous update, today an anonymous source has leaked PS3 RetroXMB Beta 3 by doobz which allows users to boot RetroArch ROMs from the PS3 XMB alongside some updates below.

    Download: RetroXMB Beta 3- Leaked Release.7z / RetroXMB.rar (Mirror) / RetroXMB.rar (Mirror #2) / RetroPS3 (RetroArch v1.0.0.2 Cores).zip / CaveStory--RetroArch v1.0.0.2-- RetroXMB AutoBoot Rom (lightt).pkg / CaveStory--RetroArch v1.0.0.2 -- RetroXMB Autoboot (heavy).pkg / RetroPS3 (RetroArch v1.0.0.2 Cores).zip / RetroXMB_Creator.rar / RetroXMB_Creator.rar (PSX Engine with v4.65 CFW Support) / RetroXMB_Creator.rar (v1.7) / RetroXMB_Creator v1.7.rar (Mirror) / RetroXMB_Creator.rar (With v4.65 CFW Support) / RetroXMB_Creator.rar (With v4.70 CFW Support) / by aldostools

    To quote: Hi. The author of this application (Name: doobz) did not give permission for it's release. He claimed he was close to ready, but then he vanished and no one has seen him in months. We do not know of his location or status. It is a mystery.

    As such I'm releasing the last version of the tool he provided prior to his disappearance.

    Official RetroXMB README (Partial)


    RetroXMB is an app that makes it easy to install content on your PS3 XMB. I was sick of using "managers" to load other apps, i wanted it to be like the psp era where you clicked the icon and the app started. So this is my attempt at that

    Its just a gui for a bunch of command line programs which i hacked that generate content for the Playstation 3. RetroXMB helps you put many games for many systems directly on your XMB. Here is a small list of supported systems:

    • PlayStation 1
    • PlayStation 2
    • PlayStation Portable

    Here goes a small intro for RetroXMB..

    Emulator Games:

    Emulator games use RetroArch as a back-end.. here goes the wall of text about the emulators and their notes.

    PS1 Games:

    PS1 Games use Iris Manager as a back-end. multiMAN can cause conflicts with Iris and since multiMAN isn't open source, no one can fix it. If you run into problems while using the PS1 Games simply reboot your PS3 to fix it and dont run multiMAN

    PS2 Classics (Experimental):

    PS2 Classics uses the rap file from PS2 Classics Place Holder/ps2classic_GUI

    Steps to install reactpsn + ps2 rap support:
    1. create a new user called "aa" on your ps3
    2. install ReactPSN 2.26
    3. put the exdata folder in a usb device and plug it in the ps3
    4. execute ReactPSN on the PS3
    5. the "aa" user should be renamed to reactpsn and you will have the rif files installed in your "aa" account exdata
    5. done you can now use PS2Classics made with this app

    If you don't use the proper rap file, you will get a copyright information error when loading the ps2classic. this could be patched in the fw.

    Note to Rogero FW Users:

    Rogero FW doesnt patch certain EBOOT ecdsa signature checks. PS3 Keys from 3.56 and below aren't accepted in Rogero FW, so old homebrew won't work. Instead of resigning eboots for _higher_ fw <lol> Ask Rogero to fix this, or simply use Rebug or MiraLaTijera FW. All my EBOOTs are signed with 3.41 keys (it shouldn't matter which version).

    Special Thanks:

    STLcardWS, sandungas, AdaLove, UnknownArchive, Squarepusher, Hermes/Estwald, flatz, IngPereira, aldostools, Celestria, zecoxao and everyone that made this possible (or i forgot to mention )

    Additional Info by STLcardsWS

    RetroArch Supported Cores

    -- Various Arcade (CPS 1/2/3, Neo Geo, Sega System 16/18..)

    -- Nintendo NES / Famicom

    -- Game Boy / Color

    -- SG -1000, Master System, Game Gear, Genesis, Sega CD

    -- Neo Geo Pocket / Color

    -- Turbo GrafX 16, & CD (PC-Engine) / Super GrafX

    -- Nintendo Virtual Boy

    -- Bandia WonderSwan / Color

    -- Nintendo NES / Famcom w/Disk System

    -- Doom 1 & II Engine

    -- Nintendo NES/ Famicom

    -- Super Nintendo / Super Famicom

    -- Atari 2600

    -- Quake Engine

    -- Game Boy Advance


    -- Experimental Atari 2600
    --- Issues ----

    .Save / Load States do not work.


    Toggle Color/Black and White with R3/L3 on select games.

    -- Experimental: MAME 0.78
    --- Issues ---

    Save / Load States do not work.
    Game Comparability is hit and miss
    Frame-Rate issues in some games.


    0.78 Romset should be used
    Try lower version if exact cant be found.

    Some Games will play well. There others that will not.

    -- Experimental: GBA (use VBA_Next instead)

    Very choppy and slow FPS at times.
    A lot of issues
    Save/Load States not supported


    Requires GBA bios.
    Use VBA-Next

    -- Experimental: PSone

    Slow FPS
    Use other PS1 methods for the PS3.

    Other Emulated Systems Supported

    PlayStation 1:
    -- Uses Iris Manager as a back end (4.46 not supported), Was released as the standaone PS1toPS2 b10 PlayStation Portable

    -- PSP Remaster / PSP Minis, Was released as a standalone PSPtoPS3 b22

    PlayStation 2:
    -- Experimental PS2 Integration: Very early version.


    Global Features
    • Create CEX or DEX Packages
    • Create 3.41 - 4.XX Packages (Rogero Users See Read Me above)
    • Custom XMB Title
    • Customize XMB Appearance
    • ICON0.PNG
    • PIC1.PNG
    • PIC0.PNG
    • Add XMB Sound: (SND0AT.AC3)
    • Add Animated Icon: (ICON1.PAM)
    • Custom HIP: (edit text file)
    • Creates a random Title ID with a `RX-prefix` "RX_ _ _ _ _ _" at the start of every rom created.
    • OR change it to a Custom Title-ID of your choice
    • Progress Bar to show the app is working, (large files may seem long but it working).
    • Creates an XMB Auto-Booting package.

    Retro Emulators:
    • RetroArch v9.9.0 is used as a back-end.for all emulation.
    • BIOS detection on ROMs. (unfinished / bugs)
    • ROM detection from various archive formats.
    • Included Custom PIC0.PNG for most cores (unfinished)
    • Support all libretro Cores for PS3 RetroArch (Uses Modified Cores)
    • Set Aspect Ratio of game to 16:9 (uncheck) or 4:3 (checked)
    • Add Extra Files or Multiple Files for roms that require it easily.

    * Note there are some bugs with BIOS and ROM detections. Which leads to problems with some games not being able to create a package.

    PlayStation 1
    • Update to standalone release of PS1toPS3 b10 by doobz
    • Supports PS1 ISO, BIN
    • Optional: Cue, toc File.
    • PS1 Games use Iris Manager as the engine. This supported to version 4.41 and below. at this time.
    • Hold Circle after selecting game on XMB, Enter Iris PS1 Setting menu prior to game launch.

    PlayStation 2 (Experimental)
    • Early in development.
    • Supports PS2 ISO, BIN
    • Choose PS2 Playback on DEX or CEX (Experimental)
    • PS2 Classics require ReactPSN and the rap for PS2Classics Placeholder Installed

    NOTICE: Make a copy of the PS2 game you are converting if you do not want to lose it!!!!

    PlayStation Portable
    • An update to doobz PSProPS3 beta 22
    • Remastered Creation Supported
    • Minis Creation Supported
    • PSP ISO, EBOOT.PBP, PSN PKG (only ISO will be patched), MINI2.DAT or a homebrew PRX.

    Update: RetroXMB Cave Story (NXengine) Light & Heavy XMB PKGs

    Cave Story (Doukutsu Monogatari)
    RetroArch v1.0.0.2 (libretro core: NXEngine)
    RetroXMB XMB Direct Boot Applied


    Additional Notes:
    • The light package has no guarantee that it will work with future updates of RetroArch (if installed). It should work and update your core as you install your new RetroArch updates in the future, but if there are changes significant changes to RetroArch, that could break features down the road. So that is something to consider if you plan to use the Light Package.
    • Also, there will be a bit more RetroXMB news coming in the next days or so stay tuned for more.
    • RetroXMB Beta 3 App (with new cores)
    • A new Tutorial for creating the smallest RetroXMB packages possible, with a bit of a mod from the official way.

    • Squarepusher / Maister (RetroArch) & All Libretro Contributors
    • doobz (RetroXMB Creator)
    • Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya (Cave Story Creator)

    Retro XMB Creator 1.6.2 - Create LUA + PS3 Homebrew Packages / Updated PSX Launcher

    What's new:
    • Added support to create Lua packages
    • Added support to create PS3 homebrew packages
    • Updated the PSX launcher (IRISMAN 3.03)

    RetroXMB Setup Instructions

    Based on doobz original RetroXMB with a Twist to the concept (Lite) by STLcardsWS (No Cores in the package replaced by standard core location, cut file size of packages drmatically compared to the tradional RetroXMB way)


    RetroXMB (Beta 3) Re-released by STLcardsWS (Mar/12/14)

    Included the following libretro cores from RetroArch v1.0.0.2: (tested and working for RetroXMB)
    • fbalpha
    • mame78
    • fceumm
    • Nestopia
    • QuickNES
    • GenesisPlusGX
    • Mednafen_VB
    • Mednafen_WSwan
    • Mednafen_ngp
    • Mednafen_PCE_Fast
    • gambatte
    • prboom
    • TyrQuake
    • snes9xnext
    • stella
    • vba_next
    • NXengine (Is not support in RetroXMB app (bug) but can auto boot using RetroXMB files (see above for pre-made Cave Story Packages)

    Known Issues:
    • Old RetroArch Background Menu is used (minor annoyance on some long sub-menus where text alignment is an issue. This can not be fixed in the app, (as we do not have the source code) but can be manually adjusted by replacing the image from v1.0.0.2. (just keep the same name for the image)
    • Never Change the libretro Cores, or you will damage the package for future use. If this occurs delete and re-install. In order for this to be a problem someone would have to manually search folders on HDD to find the core and then change a core. In most cases this will be an issue to many.

    Thanks / Credits:
    • Squarepusher (& Entire RetroArch/Libretro Team)
    • doobz (RetroXMB developer)
    • RetroXMB Contributors (see ReadME)

    Update #2: Espionage (PS3)

    This is a Homebrew Rom for the classic GameBoy handheld created by Fredrik Brundin, with RetroArch (gambatte) you have the options to play in Black/White or in Color. To achieve this while in-game hit L3 and R3 to access the main In-game Menu of Retro Arch and select "Core Options" where you can then select disable or enable "GB colorization".

    RetroXMB autoboot is applied so direct launch from XMB with ease!

    Download: ESPIONAGE - Homebrew Game.pkg

    Espionage v1.0 - Made for the GBJAM (

    You play as a spy as he makes his way into the enemy base to collect as much data as he can; but don't get too greedy, because he needs to get out before the timer runs out and the enemy back up arrives.

    How to Play

    To run the .gb file you will need a Game Boy emulator

    • Game by: Fredrik Brundin
    • Additional Art (Title & Game Over screen): Dominic Buchholz

    Update #3: GBA Indie Roms for you PS3 (Using RetroArch w/ RetroXMB Auto Boot)

    Download: Dangerous XMAS (Dangerous X_MAS (GBA Homebrew Game).pkg) / Powerpig (PowerPig (GBA Homebrew Game).pkg)

    Following the release of various GameBoy and Atari 2600 Indie Games packaged into XMB Auto-Boot packages for the PlayStation 3 (CFW), I decided to checkout another retro system where Homebrew games are still being developed often.

    The GBA (GameBoy Advance) has many great Homebrew Games, but here are two very nice releases for the GBA, that we now have today for the PS3 in Dangerous X-MAS (developed by the Spoutnick Team) & PowerPig ( developed by genecyst ). These homebrew creations use RetroArch v1.0.0.2 - vba_next.SELF for emulation with RetroXMB XMB auto-boot applied. See the various screens and videos of these games in action below.

    Update #4: Aldostools has now updated (linked above) the PSX Engine in RetroXMB Creator to support PS3 v4.65 CEX Firmware.

    What's New:
    • (February 26 v1.7.1) - Updated MOVIE and PSX engine with IRISMAN 3.45 (support for cfw 4.70). multiMAN or IRISMAN full edition are required to be installed.
    • (August 27 v1.6.5) - Updated PSX engine with IRISMAN 3.24 (adds support for CFW 4.65)
    • (August 08 v1.6.5) - Updated PSX engine with IRISMAN 3.21

    Hint: Use [F1] to visit the Repository of ICON1.PAM and Manuals for Retro XMB Creator created by Redemp on FireDrive.

    Retro XMB Creator v1.7 What's New:
    • Added Support for launching Movies from the XMB (using Showtime.SELF)

    I made a workaround to have the movies icons with custom images on the XMB using RetroXMB Creator 1.7:

    Supported Extension:
    • mkv
    • avi
    • mp4

    I will add more extensions later (they are a lot). I first wanted to get some feedback before continue using my time on this.

    It works the same way as the roms launched with RetroArch... IRISMAN or multiMAN are required to be installed with the SHOWTIME.SELF made by deank, otherwise it will execute the standard Showtime made by andoma, which doesn't support the SHOWTIME.TXT to auto-load the specified movie when Showtime is started.

    About NTFS Drives (Movies)

    This method cannot auto-lauch videos on ntfs (even when Showtime fully supports it). It seems that SHOWTIME.TXT validates if the file exists when Showtime is loaded, but the ntfs device is mounted few seconds later. Thus Showtime goes directly to the main menu, instead of play the movie on the ntfs device.

    After some tests I noticed that sometimes the movie launcher only started Showtime without auto-play the movie. However, if I first launched a movie via IRISMAN, the XMB shortcuts for the movies launched them fine.

    So, I updated the showtime launcher to also load the sky payloads used by IRISMAN.

    Supported Extension: mkv, mp4, avi, mpg, mpeg, mov, m2ts, vob, flv, wmv, asf, divx, xvid, pam, bik, bink, vp6, mth, 3gp, rmvb, ogm, ogv, m2t, mts, ts, tsv, tsa, tts, rm, rv, vp3, vp5, vp8, 264, m1v, m2v, m4b, m4p, m4r, m4v, mp4v, mpe, bdmv, dvb, webm, nsv.

    Retro Homebrew Collections Vol.1: Atari 2600 via STLcardsWS

    Download: Retro_Homebrew_Collection_Vol_1_-_Atari_2600_Edition.pkg


    This is a collection of Homebrew Creations for the Atari 2600. Thanks to emulators on the PS3 (RetroArch) we can enjoy these many Homebrew Games that were created for Retro Consoles. Most of these titles have been released in the recent months/years proving that no console scene is dead.

    In this Ps3 installable PKG file it will installed a stripped down RetroArch v1.0.0.2 that only contains the Stella libretro core (emulator for Atari 2600). With 24 Homebrew Roms that are listed below.. Stay tuned for Volume II, comment below on what you think should be the systems we cover next.
            Title: Four Play
    Version: 1.0
    Developer: Zach Matley
    	Title: Diamond Drop
    Version: 14
    Developer:Atarius Maximus
    	Title: F40
    Version: 0.03a
    	Title: Tumulus
    Version: r40
    	Title: Wipeout 2600
    Version: ?
    Developer:Retro Lord
    	Title: Dragon Defense
    Version: 0.2
    Developer:Tyler Frisbee
    	Title: Cows
    Version: 0.4
    	Title: Fix-it Felix Sr.
    Version: Final
    Developer: Cybearg
    	Title: Evil Magician Returns
    Version: xx
    	Title: Duck Attack
    Developer:Byte Knight
    	Title: Mega Man 2600
    Version: Demo
    	Title: Brik
    Version: Final
    Developer: Repixel8 / Retro Reload
    	Title: Game Panic LCD
    Version: xx
    	Title: Three.s
    Version: 0.9
    Developer: Thomad Jentzsch
    	Title: Flappy
    Version: v11 rc2
    Developer: iesposta
    	Title: Snappy
    Version: xx
    Developer: Sebastian Mihai
    	Title: Point Zero
    Version: xx
    Developer: Mikes360
    	Title: Ms. Snake
    Version: 1.0
    Developer: Mad4j
    	Title: Gate Racer
    Version: Final
    Developer: Atarius Maximous
    Title: Traffic Cop (2 Players)
    Version: 11-1-14
    Developer: RhillFake
    • Download, Install, Boot from XMB.
    • On main-menu of RetroArch select: "Load Content (Stella)" to select the included games.
    • Enjoy !!!

    • RetroArch/Libretro Dev Team
    • Developer's of these great Homebrew Titles

    Retro Homebrew Collections Vol.2: Nintendo NES via STLcardsWS

    Download: Retro Homebrew Collection Vol. 2 - Nintendo NES Edition.pkg

    Package Contents:
    • A Standalone Nestopia RetroArch Emulator
    • Custom Main-Menu Skin
    • 62 NES Homebrew Games (by various developer's)
    • Single-Page DDS Manual (NES Controls)

    How to load Homebrew Games?
    • Download the PKG.
    • Install " Retro Homebrew Collections Vol. 2: Nintendo NES Edition" via install package files
    • Scroll to "Retro Homebrew Collection Vol. 2" and start the app.
    • Once in RetroArch's Main-Menu, scroll to "Load Content (Nestopia)"
    • Select one of the 62 games on the list and Enjoy ..

    Games included in this Collection:
    Title: Jet-Paco
    Version: 1
    Developer:Mojon Twins
    Source -
    	Title: AUGE
    Version: 1.0
    Source - ?
    	Title: Sliding Blaster
    Version: 1.0
    Source -
    	Title: The Invasion
    Version: 1.0
    Developer:Slydog Studios
    Source - Sly Dog Studios  1k Series
    	Title: Flappy Block
    Version: v2
    Developer:Slydog Studios
    Source - Sly Dog Studios  1k Series
    	Title: Ambushed
    Version: xx
    Developer:Slydog Studios
    Source - Sly Dog Studios  1k Series
    	Title: CL1k
    Version: xx
    Developer:Slydog Studios
    Source- Sly Dog Studios  1k Series
    	Title: For Points
    Version: xx
    Developer:Slydog Studios
    Source - Sly Dog Studios  1k Series
    	Title: Meteor Guard
    Version: xx
    Developer:Slydog Studios
    Source - Sly Dog Studios  1k Series
    	Title: Meteor Guard 2
    Version: xx
    Developer:Slydog Studios
    Source - Sly Dog Studios  1k Series
    	Title: Midnight Jogger
    Version: xx
    Developer:Slydog Studios
    Source - Sly Dog Studios  1k Series
    	Title: No Points
    Version: xx
    Developer:Slydog Studios
    Source - Sly Dog Studios  1k Series
    	Title: Obstacle Trek
    Version: xx
    Developer:Slydog Studios
    Source - Sly Dog Studios  1k Series
    	Title: That's Whack!
    Version: xx
    Developer:Slydog Studios
    Source - Sly Dog Studios  1k Series
    	Title: The Mad Wizard
    Version: Demo
    Developer:Slydog Studios
    Source - Sly Dog Studios
    	Title: Virus Cleaner
    Version: xx
    Developer:Slydog Studios
    Source - Sly Dog Studios
    	Title: PEGS
    Version: xx
    Developer:Slydog Studios
    Source - Sly Dog Studios
    	Title: Tick-Tac XO
    Version: xx
    Developer:Slydog Studios
    Source - Sly Dog Studios
    	Title: K.Y.F.F.
    Version: xx
    Developer:Slydog Studios
    Source - Sly Dog Studios
    	Title: Small Maze Game.
    Version: xx
    Developer:Slydog Studios
    Official Site - Sly Dog Studios
    	Title: 2048
    Version: Revision 3
    Developer: tsone
    	Title: Tiger Jenny
    Version: xxx
    Developer: Ludosity
    	Title: Function
    Version: --
    Developer: Dinine
    	Title: Blade Buster
    Version: --
    Developer: unknown
    	Title: Pitfall the unofficial adventure
    Version: ---
    Developer: --
    	Title: D-pad Hero 2
    Version: xxx
    Developer: --
    	Title: Batlle Kid 2
    Version: Demo
    Developer: Sivak
    	Title: Alter Ego
    Version: --
    Developer: Shiru
    	Title: Flappy
    Version: --
    Developer: ??
    	Title: Nomolos
    Version: --
    Developer: D
    	Title: Rock Paper Scissors
    Version: 1.0
    	Title: Sting
    Version: --
    Developer: Smkdan
    	Title: Solar Wars 2
    Version: --
    Developer: Chris M. Cowell
    	Title: NESnake 2
    Version: v1.3
    Developer: Matrixz
    	Title: Putt Putti
    Version: 1.0
    Developer:Jason Reed
    	Title: Falldown
    Version: 1.0
    Developer: Sivak
    	Title: BoxBoy
    Version: xxx
    Developer: Neal Tew
    	Title: Lan Master
    Version: 1.0
    	Title: Mine Shaft
    Version: 1
    Developer: Nioreh
    	Title: Sir Ababol
    Version: 1.0
    Developer: Mojon Twins
    	Title: Nightmare Bastards
    Version: 1.0
    Developer: picccca
    	Title: Lan Master
    Version: 1.0
    	Title: Putt Putti
    Version: 1.0
    Developer: Jason Reed
    	Title: GemVenture
    Version: Beta
    Developer: Tom Livak
    	Title: Concentration Room
    Version: 0.02
    	Title: Thwaite
    Version: 1.0
    	Title: Driar
    Version: 1.0
    Developer: Stefan Adolfsson
    	Title: LJ65
    Version: 0.41
    Developer: Damian Yerrick
    	Title: Bomb Sweeper
    Version: 0.5
    Developer: SNOWBRO
    	Title: Bomber 4K
    Version: 0.0
    Developer: RoboNES
    	Title: Hot Logic
    Version: 0.0
    Developer: Eric Wright
    	Title: Lawn Mower
    Version: 0.0
    Developer: Shiru
    	Title: Nes15
    Version: 0.0
    Developer: mbrenaman
    	Title: PCB Artist
    Version: 0.0
    Developer: InfiniteNESLives
    	Title: Pogo Cats
    Version: 0.0
    Developer: Yggi
    	Title: Sack of Flour
    Version: 0.0
    Developer: CMU NESdev Team
    	Title: TargetBlitz 1k
    Version: 0.0
    Developer: BlueHawk
    • RetroArch/Libretro Team
    • Various NES Homebrew Developers
    • All the PS3 developer's who make all these task easier with various Tools / CFW ect...

    [imglink=|Videos: PS3 RetroXMB Beta 3: Boot RetroArch ROMs from PS3 XMB][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Videos: PS3 RetroXMB Beta 3: Boot RetroArch ROMs from PS3 XMB][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Videos: PS3 RetroXMB Beta 3: Boot RetroArch ROMs from PS3 XMB][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    infern0 Guest
    Can somebody tell me how to disable the Right-Stick-Down-Fast-Forward function / button /feature in PrBoom? If i play a game and press Right-Stick-Down by mistake then the game fast-forwards for the time i push this button until i release it. It's annoying.

    RetroXMB Lite: A new approach to RetroXMB - Introducing a New RetroXMB Concept by STLcardsWS

    Introducing a new approach to RetroXMB. This is a working Proof of Concept that will require user's to create packaged manually until a developer that has intrest decides to hopefully create some RetroXMB Lite tools to make the process I am about to disclose below with this new concept.

    I was one of the first contributors and stayed alongside doobz for much of the development of RetroXMB, I came up with this concept back then, but to start we focused on simple and noob proof. Now that doobz has disappeared from the scene and the RetroPS3 Project was never completed (The tool thet created RetroXMB packages and more). I think it's time to revive this project a bit and this new concept i think is the way i think will generate some interest into the project.

    There are three main differences to RetroXMB Lite Packages Vs. Traditional RetroXMB created PKGs

    1st - Libretro Cores have been removed from the package. Instead all the libretro cores are in one central folder. Two big benfiets arise from this as now it becomes very easy to update your libretro cores, and also saves some HDD space from repeated cores on your HDD. These files and more will be installed with the RetroXMB Lite SETUP package.

    2nd - Shader's: In the the traditional RetroXMB packages no shader's are included, if they had been it would of been an extra 7MB per ROM package. So just like the Cores there will be installed to a central folder with the RetroXMB Lite SETUP package.

    3rd - Rom Removed: The Rom can remain in the package still if you would like but you also can have it any path you put in the retroarch.cfg file under the "ROM PATH=" option. I recommend an internal location such as "/dev_hdd0/ROMS/SYSTEM NAME/" . You can use an external location but can cause issues when you do not plug in your external HDD in same port.

    STEP 1: Install RetroXMB Lite Setup - Download LINK (GAME DATA PACKAGE - RetroXMB LITE - Setup (RetroArch v1.0.0.2 Edition).pkg)
    Note --- Installs to: /dev_hdd0/game/RETRO0000/
    STEP 2: Download and Install a RetroXMB LITE - TEST PKG from the list below
    STEP 3: Now you must obtain your own ROM and place on your internal HDD in the location with same exact filename & path(s) marked below.




    Included XMB Art: ICON0.PNG 3D Game Cover (XMB ICON)
    DOWNLOAD PKG: RetroXMB Lite POC - Super Mario World - SNES9x Next.pkg
    SIZE: 105 kb


    Mike Tyson's Punch-Out

    Included XMB Art: ICON0.PNG 3D Game Cover (XMB ICON)
    DOWNLOAD PKG: RetroXMB Lite POC - Mike Tysons Punch Out - Nestopia RetroArch--
    SIZE: 100 kb

    The Legend of Zelda

    Included XMB Art: ICON0.PNG 3D Game Cover (XMB ICON)
    DOWNLOAD PKG: RetroXMB Lite POC - Zelda - Nestopia.pkg
    SIZE: 100 kb


    Included XMB Art: ICON0.PNG 3D Game Cover (XMB ICON)
    DOWNLOAD PKG: RetroXMB Lite POC - RBI Baseball - Nestopia.pkg
    SIZE: 100 kb

    Mednafen_VB (Core Option Example)

    Mario's Tennis

    PLACE YOUR ROM IN THIS LOCATION: /dev_hdd0/ROMS/Virtual Boy/Mario's Tennis.vb
    Included XMB Art: ICON0.PNG 3D Game Cover (XMB ICON)
    Mednafen Core Options: Toggled Palette from BLACK/RED to BLACK/WHITE
    DOWNLOAD PKG: RetroXMB Lite POC (Core Options) -- Mario Tennis - Mednafen VB-.pkg

    Genesis Plus GX (Bios Example)


    PLACE YOUR ROM IN THIS LOCATION: /dev_hdd0/ROMS/genesis_plus_gx/snatcher. iso
    PLACE BIOS (after pkg is installed): /dev_hdd0/game/SEGACDSNA/USRDIR/cores/system/bios_CD_U.bin
    Included XMB Art: ICON0.PNG 3D Game Cover (XMB ICON)
    DOWNLOAD PKG: RetroXMB Lite POC -Snatcher - Sega CD.pkg
    SIZE: 128 kb

    Developer(s) needed who can create a Package Creation Tool based on this concept.
    I can help with information, i know RetroXMB and RetroArch better then anyone and have came across about every issue you can come across

    How to create your own RetroXMB Lite Packages (Manual RetroXMB Lite Package Creation) by STLcardsWS

    This guide expect you to have general knowelge of Package Assembly, a good set of tools for these task is PS3 Tools Collection from Aldostools.

    Download Sample PKG Template

    STEP 1.) Download this link ( it is a Sample PKG Template. It includes a folder which you should copy and create your roms using that as a template. There is also a pkg included DO NOT INSTALL it as it just a sample of what a finished product would be.

    Editing the PARAM.SFO file

    STEP 2.) Edit the PARAM.SFO file in the Sample Package:
    a.) Change the TITLE ID to a unique ID for this rom
    examples: GBOY00001, GENS00001, FBAX00001, or SNESmrio1, NESmario1, MAMEmk111,MAMEmk222, Point is to make them unformed for each core for easy locating in the future.

    Adding a ICON0.PNG & other (optional) Artwork & Sounds

    STEP 3.) This image serves as the XMB main icon for this rom.

    Required Format: .PNG
    Required Size: 320 x 176

    NOTE: Other forms of XMB Art & Sounds can be added also. (ICON1.PAM,SND0.AT3, PIC1.PNG...)

    Editing retroarch.CFG file

    STEP 4.) In Wordpad or any text editor open retroarch.cfg in the Sample Template

    4-A.) Now with your choosen TITLE ID from Step 1 (PARAM.SFO) we need to edit some path's in the retroarch.cfg File. In the locations marked in Red below in the sample CFG file is where you need to put your created TITLE ID replacing the red text of the sample TITLE ID of "RRETRORBI0"

    4-B.) ROM Location, this is where we tell RetroArch where our rom is located. It's best to keep your ROMS on the internal HDD but it can work on external but can cause issues if HDD is unplugged or different port is used. but any location can be defined in the retroarch.cfg with this value using NES roms RBI Baseball as an example libretro_rom_path = "/dev_hdd0/ROMS/NES/RBI" ) See spoiler for Suggested path setup for ROMS.

    Recommended Rom paths to use per each core:
        Suggested Path to use:
    4-C.) This step you must specify the CORE NAME in this path using nestopia as an example :
    ("libretro_path = "/dev_hdd0/game/RETRO0000/USRDIR/RETROXMB_CORES/nestopia.SELF")
    you can find the list of EXACT Core Names in the Spoiler menu below.

    Exact Core names to use in retroarch.cfg file
        EXACT Core Names to be used on:
        libretro_path = "/dev_hdd0/game/RETRO0000/USRDIR/RETROXMB_CORES/name.SELF"
        in retroarch.cfg file
            vba_next .SELF
    retroArch.CFG file (Sample from RBI Baseball Package above: )
        libretro_rom_path = "/dev_hdd0/ROMS/NES/RBI"
        system_directory = "/dev_hdd0/game/RRETRORBI0/USRDIR/cores/system"
        savefile_directory = "/dev_hdd0/game/RETRORBI0/USRDIR/cores/savefiles"
        savestate_directory = "/dev_hdd0/game/RETRORBI0/USRDIR/cores/savestates"
        rgui_browser_directory = "/dev_hdd0/game/RETRORBI00/USRDIR/cores/roms"
        libretro_path = "/dev_hdd0/game/RETRO0000/USRDIR/RETROXMB_CORES/nestopia.SELF"
        libretro_info_path = "/dev_hdd0/game/RETRO0000/USRDIR/RETROXMB_CORES/"
        menu_texture_path = "/dev_hdd0/game/RETRO0000/USRDIR/borders/Menu/main-menu_1080p.png"
        video_shader_dir = "/dev_hdd0/game/RETRO0000/USRDIR/shaders"
        fps_show = "false"
        rewind_enable = "false"
        rewind_granularity = "1"
        video_shader_enable = "true"
        video_aspect_ratio = "-1.000000"
        video_xscale = "3.000000"
        autosave_interval = "0"
        video_yscale = "3.000000"
        video_crop_overscan = "true"
        video_scale_integer = "false"
        video_smooth = "true"
        video_threaded = "false"
        video_fullscreen = "false"
        video_refresh_rate = "59.940060"
        video_driver = "gl"
        video_vsync = "true"
        video_hard_sync = "false"
        video_hard_sync_frames = "0"
        video_black_frame_insertion = "false"
        video_swap_interval = "1"
        video_gpu_screenshot = "true"
        video_rotation = "0"
        screenshot_directory = "default"
        aspect_ratio_index = "22"
        audio_rate_control = "false"
        audio_rate_control_delta = "0.005000"
        audio_driver = "ps3"
        audio_out_rate = "48000"
        audio_resampler = "sinc"
        content_directory = "default"
        rgui_browser_directory = "default"
        rgui_config_directory = "default"
        rgui_show_start_screen = "false"
        game_history_size = "100"
        input_autodetect_enable = "true"
        input_overlay_opacity = "0.700000"
        input_overlay_scale = "1.000000"
        gamma_correction = "false"
        triple_buffering_enable = "true"
        soft_filter_enable = "true"
        flicker_filter_enable = "true"
        flicker_filter_index = "0"
        soft_filter_index = "0"
        current_resolution_id = "0"
        custom_viewport_width = "1790"
        custom_viewport_height = "1080"
        custom_viewport_x = "55"
        custom_viewport_y = "0"
        video_font_size = "1.000000"
        block_sram_overwrite = "false"
        savestate_auto_index = "false"
        savestate_auto_save = "false"
        savestate_auto_load = "true"
        config_save_on_exit = "true"
        sound_mode = "0"
        state_slot = "0"
        custom_bgm_enable = "true"
        input_driver = "ps3"
        input_device_p1 = "0"
        input_player1_joypad_index = "0"
        input_libretro_device_p1 = "1"
        input_player1_analog_dpad_mode = "1"
        input_device_p2 = "0"
        input_player2_joypad_index = "1"
        input_libretro_device_p2 = "1"
        input_player2_analog_dpad_mode = "1"
        input_device_p3 = "0"
        input_player3_joypad_index = "2"
        input_libretro_device_p3 = "1"
        input_player3_analog_dpad_mode = "1"
        input_device_p4 = "0"
        input_player4_joypad_index = "3"
        input_libretro_device_p4 = "1"
        input_player4_analog_dpad_mode = "1"
        input_device_p5 = "0"
        input_player5_joypad_index = "4"
        input_libretro_device_p5 = "1"
        input_player5_analog_dpad_mode = "1"
        input_device_p6 = "0"
        input_player6_joypad_index = "5"
        input_libretro_device_p6 = "1"
        input_player6_analog_dpad_mode = "1"
        input_device_p7 = "0"
        input_player7_joypad_index = "6"
        input_libretro_device_p7 = "1"
        input_player7_analog_dpad_mode = "1"
        input_device_p8 = "0"
        input_player8_joypad_index = "7"
        input_libretro_device_p8 = "1"
        input_player8_analog_dpad_mode = "1"
        input_player1_b = "z"
        input_player1_b_btn = "0"
        input_player1_b_axis = "nul"
        input_player1_y = "a"
        input_player1_y_btn = "1"
        input_player1_y_axis = "nul"
        input_player1_select = "rshift"
        input_player1_select_btn = "2"
        input_player1_select_axis = "nul"
        input_player1_start = "enter"
        input_player1_start_btn = "3"
        input_player1_start_axis = "nul"
        input_player1_up = "up"
        input_player1_up_btn = "4"
        input_player1_up_axis = "nul"
        input_player1_down = "down"
        input_player1_down_btn = "5"
        input_player1_down_axis = "nul"
        input_player1_left = "left"
        input_player1_left_btn = "6"
        input_player1_left_axis = "nul"
        input_player1_right = "right"
        input_player1_right_btn = "7"
        input_player1_right_axis = "nul"
        input_player1_a = "x"
        input_player1_a_btn = "8"
        input_player1_a_axis = "nul"
        input_player1_x = "s"
        input_player1_x_btn = "9"
        input_player1_x_axis = "nul"
        input_player1_l = "q"
        input_player1_l_btn = "10"
        input_player1_l_axis = "nul"
        input_player1_r = "w"
        input_player1_r_btn = "11"
        input_player1_r_axis = "nul"
        input_player1_l2 = "nul"
        input_player1_l2_btn = "12"
        input_player1_l2_axis = "nul"
        input_player1_r2 = "nul"
        input_player1_r2_btn = "13"
        input_player1_r2_axis = "nul"
        input_player1_l3 = "nul"
        input_player1_l3_btn = "14"
        input_player1_l3_axis = "nul"
        input_player1_r3 = "nul"
        input_player1_r3_btn = "15"
        input_player1_r3_axis = "nul"
        input_player1_l_x_plus = "nul"
        input_player1_l_x_plus_btn = "nul"
        input_player1_l_x_plus_axis = "+0"
        input_player1_l_x_minus = "nul"
        input_player1_l_x_minus_btn = "nul"
        input_player1_l_x_minus_axis = "-0"
        input_player1_l_y_plus = "nul"
        input_player1_l_y_plus_btn = "nul"
        input_player1_l_y_plus_axis = "+1"
        input_player1_l_y_minus = "nul"
        input_player1_l_y_minus_btn = "nul"
        input_player1_l_y_minus_axis = "-1"
        input_player1_r_x_plus = "nul"
        input_player1_r_x_plus_btn = "nul"
        input_player1_r_x_plus_axis = "+2"
        input_player1_r_x_minus = "nul"
        input_player1_r_x_minus_btn = "nul"
        input_player1_r_x_minus_axis = "-2"
        input_player1_r_y_plus = "nul"
        input_player1_r_y_plus_btn = "nul"
        input_player1_r_y_plus_axis = "+3"
        input_player1_r_y_minus = "nul"
        input_player1_r_y_minus_btn = "nul"
        input_player1_r_y_minus_axis = "-3"
        input_player1_turbo = "nul"
        input_player1_turbo_btn = "0"
        input_player1_turbo_axis = "-0"
        input_toggle_fast_forward = "space"
        input_toggle_fast_forward_btn = "nul"
        input_toggle_fast_forward_axis = "nul"
        input_hold_fast_forward = "l"
        input_hold_fast_forward_btn = "nul"
        input_hold_fast_forward_axis = "nul"
        input_load_state = "f4"
        input_load_state_btn = "nul"
        input_load_state_axis = "nul"
        input_save_state = "f2"
        input_save_state_btn = "nul"
        input_save_state_axis = "nul"
        input_toggle_fullscreen = "f"
        input_toggle_fullscreen_btn = "nul"
        input_toggle_fullscreen_axis = "nul"
        input_exit_emulator = "escape"
        input_exit_emulator_btn = "nul"
        input_exit_emulator_axis = "nul"
        input_state_slot_increase = "f7"
        input_state_slot_increase_btn = "nul"
        input_state_slot_increase_axis = "nul"
        input_state_slot_decrease = "f6"
        input_state_slot_decrease_btn = "nul"
        input_state_slot_decrease_axis = "nul"
        input_rewind = "r"
        input_rewind_btn = "nul"
        input_rewind_axis = "nul"
        input_movie_record_toggle = "o"
        input_movie_record_toggle_btn = "nul"
        input_movie_record_toggle_axis = "nul"
        input_pause_toggle = "p"
        input_pause_toggle_btn = "nul"
        input_pause_toggle_axis = "nul"
        input_frame_advance = "k"
        input_frame_advance_btn = "nul"
        input_frame_advance_axis = "nul"
        input_reset = "h"
        input_reset_btn = "nul"
        input_reset_axis = "nul"
        input_shader_next = "m"
        input_shader_next_btn = "nul"
        input_shader_next_axis = "nul"
        input_shader_prev = "n"
        input_shader_prev_btn = "nul"
        input_shader_prev_axis = "nul"
        input_cheat_index_plus = "y"
        input_cheat_index_plus_btn = "nul"
        input_cheat_index_plus_axis = "nul"
        input_cheat_index_minus = "t"
        input_cheat_index_minus_btn = "nul"
        input_cheat_index_minus_axis = "nul"
        input_cheat_toggle = "u"
        input_cheat_toggle_btn = "nul"
        input_cheat_toggle_axis = "nul"
        input_screenshot = "f8"
        input_screenshot_btn = "nul"
        input_screenshot_axis = "nul"
        input_dsp_config = "c"
        input_dsp_config_btn = "nul"
        input_dsp_config_axis = "nul"
        input_audio_mute = "f9"
        input_audio_mute_btn = "nul"
        input_audio_mute_axis = "nul"
        input_netplay_flip_players = "i"
        input_netplay_flip_players_btn = "nul"
        input_netplay_flip_players_axis = "nul"
        input_slowmotion = "e"
        input_slowmotion_btn = "nul"
        input_slowmotion_axis = "nul"
        input_enable_hotkey = "nul"
        input_enable_hotkey_btn = "nul"
        input_enable_hotkey_axis = "nul"
        input_volume_up = "add"
        input_volume_up_btn = "nul"
        input_volume_up_axis = "nul"
        input_volume_down = "subtract"
        input_volume_down_btn = "nul"
        input_volume_down_axis = "nul"
        input_overlay_next = "nul"
        input_overlay_next_btn = "nul"
        input_overlay_next_axis = "nul"
        input_disk_eject_toggle = "nul"
        input_disk_eject_toggle_btn = "nul"
        input_disk_eject_toggle_axis = "nul"
        input_disk_next = "nul"
        input_disk_next_btn = "nul"
        input_disk_next_axis = "nul"
        input_grab_mouse_toggle = "f11"
        input_grab_mouse_toggle_btn = "nul"
        input_grab_mouse_toggle_axis = "nul"
        input_player2_b = "nul"
        input_player2_b_btn = "0"
        input_player2_b_axis = "nul"
        input_player2_y = "nul"
        input_player2_y_btn = "1"
        input_player2_y_axis = "nul"
        input_player2_select = "nul"
        input_player2_select_btn = "2"
        input_player2_select_axis = "nul"
        input_player2_start = "nul"
        input_player2_start_btn = "3"
        input_player2_start_axis = "nul"
        input_player2_up = "nul"
        input_player2_up_btn = "4"
        input_player2_up_axis = "nul"
        input_player2_down = "nul"
        input_player2_down_btn = "5"
        input_player2_down_axis = "nul"
        input_player2_left = "nul"
        input_player2_left_btn = "6"
        input_player2_left_axis = "nul"
        input_player2_right = "nul"
        input_player2_right_btn = "7"
        input_player2_right_axis = "nul"
        input_player2_a = "nul"
        input_player2_a_btn = "8"
        input_player2_a_axis = "nul"
        input_player2_x = "nul"
        input_player2_x_btn = "9"
        input_player2_x_axis = "nul"
        input_player2_l = "nul"
        input_player2_l_btn = "10"
        input_player2_l_axis = "nul"
        input_player2_r = "nul"
        input_player2_r_btn = "11"
        input_player2_r_axis = "nul"
        input_player2_l2 = "nul"
        input_player2_l2_btn = "12"
        input_player2_l2_axis = "nul"
        input_player2_r2 = "nul"
        input_player2_r2_btn = "13"
        input_player2_r2_axis = "nul"
        input_player2_l3 = "nul"
        input_player2_l3_btn = "14"
        input_player2_l3_axis = "nul"
        input_player2_r3 = "nul"
        input_player2_r3_btn = "15"
        input_player2_r3_axis = "nul"
        input_player2_l_x_plus = "nul"
        input_player2_l_x_plus_btn = "nul"
        input_player2_l_x_plus_axis = "+0"
        input_player2_l_x_minus = "nul"
        input_player2_l_x_minus_btn = "nul"
        input_player2_l_x_minus_axis = "-0"
        input_player2_l_y_plus = "nul"
        input_player2_l_y_plus_btn = "nul"
        input_player2_l_y_plus_axis = "+1"
        input_player2_l_y_minus = "nul"
        input_player2_l_y_minus_btn = "nul"
        input_player2_l_y_minus_axis = "-1"
        input_player2_r_x_plus = "nul"
        input_player2_r_x_plus_btn = "nul"
        input_player2_r_x_plus_axis = "+2"
        input_player2_r_x_minus = "nul"
        input_player2_r_x_minus_btn = "nul"
        input_player2_r_x_minus_axis = "-2"
        input_player2_r_y_plus = "nul"
        input_player2_r_y_plus_btn = "nul"
        input_player2_r_y_plus_axis = "+3"
        input_player2_r_y_minus = "nul"
        input_player2_r_y_minus_btn = "nul"
        input_player2_r_y_minus_axis = "-3"
        input_player2_turbo = "nul"
        input_player2_turbo_btn = "0"
        input_player2_turbo_axis = "-0"
        input_player3_b = "nul"
        input_player3_b_btn = "0"
        input_player3_b_axis = "nul"
        input_player3_y = "nul"
        input_player3_y_btn = "1"
        input_player3_y_axis = "nul"
        input_player3_select = "nul"
        input_player3_select_btn = "2"
        input_player3_select_axis = "nul"
        input_player3_start = "nul"
        input_player3_start_btn = "3"
        input_player3_start_axis = "nul"
        input_player3_up = "nul"
        input_player3_up_btn = "4"
        input_player3_up_axis = "nul"
        input_player3_down = "nul"
        input_player3_down_btn = "5"
        input_player3_down_axis = "nul"
        input_player3_left = "nul"
        input_player3_left_btn = "6"
        input_player3_left_axis = "nul"
        input_player3_right = "nul"
        input_player3_right_btn = "7"
        input_player3_right_axis = "nul"
        input_player3_a = "nul"
        input_player3_a_btn = "8"
        input_player3_a_axis = "nul"
        input_player3_x = "nul"
        input_player3_x_btn = "9"
        input_player3_x_axis = "nul"
        input_player3_l = "nul"
        input_player3_l_btn = "10"
        input_player3_l_axis = "nul"
        input_player3_r = "nul"
        input_player3_r_btn = "11"
        input_player3_r_axis = "nul"
        input_player3_l2 = "nul"
        input_player3_l2_btn = "12"
        input_player3_l2_axis = "nul"
        input_player3_r2 = "nul"
        input_player3_r2_btn = "13"
        input_player3_r2_axis = "nul"
        input_player3_l3 = "nul"
        input_player3_l3_btn = "14"
        input_player3_l3_axis = "nul"
        input_player3_r3 = "nul"
        input_player3_r3_btn = "15"
        input_player3_r3_axis = "nul"
        input_player3_l_x_plus = "nul"
        input_player3_l_x_plus_btn = "nul"
        input_player3_l_x_plus_axis = "+0"
        input_player3_l_x_minus = "nul"
        input_player3_l_x_minus_btn = "nul"
        input_player3_l_x_minus_axis = "-0"
        input_player3_l_y_plus = "nul"
        input_player3_l_y_plus_btn = "nul"
        input_player3_l_y_plus_axis = "+1"
        input_player3_l_y_minus = "nul"
        input_player3_l_y_minus_btn = "nul"
        input_player3_l_y_minus_axis = "-1"
        input_player3_r_x_plus = "nul"
        input_player3_r_x_plus_btn = "nul"
        input_player3_r_x_plus_axis = "+2"
        input_player3_r_x_minus = "nul"
        input_player3_r_x_minus_btn = "nul"
        input_player3_r_x_minus_axis = "-2"
        input_player3_r_y_plus = "nul"
        input_player3_r_y_plus_btn = "nul"
        input_player3_r_y_plus_axis = "+3"
        input_player3_r_y_minus = "nul"
        input_player3_r_y_minus_btn = "nul"
        input_player3_r_y_minus_axis = "-3"
        input_player3_turbo = "nul"
        input_player3_turbo_btn = "0"
        input_player3_turbo_axis = "-0"
        input_player4_b = "nul"
        input_player4_b_btn = "0"
        input_player4_b_axis = "nul"
        input_player4_y = "nul"
        input_player4_y_btn = "1"
        input_player4_y_axis = "nul"
        input_player4_select = "nul"
        input_player4_select_btn = "2"
        input_player4_select_axis = "nul"
        input_player4_start = "nul"
        input_player4_start_btn = "3"
        input_player4_start_axis = "nul"
        input_player4_up = "nul"
        input_player4_up_btn = "4"
        input_player4_up_axis = "nul"
        input_player4_down = "nul"
        input_player4_down_btn = "5"
        input_player4_down_axis = "nul"
        input_player4_left = "nul"
        input_player4_left_btn = "6"
        input_player4_left_axis = "nul"
        input_player4_right = "nul"
        input_player4_right_btn = "7"
        input_player4_right_axis = "nul"
        input_player4_a = "nul"
        input_player4_a_btn = "8"
        input_player4_a_axis = "nul"
        input_player4_x = "nul"
        input_player4_x_btn = "9"
        input_player4_x_axis = "nul"
        input_player4_l = "nul"
        input_player4_l_btn = "10"
        input_player4_l_axis = "nul"
        input_player4_r = "nul"
        input_player4_r_btn = "11"
        input_player4_r_axis = "nul"
        input_player4_l2 = "nul"
        input_player4_l2_btn = "12"
        input_player4_l2_axis = "nul"
        input_player4_r2 = "nul"
        input_player4_r2_btn = "13"
        input_player4_r2_axis = "nul"
        input_player4_l3 = "nul"
        input_player4_l3_btn = "14"
        input_player4_l3_axis = "nul"
        input_player4_r3 = "nul"
        input_player4_r3_btn = "15"
        input_player4_r3_axis = "nul"
        input_player4_l_x_plus = "nul"
        input_player4_l_x_plus_btn = "nul"
        input_player4_l_x_plus_axis = "+0"
        input_player4_l_x_minus = "nul"
        input_player4_l_x_minus_btn = "nul"
        input_player4_l_x_minus_axis = "-0"
        input_player4_l_y_plus = "nul"
        input_player4_l_y_plus_btn = "nul"
        input_player4_l_y_plus_axis = "+1"
        input_player4_l_y_minus = "nul"
        input_player4_l_y_minus_btn = "nul"
        input_player4_l_y_minus_axis = "-1"
        input_player4_r_x_plus = "nul"
        input_player4_r_x_plus_btn = "nul"
        input_player4_r_x_plus_axis = "+2"
        input_player4_r_x_minus = "nul"
        input_player4_r_x_minus_btn = "nul"
        input_player4_r_x_minus_axis = "-2"
        input_player4_r_y_plus = "nul"
        input_player4_r_y_plus_btn = "nul"
        input_player4_r_y_plus_axis = "+3"
        input_player4_r_y_minus = "nul"
        input_player4_r_y_minus_btn = "nul"
        input_player4_r_y_minus_axis = "-3"
        input_player4_turbo = "nul"
        input_player4_turbo_btn = "0"
        input_player4_turbo_axis = "-0"
        input_player5_b = "nul"
        input_player5_b_btn = "0"
        input_player5_b_axis = "nul"
        input_player5_y = "nul"
        input_player5_y_btn = "1"
        input_player5_y_axis = "nul"
        input_player5_select = "nul"
        input_player5_select_btn = "2"
        input_player5_select_axis = "nul"
        input_player5_start = "nul"
        input_player5_start_btn = "3"
        input_player5_start_axis = "nul"
        input_player5_up = "nul"
        input_player5_up_btn = "4"
        input_player5_up_axis = "nul"
        input_player5_down = "nul"
        input_player5_down_btn = "5"
        input_player5_down_axis = "nul"
        input_player5_left = "nul"
        input_player5_left_btn = "6"
        input_player5_left_axis = "nul"
        input_player5_right = "nul"
        input_player5_right_btn = "7"
        input_player5_right_axis = "nul"
        input_player5_a = "nul"
        input_player5_a_btn = "8"
        input_player5_a_axis = "nul"
        input_player5_x = "nul"
        input_player5_x_btn = "9"
        input_player5_x_axis = "nul"
        input_player5_l = "nul"
        input_player5_l_btn = "10"
        input_player5_l_axis = "nul"
        input_player5_r = "nul"
        input_player5_r_btn = "11"
        input_player5_r_axis = "nul"
        input_player5_l2 = "nul"
        input_player5_l2_btn = "12"
        input_player5_l2_axis = "nul"
        input_player5_r2 = "nul"
        input_player5_r2_btn = "13"
        input_player5_r2_axis = "nul"
        input_player5_l3 = "nul"
        input_player5_l3_btn = "14"
        input_player5_l3_axis = "nul"
        input_player5_r3 = "nul"
        input_player5_r3_btn = "15"
        input_player5_r3_axis = "nul"
        input_player5_l_x_plus = "nul"
        input_player5_l_x_plus_btn = "nul"
        input_player5_l_x_plus_axis = "+0"
        input_player5_l_x_minus = "nul"
        input_player5_l_x_minus_btn = "nul"
        input_player5_l_x_minus_axis = "-0"
        input_player5_l_y_plus = "nul"
        input_player5_l_y_plus_btn = "nul"
        input_player5_l_y_plus_axis = "+1"
        input_player5_l_y_minus = "nul"
        input_player5_l_y_minus_btn = "nul"
        input_player5_l_y_minus_axis = "-1"
        input_player5_r_x_plus = "nul"
        input_player5_r_x_plus_btn = "nul"
        input_player5_r_x_plus_axis = "+2"
        input_player5_r_x_minus = "nul"
        input_player5_r_x_minus_btn = "nul"
        input_player5_r_x_minus_axis = "-2"
        input_player5_r_y_plus = "nul"
        input_player5_r_y_plus_btn = "nul"
        input_player5_r_y_plus_axis = "+3"
        input_player5_r_y_minus = "nul"
        input_player5_r_y_minus_btn = "nul"
        input_player5_r_y_minus_axis = "-3"
        input_player5_turbo = "nul"
        input_player5_turbo_btn = "0"
        input_player5_turbo_axis = "-0"
        input_player6_b = "nul"
        input_player6_b_btn = "0"
        input_player6_b_axis = "nul"
        input_player6_y = "nul"
        input_player6_y_btn = "1"
        input_player6_y_axis = "nul"
        input_player6_select = "nul"
        input_player6_select_btn = "2"
        input_player6_select_axis = "nul"
        input_player6_start = "nul"
        input_player6_start_btn = "3"
        input_player6_start_axis = "nul"
        input_player6_up = "nul"
        input_player6_up_btn = "4"
        input_player6_up_axis = "nul"
        input_player6_down = "nul"
        input_player6_down_btn = "5"
        input_player6_down_axis = "nul"
        input_player6_left = "nul"
        input_player6_left_btn = "6"
        input_player6_left_axis = "nul"
        input_player6_right = "nul"
        input_player6_right_btn = "7"
        input_player6_right_axis = "nul"
        input_player6_a = "nul"
        input_player6_a_btn = "8"
        input_player6_a_axis = "nul"
        input_player6_x = "nul"
        input_player6_x_btn = "9"
        input_player6_x_axis = "nul"
        input_player6_l = "nul"
        input_player6_l_btn = "10"
        input_player6_l_axis = "nul"
        input_player6_r = "nul"
        input_player6_r_btn = "11"
        input_player6_r_axis = "nul"
        input_player6_l2 = "nul"
        input_player6_l2_btn = "12"
        input_player6_l2_axis = "nul"
        input_player6_r2 = "nul"
        input_player6_r2_btn = "13"
        input_player6_r2_axis = "nul"
        input_player6_l3 = "nul"
        input_player6_l3_btn = "14"
        input_player6_l3_axis = "nul"
        input_player6_r3 = "nul"
        input_player6_r3_btn = "15"
        input_player6_r3_axis = "nul"
        input_player6_l_x_plus = "nul"
        input_player6_l_x_plus_btn = "nul"
        input_player6_l_x_plus_axis = "+0"
        input_player6_l_x_minus = "nul"
        input_player6_l_x_minus_btn = "nul"
        input_player6_l_x_minus_axis = "-0"
        input_player6_l_y_plus = "nul"
        input_player6_l_y_plus_btn = "nul"
        input_player6_l_y_plus_axis = "+1"
        input_player6_l_y_minus = "nul"
        input_player6_l_y_minus_btn = "nul"
        input_player6_l_y_minus_axis = "-1"
        input_player6_r_x_plus = "nul"
        input_player6_r_x_plus_btn = "nul"
        input_player6_r_x_plus_axis = "+2"
        input_player6_r_x_minus = "nul"
        input_player6_r_x_minus_btn = "nul"
        input_player6_r_x_minus_axis = "-2"
        input_player6_r_y_plus = "nul"
        input_player6_r_y_plus_btn = "nul"
        input_player6_r_y_plus_axis = "+3"
        input_player6_r_y_minus = "nul"
        input_player6_r_y_minus_btn = "nul"
        input_player6_r_y_minus_axis = "-3"
        input_player6_turbo = "nul"
        input_player6_turbo_btn = "0"
        input_player6_turbo_axis = "-0"
        input_player7_b = "nul"
        input_player7_b_btn = "0"
        input_player7_b_axis = "nul"
        input_player7_y = "nul"
        input_player7_y_btn = "1"
        input_player7_y_axis = "nul"
        input_player7_select = "nul"
        input_player7_select_btn = "2"
        input_player7_select_axis = "nul"
        input_player7_start = "nul"
        input_player7_start_btn = "3"
        input_player7_start_axis = "nul"
        input_player7_up = "nul"
        input_player7_up_btn = "4"
        input_player7_up_axis = "nul"
        input_player7_down = "nul"
        input_player7_down_btn = "5"
        input_player7_down_axis = "nul"
        input_player7_left = "nul"
        input_player7_left_btn = "6"
        input_player7_left_axis = "nul"
        input_player7_right = "nul"
        input_player7_right_btn = "7"
        input_player7_right_axis = "nul"
        input_player7_a = "nul"
        input_player7_a_btn = "8"
        input_player7_a_axis = "nul"
        input_player7_x = "nul"
        input_player7_x_btn = "9"
        input_player7_x_axis = "nul"
        input_player7_l = "nul"
        input_player7_l_btn = "10"
        input_player7_l_axis = "nul"
        input_player7_r = "nul"
        input_player7_r_btn = "11"
        input_player7_r_axis = "nul"
        input_player7_l2 = "nul"
        input_player7_l2_btn = "12"
        input_player7_l2_axis = "nul"
        input_player7_r2 = "nul"
        input_player7_r2_btn = "13"
        input_player7_r2_axis = "nul"
        input_player7_l3 = "nul"
        input_player7_l3_btn = "14"
        input_player7_l3_axis = "nul"
        input_player7_r3 = "nul"
        input_player7_r3_btn = "15"
        input_player7_r3_axis = "nul"
        input_player7_l_x_plus = "nul"
        input_player7_l_x_plus_btn = "nul"
        input_player7_l_x_plus_axis = "+0"
        input_player7_l_x_minus = "nul"
        input_player7_l_x_minus_btn = "nul"
        input_player7_l_x_minus_axis = "-0"
        input_player7_l_y_plus = "nul"
        input_player7_l_y_plus_btn = "nul"
        input_player7_l_y_plus_axis = "+1"
        input_player7_l_y_minus = "nul"
        input_player7_l_y_minus_btn = "nul"
        input_player7_l_y_minus_axis = "-1"
        input_player7_r_x_plus = "nul"
        input_player7_r_x_plus_btn = "nul"
        input_player7_r_x_plus_axis = "+2"
        input_player7_r_x_minus = "nul"
        input_player7_r_x_minus_btn = "nul"
        input_player7_r_x_minus_axis = "-2"
        input_player7_r_y_plus = "nul"
        input_player7_r_y_plus_btn = "nul"
        input_player7_r_y_plus_axis = "+3"
        input_player7_r_y_minus = "nul"
        input_player7_r_y_minus_btn = "nul"
        input_player7_r_y_minus_axis = "-3"
        input_player7_turbo = "nul"
        input_player7_turbo_btn = "0"
        input_player7_turbo_axis = "-0"
        input_player8_b = "nul"
        input_player8_b_btn = "nul"
        input_player8_b_axis = "nul"
        input_player8_y = "nul"
        input_player8_y_btn = "nul"
        input_player8_y_axis = "nul"
        input_player8_select = "nul"
        input_player8_select_btn = "nul"
        input_player8_select_axis = "nul"
        input_player8_start = "nul"
        input_player8_start_btn = "nul"
        input_player8_start_axis = "nul"
        input_player8_up = "nul"
        input_player8_up_btn = "nul"
        input_player8_up_axis = "nul"
        input_player8_down = "nul"
        input_player8_down_btn = "nul"
        input_player8_down_axis = "nul"
        input_player8_left = "nul"
        input_player8_left_btn = "nul"
        input_player8_left_axis = "nul"
        input_player8_right = "nul"
        input_player8_right_btn = "nul"
        input_player8_right_axis = "nul"
        input_player8_a = "nul"
        input_player8_a_btn = "nul"
        input_player8_a_axis = "nul"
        input_player8_x = "nul"
        input_player8_x_btn = "nul"
        input_player8_x_axis = "nul"
        input_player8_l = "nul"
        input_player8_l_btn = "nul"
        input_player8_l_axis = "nul"
        input_player8_r = "nul"
        input_player8_r_btn = "nul"
        input_player8_r_axis = "nul"
        input_player8_l2 = "nul"
        input_player8_l2_btn = "nul"
        input_player8_l2_axis = "nul"
        input_player8_r2 = "nul"
        input_player8_r2_btn = "nul"
        input_player8_r2_axis = "nul"
        input_player8_l3 = "nul"
        input_player8_l3_btn = "nul"
        input_player8_l3_axis = "nul"
        input_player8_r3 = "nul"
        input_player8_r3_btn = "nul"
        input_player8_r3_axis = "nul"
        input_player8_l_x_plus = "nul"
        input_player8_l_x_plus_btn = "nul"
        input_player8_l_x_plus_axis = "nul"
        input_player8_l_x_minus = "nul"
        input_player8_l_x_minus_btn = "nul"
        input_player8_l_x_minus_axis = "nul"
        input_player8_l_y_plus = "nul"
        input_player8_l_y_plus_btn = "nul"
        input_player8_l_y_plus_axis = "nul"
        input_player8_l_y_minus = "nul"
        input_player8_l_y_minus_btn = "nul"
        input_player8_l_y_minus_axis = "nul"
        input_player8_r_x_plus = "nul"
        input_player8_r_x_plus_btn = "nul"
        input_player8_r_x_plus_axis = "nul"
        input_player8_r_x_minus = "nul"
        input_player8_r_x_minus_btn = "nul"
        input_player8_r_x_minus_axis = "nul"
        input_player8_r_y_plus = "nul"
        input_player8_r_y_plus_btn = "nul"
        input_player8_r_y_plus_axis = "nul"
        input_player8_r_y_minus = "nul"
        input_player8_r_y_minus_btn = "nul"
        input_player8_r_y_minus_axis = "nul"
        input_player8_turbo = "nul"
        input_player8_turbo_btn = "nul"
        input_player8_turbo_axis = "nul"
        core_specific_config = "true"
        libretro_log_level = "0"
        libretro_info_path = ""
        cheat_database_path = ""
        video_shader = ""
        audio_device = ""
        game_history_path = ""
        joypad_autoconfig_dir = ""
        input_overlay = ""
        input_joypad_driver = ""
        input_keyboard_layout = ""
    Adding Addional Roms & Bios Files to your package

    Info coming very soon

    Create the Package

    Create the Package!!!!

    RetroXMB Creator by aldostools

    This tool allows to create shortcuts of your ROMS on the XMB, using the RetroXMB.

    Download: RetroXMB_Creator.rar / RetroXMB_Creator.rar (v1.6.1 Mirror)

    Thanks to Themaister/TwinAphex for RetroArch, STLcardsWS for the template examples.

    Following the example's I have made this tool (with slight modifications).

    It requires to have installed RetroArch Any part can be installed alone.

    The rom is copied inside the roms folder by default or can be changed to a custom path, that can be defined in the tool. If there is a .jpg or .png with the same name of the rom, it will be used as ICON0.

    You can add files like: nes-icon0.png, snes-pic1.png, gbc-icon1.pam, gen-pic0.png, etc. and they will be used as the default pictures for the selected emulator type.

    The RetroXMB Creator uses a similar approach to the one used in IRISMAN 3.0.

    Download: RetroArch v1.0.0.2 (RetroXMB Edition).pkg / RetroXMB_Creator.rar (v1.5) / RetroXMB_Creator.rar (v1.52) / RetroXMB_Creator.rar (v1.56) / RetroXMB_Creator.rar (v1.6)

    Version 1.01
    • Fixed a bug in retroarch.cfg path

    Version 1.02
    • Added Custom Path Options for ROM(s) locations
    • Added Custom Path Options for SAVES Location.

    Version 1.03
    • Added support for DOOM (prboom)

    Version 1.04
    • Preview button
    • Right-click on preview button for the hidden settings menu
    • For now it only has the option to define the Title ID of RetroArch (default: SSNE10000 (default RetroArch Cores), but you can change it to RETRO0000 (RetroXMB Lite) or any other that you prefer)
    • Added templates for QuickNES and NEStopia.

    Version 1.05
    • Support in preview to "drag & drop" images

    RetroXMB Creator - v1.1.1

    Ability to select:
    • ICON0.png/jpeg -- (drag & drop image or right click on the icon in preview mode)
    • ICON1.PAM -- (right click on the icon in preview mode/no video preview)
    • PIC0.png/jpeg -- (drag & drop image or right click on the icon in preview mode)
    • PIC1.png/jpeg --- (drag & drop image or right click on the icon in preview mode)
    • PIC2.png/jpeg (4.3 Televisions) --- (right click on the icon in preview mode/no image preview)
    • SND0.AT3 --- (right click on the icon in preview mode)
    • Custom PARAM.HIP (click on the top-left "i" button in preview mode)
    • RetroArch.cfg (Double click on the emulator type found at the left of the main window to edit the .cfg in template folder)
    • Inject "MANUAL" folder in DDS format PARTIAL (it creates a MANUAL folder and includes it in the PKG if you add the .DDS files)
    • RetroArch Global Settings PARTIAL (Click on the top-right blue icon to open a settings window with some global parameters)
    • Support to use the folder structure of the STLcardsWS 's PKG for RetroArch "Retro XMB Edition"

    RetroXMB Creator - v1.1.5
    • Various minor Tweaks and Additions
    • Cleaning more bugs

    RetroXMB Creator - v1.1.7
    • Resized PNG now retain transparency
    • Image scaling now uses Bicubic Interpolation HQ instead of average resizing.
    • There was a regression that introduced by the VB5 editor, that added 2 wrong spaces in the paths for savefile_directory, savestate_directory, rgui_browser_directory, menu_texture_path
    • I found a few bugs rendering the images in the SavePNG

    RetroXMB Creator - v1.20 - April 26
    • It now can create manuals in .DDS format. Just drag & drop the images in .jpg, .png, .bmp, .tif or .dds on the Retro XMB Manual window, hit MANUAL button and then create the PKG.
    • RetroXMB Creator can be used as a manual reader on uncompressed PKG files

    • Rom location added to PARAM.HIP automatically. (PARAM.HIP txt contents is viewable from XMB by highlighting the rom and pressing Traingle to access side-bar menu and select "Update Histroy"

    • Added a list of variables from the text file viewable NVDXT_parameters.
    • Added a new function to set the parameters NVDXT pressing the F2 key from the window RetroXMB Manual Menu.
    • Added display of the size of the image that will be shown at the top of the application next to the title.

    • Added support for"SCE-PS3 Rodin LATIN" font for PARAM.HIP
    • Added an experimental conversion method using the parameters: -rel_scale 0.6, 0.6 -24 dxt1c
    • If the images are already in DDS format, the program will use them, instead of try to do the conversion.(it's not the best approach, but at least the images will have the proper size if you provide them already converted)

    • Added a new Core Options window (press F2 to access it)
    • Changed the aspect_ratio_index from "22" to "0" when Aspect Ratio is 4:3

    • I just fixed a regression introduced in 1.3. It should be fixed in version 1.3.1

    • Temporary working folders are now stored in .\Work folder. Packages are now stored in .\Packages folder.

    • ICON0.PNG fix in preview mode

    • I have included these wallpapers in a new folder "Skins" You can select one of them pressing F3 (Blue Icon), then going to the "Skins" tab. The selected skin will be used on the packages created with the selected core.

    • I have added a progress bar when roms are dropped to create multiple packages in batch. Also the selected core is now displayed in preview mode.

    • Added support for PS1 isos
    • Added support for paste image from clipboard;
    • Added auto load ICON0/PIC1/PIC2/etc from the rom's folder.

    • Added support for creation of DOSBOX packages.

    • For the FBA Core, I added a new template intended specifically for NEOGEO games, which will validate if the exists in the roms folder.If the is copied to TEMPLATE/USRDIR/cores/system, the file will be copied to the roms folder automatically. The template "FBA" will not copy the
    • Some unnecessary bios files (if found) are now removed from /USRDIR/cores/system
    • Added .MDF as supported extension for PS1 isos. If a .cue with the same name of the .iso/.img/.bin/.mdf is found, it will be also copied.
    • Roms/ISOs are now shadow copied to the Work folder when a PKG is being prepared. If the shadow copy fails, a regular copy will be tried. This should speed up the PKG creation, and save some HDD disk space. The PKG will install a regular copy (not a shadow copy).

    More clickable items on the GUI:
    • If the path at the bottom of the window is clicked, a new Explorer window will be opened showing the rom/image.
    • If the package name display at the top of the window is clicked, a new Explorer window will be opened showing the temporary working folder.
    • If the Make button is right clicked, a new Explorer window will be opened showing the Packages folder.
    • If the DOS buttons are right clicked, a new Explorer window will be opened showing the selected file in the folder.

    • In Retro XMB Creator 1.5.2 now you have support for PS1 games with multiple discs
    • Additionally, I added the option to copy the selected core to the PKG if the cores (SELF files) are copied to .\TEMPLATES\USRDIR\cores
    • Also added a SEGACD template that validates that bios_CD_E.bin, bios_CD_U.bin and bios_CD_J.bin are copied to system folder.
    • Also fixed the issue NEOGEO showing extra settings when F2 is pressed.

    • Minor bug fix and CFG file validation

    • Added the option to add/remove additional files to/from the roms folder (e.g. parent roms, bios files (if they need to be in the rom folder (such as NEO GEO), etc.).

    • Added display of information about the selected Core.

    • Replaced the default DDS conversion tool with NConvert by Pierre E. Gougelet.

    • Added some missing skins (DosBox, MAME, PSX, Quake, NXE) Now each core has a default skin related with the system emulated.
    • (Note: the tool will display the skin currently saved in the Registry.)
    • TIP: Click quickly on the displayed background picture to open the setup dialog to select a new skin.
    • Added "Clean Settings - RetroXMB Creator.reg" to "docs" folder to restore the default settings. Execute this file if the skins are not displayed properly.
    • Added template cfg files for sg-1000, sega sms, sega gg (with their respective skins)
    • Renamed the default memory card to Internal_MC.VM1 (also it doesn't try to rename it with the name of the iso)
    • Added more cleaning code for doom, nxengine-datafiles, bios, etc.
    • The .info files are now copied to the cores folder if the .self is included in the pkg.

    • Now it has 36 templates with a custom ICON0 each (created/provided by Redemp)
    • 46 menu skins available (most of them created/provided by Redemp)

    • DDS files now are associated* to Retro XMB Creator
    • It allows to view the .DDS files from Windows Explorer and navigate the pages in the manual folder.

    *Requires Administrator privileges.

    Thanks to Themaister/TwinAphex for RetroArch, STLcardsWS for the template examples. Floris van den Berg for FreeImage.dll, NVIDIA Corporation for the free Legacy Texture Tools.

    RetroArch v1.0.0.2 (RetroXMB Edition)

    Unofficial Add-on - Requires RetroArch v1.0.0.2 by STLcardsWS

    This is a package that is required to be installed over the official RetroArch Installation (v1.0.0.2). This adds some files in order to give RetroXMB LIte support while allowing for any future fixes if they arise.

    INSTRUCTIONS for RetroXMB Lite Setup:

    RetroXMB Lite vs RetroXMB (Original)

    With RetroXMB Lite:
    • No longer is there a core in each and every package. (Save HDD, Space and makes future updating of your ROM packages easy when new Official RetroArch updates are released
    • Rom Location can be defined to any path. So put the rom in the package or have the choice to put your roms in a central folder.
    • Packages are basically shortcuts and only real size to the package is the XMB art and sounds you add!!!

    Thanks / Credits
    • Squarepusher / Themaister for RetroArch (Libretro)
    • doobz original creator of RetroXMB
    • aldostools for your work on RetroXMB Creator
    • Sandungas & Ada Loves Lace - RetroXMB Contributors
    • Myself (STLcardsWS) for not letting this project fade
    • Tranced for the RetroXMB name
    • Everyone else who has made RetroXMB contributions and contributions to the PS3 Emulation Scene!!!!

    Thanks to all my fellow Retro Gamers

    Below are some RetroXMB - ICON1.PAM & Manuals (dds) by Redemp as follows:

    ICON1.PAM (Animated XMB Icons)

    Download: RetroXMB ICON1.PAM & Manuals / Pre-Made NES Packages / RetroXMB ICON1.PAM & Manuals - Nintendo SNES / RetroXMB ICON1.PAM & Manuals - Neo-Geo / Manuals (MAME) / RetroXMB ICON1.PAM & MANUALS - NEC PC Engine SuperGrafx / RetroXMB ICON1.PAM & MANUALS - TurboGrafx CD / RetroXMB ICON1.PAM & MANUALS - PC Engine CD / RetroXMB ICON1.PAM & MANUALS / RetroXMB ICON1.PAM & MANUALS - GAME BOY ADVANCED

    ICON1.PAM / DDS Manual Retro Collection by Redemp

    Note: When it comes to PlayStation and Disc 1 and Disc 2 the ICON1.PAM is a little bit different from one another. RetroXMB Creator supports multi disc games so you can chose what ICON1.PAM to use.

    I think a renamed a few by mistake to ICON0.PAM but that's just a typo so they still work.

    RetroArch Main Menu Wallpapers (Skins)

    ICON1.PAM (XMB Video Icons)

    Nintendo NES


    Super Nintendo SNES

    Sega Genesis


    Sega CD

    MANUALs (DDS format)

    Nintendo NES

    Super Nintendo SNES

    Sega Genesis

    Finally, below are some 2048 Retro Ports from PlayStation 3 developer Sandroron that are playable on the PS3 as follows:

    Note: These are self sufficient RetroXMB packages (Libretro Core and Homebrew Rom included in package) and RetroArch is not required to be installed for these packages to work.

    Roll Boss Rush: A PS1 Homebrew Game by isufje (via

    Download: ROLL BOSS RUSH_108a.iso / RBR_108a.iso (Mirror) / RBR_108a.iso (Mirror #2) / Source Code / (Mirror) / source_108a.rar (Mirror #2) / ROLL BOSS RUSH (PS1).pkg

    Game Description: You play as Megaman's sister ROLL, but not the Roll based on the Japanese Canon, but the Ruby Spears MegaMan Cartoon.

    There are now 4 difficulty levels (easy-normal-hard & one-hit). You choose one main weapon (straight-spread-charge or burst) and one sub-weapon (vacuum-toaster-saw). You can also now choose between fighting 1 or 2 bosses at the same time (mono-melee) regardless of difficulty level.

    During battles you can grab your enemy and absorb their power and use it against them. She can even perform some physical attacks such as a drop kick. You also have a super meter that allows you to perform a SUPER MOVE. Based on what weapon you're currently using, you can perform different SUPER MOVES.

    Each boss has a weakness, much like every other megaman game. At the end of each battle, you're given a grade based upon your performance, an information Token, and a Password.

    How to play via a PS3 (CFW) by STLcardsWS

    For some reason this game gives some issue on the PS3, depending on how you load / mount the game.

    If you load this game via webMAN you have to play around with the display settings to get it to boot. However with this new version it will boot but freeze when selecting your difficultly (so no need to give those instructions).

    However there is still a great way to play this on the PS3 and that is by creating a package with Retro XMB Creator, running the game in this method no issues have arose. You can find the PS3 package below already created as well as the raw PS1 ISO.

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    Apr 2005

    Unofficial RetroArch MAME 0.78 Standalone Emulator PS3 PKG Out

    Following up on the previous RetroXMB update, today an unofficial RetroArch MAME 0.78 Standalone Emulator PS3 PKG is available for those interested.

    Download: UNOFFICIAL - (MAME0.78) RetroArch Standalone Emu.pkg

    To quote: For best performance you should use the MAME romset 0.78. I have tested using lower romsets such as 0.37b5 and that romset worked well, but again for best performance and compatibility you should use 0.78 MAME romset. There are some things to be aware of that i have outlined below. As this is still an experimental core and could have some issues not discovered yet.

    Basic Usage:
    • MAME romset 0.78 is required for best performance.
    • At first screen of MAME agreement when ask to type OK, Move Left Stick - Left to Right to signal "OK"
    • R3 will access the RetroArch Main Menu.
    • R2 will access the MAME Menu options.
    • Select in game will add credits to the game.

    • Core is based on v0.9.8 of RetroArch (not the current 0.9.9).
    • This is an Experimental Core for the PS3 from Libretro Code Re-depository (
    • This is an Unofficial release Please DO NOT BUG official RetroArch developer of any problems.
    • Custom RetroArch Main Menu Wood Background Added in place of default RetroArch menu.

    Known Bugs:
    • When accessing MAME settings (R2 button) settings will not save for next boot
    • Save / Load States will not work on a few titles. (mainly Midway titles)

    • RetroArch Developers: Squarepusher , Maister
    • Libretro Contributors: View the list of many contributors here (
    • RetroXMB Developer: doobz
    • Artwork: Sandungas (PIC1) & STLcardsWS (Custom Wood Main Menu)

    Finally, from Grim Doe on the M.A.M.E Debugger:

    Using MAME Debugger an Playing with (Street Fighter 2 CE) sorry I have Been MIA, just not much time that I use to have. Anyways here is a nice little trick to do just to test out the ROM you are modding (make sure you already have a copy of the ROM your yesting your modding on):

    1st. Start M.A.M.E & Your Game in Debug Mode
    2nd. Go to your ROM Folder decompress the Zip file of the Game your playing
    3rd. Modded it, Zip it back up,
    4th. In the Debugger do a Hard Restart and Test out your Work.

    [imglink=|Unofficial RetroArch MAME 0.78 Standalone Emulator PS3 PKG Out][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    jarvis Guest
    I'm really only interested in the following titles working:

    Mortal Kombat 2, 3 Ultimate, 4
    Killer Instinct

    Has anyone tried to run any of these games and had success? I realize the load/save state for MK probably won't work (Midway know issue listed above), but are they games playable at a reasonable frame rate? Thanks!

    Also below is a PS3 PKG by STLcardsWS (via for the PS1 Indie Game Marilyn: In the Magic World from LameGuy64, as follows:

    Download: Marilyn In the_Magic_World_(0.10a).7z / Marilyn_0.10a_Source.7z / RX0001-RXPSX9092_00-Marilyn_-_In_the_Magic_World_(0.10a).pkg

    Marilyn: In the Magic World

    It is I, the great and highly talented LameGuy64 again with another awesome entry for this year's Codeblast '14 competition, Marilyn: In the Magic World. An old school 2D action platformer fan-game developed almost entirely by me featuring Kenny Anderson's Marilyn character.

    Unfortunately, I was unable to test this game on a real PlayStation as I'm currently far away from home and I don't have my development console with me but it works perfectly on a emulator and a PS2 through backwards compatibility mode. Please inform me when you experience any major bugs in this game such as crashes and/or lock-ups.

    About the Project:
    • Project Title: Marilyn: In the Magic World
    • Developer: lameguy64
    • Time to Complete: 6 months
    • SDK: Psy-Q
    • Genre: Action Platformer
    • Latest Release: Version 0.10a
    • In Development: Yes
    • Initial Release Date: JANUARY-4-2014
    • Last Date Updated: MAY-5-2014
    • Controller: CONTROL PAD
    • Players: 1
    • Memory Card: None
    • Language(s): English
    • Burn and Play: Yes
    • Executable Included: No
    • Source Available: Yes

    Technical Features:
    • Fast loading times and clean disc structure
    • Compilation-friendly and MeidoMenu 1.2 compatible
    • CD-XA music streaming (broken on real console for now) and sound effects
    • Supports widescreen mode (doesn't look good on most emulators though)
    • Automatic NTSC/PAL selection
    • Smooth scrolling
    • Parallax background scrolling of up to 4 layers
    • Particle effects
    • Simple script system for dialog events

    Official ReadMe:
    Marilyn: In the Magic World v0.10
    by Meido-Tek Productions (2014)
    There isn't much in this document for now since the game is still in Alpha stage. But
    it will improve overtime in future releases.
    Table of Contents:
        1. Notice
        2. Getting this game to work
            2.1. Emulation
            2.2. Boot discs
            2.3. Mod-chip
            2.4. Swap trick
        3. Video notes
            3.1. Widescreen displays
            3.2. Playing on an LCD/HDTV
            3.3. Note to PAL users
        4. Developer's Commentary
        5. Links
        6. Credits
        7. Contacts
    1. Notice:
        This novelty fan-game is freeware and is NOT meant to be commercially distributed
        for profit in any way. If you somehow paid for this game, please report the seller
        and demand for a refund.
        Non-profit redistribution of this game is greatly encouraged as long as this readme
        file is included without any alterations within the download and disc image.
    2. Getting this game to work:
        These are one of the many ways to get this game to work... Choose one that best
        suits you.
        2.1. Emulation:
            This is the easiest way to get this game to work but you won't experience the
            full novelty value of it because your playing it on a PC instead of a
            I recommend using ePSXe or pSX (Windows) if you wish to play this game through
        2.2. Boot discs:
            This is another simple method but this one is much better than using an
            emulator as you'll be playing the game on a real PlayStation. It involves using
            a specially crafted CD that somehow works on a unmodified PlayStation and it
            allows you to boot backups and in this case, this game.
            I recommend using the PS-X-Change 2 boot disc which you can purchase one from
            Stone Age Gamer:
        2.3. Mod-chip:
            This is a trickier method as you're going to need some electronics skills to
            perform it and is the best method of all. It involves taking apart your console
            and soldering a mod-chip onto its motherboard. Depending on where you live,
            your chances of acquiring such a chip in the first place may vary.
            Once a mod-chip has been properly installed, you can play backups and this game
            by simply popping the disc in as if it were a legit PlayStation disc.
            If you live in a crappy 3rd world country where piracy is rampant (such as the
            Philippines), there is a high chance that your console already comes with a
            mod-chip installed.
            I recommend buying mod-chips over here:
            Diagrams can be found here:
            ...and remember that I'm in no way responsible to any loss or damage caused by
            attempting to perform this mod. Do it at your own risk!
        2.4. Swap trick:
            This is the most difficult method to perform as it involves swapping discs
            while the console is reading it and because of how dangerous this method is,
            I'm not going to explain much about it.
    3. Video notes:
        3.1. Widescreen:
            The PlayStation somehow supports an odd but possibly unused video mode that
            has a display resolution of 384x240 which is close enough for a proper
            widescreen resolution. Thanks to this factor, this game can be played on
            widescreen TVs without too much horizontal stretch (which looks ugly).
            To set the game to run in widescreen mode, go to Options in either the main
            menu or pause menu where you'll find an Display Type option.
        3.2. Playing on an HDTV:
            For best video quality, I highly recommend connecting your PlayStation to
            your HDTV via S-Video as it provides a much better picture quality than
            composite (the yellow jack on AV cables). If possible, enable 'Game Mode'
            on your HDTV as well to reduce lag as much as possible.
            If your HDTV doesn't have any S-Video inputs (because HDTV manufacturers
            are stupid nowadays), you're going to need an 'upscaler' box that converts
            S-Video into HDMI but finding the most lag-free upscaler can be tricky.
        3.3. Note to PAL users:
            Because this game is timed for NTSC, it must be played in NTSC. Unfortunately,
            PAL consoles do not fully support NTSC by default as the colors will look
            incorrect (red will appear as green) and the same problem occurs when playing
            a PAL game on a NTSC console.
            To overcome this problem, you must use a proper RGB SCART cable or perform
            a color-fix mod which you can find instructions of here:
    4. Developer's Commentary:
        Development of this game started somewhere in November 2013, just a month before
        the Codeblast '14 competition was officially announced. I decided to make this
        game a fan-game instead of an original one mostly because I wanted to help promote
        Kenny Anderson's character Marilyn and that no one has made a fan-game based on
        some OC from DeviantART for the PlayStation which probably makes this the first
        of its kind :D.
        Overall, I feel very proud about this project for how much praise it got in Kenny's
        Marilyn fan-base because of how impressive the game looks and that its literally
        running on a retro video game console. However, this game doesn't really stay true
        to the source material due to the lack of story ideas from Kenny himself that I can
        adapt in video game form. Instead, I went for a fan-fic kind of thing by making my
        own alternate world with its own characters, art direction, etc. But at least the
        game is still fun to play.
    5. Links:
        Kenny Anderson's DeviantART page (I highly recommend checking it out):
        XUnlimited's DeviantART page (most of his stuff is in spanish but its worth checking out):
        Official PSXDEV forum thread:
        My Youtube channel (I don't upload much but subscribe if you want):
        My DeviantART page (if you like super simple vectors and pixel art):
    6. Credits:
        Marilyn and related characters by:
            Kenny Anderson
        Game programming, graphics, sound effects, other characters, and levels by:
            Jobert "Lameguy" Villamor (RGBAguy/Lameguy64)
            "The Great Giana Sisters (Adlib Cover)" by Hydra (original by David Whittaker)
            "You've Winned (unused)" by Jobert "Lameguy" Villamor (RGBAguy/Lameguy64)
            "Game Over (unused)" from Rascal
            "Wood Village" by Benjamin Gerardin
            "Scales of Joy" by Hydra (original by Mel 'o' Dee)
            "Mouse (unused)" by Sami Wilenius
            "Moonsong" by Pixel (Cave Story)
            "Geothermal" by Pixel (Cave Story)
        Special thanks goes to Shadow of PSXDEV for the XPlorer FX cartridge (along with
        a bunch of PlayStation goodies) he sent to me for winning 1st place in the
        Codeblast '13 competition (which I honestly didn't expect) and XUnlimited (the
        serious Nintendo fan) for testing and helping me make this game as good as it
        can get.
    7. Contacts:
        If for some reason you wish to contact me, you can e-mail me using this address:
            lameguy64 AT
    Update: Just updated this game to v0.12a which doesn't have much in it other than that I have finally fixed the CD-XA playback code which didn't work on a real PSX and fixed some minor bugs that Shadow mentioned.

    Also, any future updates of this game will be posted on this forum thread:

    Download: Marilyn - In the Magic World (0.12a).7z / Marilyn_0.12a_Source.7z

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    capitaobr Guest

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    jjjwelch Guest
    I've made a good number of games with this so far, and all have been successful, except for when i try to make Sega 32x games, is it not supported yet, or am i just missing something?

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