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    Quote Originally Posted by ionbladez View Post
    I tried to update, but got "The Data is corrupted"
    lmao, maybe you're 1 setting off from being a legend.

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    Hi, I'm read my register file search version 3.41 but I don't see settings/CategoryVersion say 340002 (very similar to my firmware 3.41) in the file for example settings/CategoryVersion say 340001 that is close

    but my PS3 40gb fat (I don't translate number, xregister says) setting/parental/dvdRegion - EU - - 00005553

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    Quote Originally Posted by sk group View Post
    lmao, maybe you're 1 setting off from being a legend.
    LOL That would be epic.

    I can't wait for a 3gs version of psgroove. At the moment I am simply browsing this site for an update on that and the cool things that are being released. When it is released, I hope to do some tinkering also.

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    I use WinXP Proffesional, and the registry editor dosent start up, the error code is 0x0000135 what is this mean ?

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    So there is no way for a region unlock/change?

    I got a EU version and the complete Lost collection in Blu-Ray and I could only play season 1 and 2 then the other seasons are region locked for US

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    No changing the region values in the registry, doesn't change the region.

    Actually only Season 3 & 4 from Lost Complete Collection are region locked.

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    60gb PS3 xRegistry.sys needed

    Hey guys,

    For some experiments I need the xRegistry.sys from a 60gb PS3 with FW 3.41 the region doesn´t matters.

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    Just fiddled a bit with registry, and found out about a little about the video output setting:
    (i have a fat 60gb PAL model so this is mainly for PAL models)
    !!! Don't forget the leading 0-s, so if i write '5' it means '00000005' !!!

    display/0/type -- the output type
    5: RGB/scart output / also use this, if you have ps2-linux-vga/blaze-vga-adapter adapter and use with standard analog monitor
    3: yuv/component output for hdtv sets -- there is a d-sub in the menu but who the ... thought to use yuv to vga (d-sub connector) monitors??

    display/0/modeid -- output resolution
    101: on every setup means (?) composite video output (576i 4:3) -- fail safe for all
    505: 576i 4:3 video
    f0f: 576p 16:9 output -- default max allowed rgb out
    2525: 720p hdtv (16:9) output

    and you can vary the above setting with each other

    to apply these modes, you need to reboot your ps3..

    the list is not complete, but now i can finally use my monitor at glorious 720p only with blaze-vga-adapter No need for $100+ craps to translate yuv to rgb :P

    If you like me and have 4:3 monitors, you should adjust the picture size on monitor -- but with horizontal black bars still looks much better than 576p 4:3 ... even the 576p 16:9 better then 4:3 /but ex: fallout3 doesn't support it/

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    i have tried to connect vga with blaze but green color is very high!!

    i have the blaze vga adaptor too... and have ps3 jail breaked on 3.41 not dangerous? touch nand flash?

    i want to connect vga with blaze... help me plz!! sorry i can not speak in english very well...

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    Anyone done any more tinkering with this? I'm stuck on a special demonstration firmware which updates from different places than the standard retail ones.

    I'd love to be able to edit a registry value and make it look for a regular sony update from a disc or something.

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