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Thread: PS3 Reference TOOL Kit Arrives for the PS3 News Dev Team!

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    aries2k6 Guest
    Congratulations on aquiring the TOOL. It looks impressive.
    I hope you can use it to learn more about the workings of the ps3 and find that loophole we´re all hoping can be found.

    I already learned something today. FW .85? I didn´t even know that existed I always thought the 1st FW was 1.0

    So is it possible to freely downgrade - upgrade the TOOL. That would be very convenient for you to do testing.

    No, he got it second hand on Ebay and it seems he got a good deal on it.

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    veggav Guest
    Great news!! Congratulations CJPC!

    Do you guys think the break will come in a software, something to run from the usb or a dvd-r ? or it would be a mod chip ?

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    Aeonin Guest
    Fantastic find there CJPC, this could be the turnaround the scene needs for the PS3. I'm sure it'll be quite sometime until any big rewards are reaped, but I'm a patient man and I'm confident in the great devs we got here. Thanks ya'll! Keep up the good work.

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    dondolo Guest
    good job..

    only ps3 dev team could do something like that

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    Chivafighter Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    So I hear LOL... believe it or not, as much time as I spend online each day (like 10+ hours, 7 days a week) I have never, ever used Ebay myself. I don't even have an account there, though I really should push myself to get into it... then I can be the next guy on one of those "I made millions on Ebay" infomercials.
    Lol, go get yourself an account Boss. If you use paypal to purchase your items, then your money is secure, plus you will find a bunch of good deals haha

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    BlingOnMyWrist Guest
    Woops, from the page I clicked on, it seemed like there were no comments. Little did I know there were around 40 comments. I read the eBay comments.

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    XiLERAWR Guest
    As others have said, congratulations on the purchase. I hope it helps the developers with their work.

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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by BlingOnMyWrist View Post
    Woops, from the page I clicked on, it seemed like there were no comments. Little did I know there were around 40 comments.
    Yea, basically because our PS3 Dev area is restricted the comments won't show publically under the article unless you are logged in and have permission to read them (have posted recently, etc).

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    goman1971 Guest
    good luck on your journey to solve the problem!!

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    sivalakos Guest
    hey guys congratz for making such a purchase. hope the for your effort and keep the big news coming. well if you finally get somewhere and need a beta or alpha tester here i am. i don't play games on ps3 for at least 4 months now for this reason bcs i can download games for pc a from the net but not ps3 so it's just sitting there. thx and good luck.

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