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Thread: PS3 Reference Tool - DECR-1000A Backside Detailed

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    CJPC Guest

    PS3 Reference Tool - DECR-1000A Backside Detailed

    Sony's PS3, circa E3 2005 - it was great. Dual HDMI outputs, 3X LAN and lots more.

    Last week we covered the PS3 DECR-1000A Front, and so today let's take a peek at the backside of Sony's PS3 Reference Tool.

    We can cut right to the goodies! Back of the tool: starting on the far right features a power connector to the variable 100-240V PSU, for multi-region support.

    Next up is the AV, there is your normal AV MULTI Out for standard composite output. Directly next to that is a TOOL exclusive feature, a DSUB connector for hooking up a VGA monitor directly, instead of using converters (if need be).

    Below that are DUAL HDMI outputs, however after SDK version .85 output to the second HDMI connector was disabled - however all the hardware is still functional, so it could be enabled on a whim.

    Next to the HDMI outputs is the Optical Output, just like on a PS3, it passes high quality sound to a receiver, not as good as HDMI, but quite well.

    Next up - the LAN. Just like the original PS3 plan, the TOOL does feature 3 system RJ-45 Jacks, however the right most two are disabled, although all of the hardware is still intact. The other is used for the system, to access PSN and play online.

    However, if you have a wireless connection - you simply plug in the supplied antenna to the ANT port, so you can pick up a signal anywhere. Of note, the Antenna is also used for controller and other Bluetooth perferials, so the controller will not work unless an antenna is connected to that port - the internal shielding is too thick!

    Next to last are the analog audio outputs - a feature that is useful for those who prefer analog outputs, I myself prefer to use the HDMI output, but it depends on the decoder that you have.

    Finally, the debugging features. The PS3 TOOL features an additional RJ-45 connector for debugging. This allows more in depth system debug, by allowing separate hardware access to the PS3 tool - so if the kernel crashes, debug information can still be exchanged to figure out the reason why.

    Behind the cover features a RS-232 port, which is used to view basic system information, like its IP Address, Netmask, Gateway as well as the software version.

    As for the vents - the center two blow into the system, while the outer most two vents are connected to plastic channels to guide air away from the CELL and RSX.. more on that next time!

    [imglink=|PS3 Reference Tool - DECR-1000A Backside Detailed][/imglink]
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    Starlight Guest
    Looks pretty slick i must say.. nice.. wouldn't mind having one of those units forsure.

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    Apr 2005
    Yep, it's quite an interesting piece of hardware indeed... and it will be even more interesting when we can see what CJPC and the PS3 Devs can do with it!

    As always, keep up the informative posts CJPC... looking forward to your next update on the internals of it.

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    I really hope you guys can put it to good use. At this point I've pretty much lost hope that the PS3 will be hacked within it's own generation. "Just another year and it'll probably be hacked...", man I was wrong.

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    netpredakonn Guest
    This debugging feature with the RJ-45 definitely looks interesting. I bet a lot of interesting things are gonna come soon.

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    veggav Guest
    Yeap my hopes are decreasing :/

    But this is a wonderful hardware, it's now or never I think.

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    Virii2012 Guest
    This thing is incredible I can't wait for you to go more in depth about it. I've already pretty much accepted the fact the ps3 isn't going to be hacked anytime soon although with this beast at there disposal I hope we can get some where this time.

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    Preceptor Guest
    Nice update CJPC. I would say I was more impressed with the front because it had lots of other features I didn't even know the ps3 could possible have (like a 400 GB hd using blu-ray ISO loader for game testing O_o). But still a nice update. I wonder what will the devs discover from that debug lan port. Let's wait and see.


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    Apr 2005


    Quote Originally Posted by veggav View Post
    Yeap my hopes are decreasing :/
    Quote Originally Posted by Virii2012 View Post
    I've already pretty much accepted the fact the ps3 isn't going to be hacked anytime soon
    Guys both of these are off-topic and useless posts... -Rep. This thread has absolutely NOTHING to do with hacking the retail PS3, CJPC is trying to educate you people on the rare and expensive hardware we acquired.

    Please do not turn each PS3 Dev post on the TOOL into "when will the retail PS3 be hacked" as that is why they are posted in this section and not the public "PS3 Hacks" one... to prevent exactly this.

    In this section we are seeking intelligent and technical discussion about the PS3 Dev posts we take the time to write and information shared. Read them, then ask specific questions about what you read if you are uncertain or are seeking additional information and CJPC or the others will reply with answers.

    The last thing anyone in this section wants to read is a bunch of posts from kids crying about how there is no way to play PS3 copies yet on retail consoles. The PS3 TOOL is not a retail console, so over the next few months everything done on it will only be possible to accomplish on a PS3 TOOL... which is why we share the progress here in hopes that some intelligent people can read what the Dev Team is doing and contribute to it with advice, feedback, ideas, etc.

    Thus far, CJPC has only provided a detailed background on the hardware they are now using (excluding internals) as a basic foundation to familiarize everyone with it since we all can't "run out and buy one" ourselves... so if anyone has something to add/ask pertaining to that feel free.

    Does anyone here besides CJPC (and one other PS3 Dev) have a PS3 TOOL or access to one? That would also be helpful to know as well.

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    MexN00B Guest
    Its interesting why they even added 2 extra ethernet ports to it.. what could you do with them anyways? Turn the thing into a router? Connect multiple consoles to it using a crossover cable?

    Wish I had one of these beasts, could learn tons from it.

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