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    nathanr3269 Guest

    PS3 PUP Unpacker & Decrypter v2.2 Homebrew App Arrives

    I have done this PS3 PUP Unpacker & Decrypter v2.2 homebrew application tool (basically is an script that use other tools) a long time ago for easily unpacking a PlayStation 3 PUP file for those who don't know how. This works on Cygwin and Ubuntu (not CMD windows)

    Download: PS3 PUP Unpacker & Decrypter v2.2 Homebrew App

    You can choose what to do with this tool, like Unpack PUP, decrypt SELF files, etc... (see README for info):

    PUP Unpacker & Decrypter v2.2



    v1.0 - Initial release
    v1.1 - Added more tasks
    v1.2 - Keys bug fixed
    v1.3 - Fixed bug on folders
    v2.1 -
    • Added options menu in help screen
    • "pup_PD.exe" modified, now can unpack "spkg_hdr.tar" and "ps3swu2.self" files on 3.56+ PUP
    • Added function to decrypt "index.dat"
    • Added function to unpack RCO files
    • Added function to unpack and convert VAG to WAV files

    v2.2 - Added function to decrypt and unpack Core_OS

    What we can do automatically with this program?
    • Unpack PUP
    • Decrypt TAR/PKG/SELF
    • Decrypt index.dat
    • Decrypt Core_OS
    • Unpack Core_OS
    • Unpack decrypted TAR/PKG
    • Unpack RCO files
    • Unpack and decrypt VAG to WAV files


    PUP Unpacker & Decrypter v2.2 By Evilnat

    Usage: pup_unpacker.exe [OPTION] filename.pup directory

    Example: pup_unpacker.exe -all PS3UPDAT.PUP OFW355

    Options (ONLY CHOOSE ONE):

    [Register or Login to view code]


    1) Unpack folder of RAR on your home directory in Cygwin (C:\cygwin\home\XXXX\Unpacker)
    2) Copy PS3UPDAT.PUP file you want in it
    3) Open Cygwin's console and enter the folder
    4) And type: (OFW_355 is an example, you can change this)

    ./pup_unpacker.exe [OPTION] PS3UPDAT.PUP OFW_355

    [ Example: ./pup_unpacker.exe -all PS3UPDAT.PUP OFW_355 ]

    5) Now depending what option you had choosen the executable will do it all automatically

    All is done, "dev_decrypted_unpacked" folders contain self decrypted files

    This program requires certain exe files and PS3 keys that are included in RAR, DON'T DELETE THEM. If an error occurs it will stop automatically, showing what has happened. Hope this helps someone

    Thanks to: KaKaRoTo, Waninkoko, Geohot, Team Overflow, and more DEVS.

    Evilnat (PS3SOS/PSVITASOS)

    I hope this helps anyone. If you see any error or bug please contact me.


    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Ezio Guest
    Another good tool from nathanr3269, it's useful for who isn't able to unpack a pup. Excellent work!

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Added to the main page now, and +Rep for the update nathanr3269!

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    ps3hen Guest
    Great job!

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    NTA Guest
    Good stuff. Just happen to have ubuntu installed lol

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    nathanr3269 Guest
    Works in Cygwin in Windows


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    Sostanco Guest
    really nice release! thx

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    Mosy Guest
    hey with this can you create your own cfw on any firmware and on 4.0 ? reply mate thanks i'm really interested in making my own

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    nathanr3269 Guest
    This program only unpack/decrypt files of PUP (any, but for SELF/SPRX files of 3.60+ you need that keys), it don't modifiy PUP file and repack again

    I'm working in a new APP that modify a PUP file, spoof files and then repack all in a new PUP


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    WTF Name Guest
    i have a quick try on the program , and i have the following error:

    PUP Unpacker & Decrypter v2.2
    By Evilnat

    Selected Mode: Unpack/Decrypt entire PUP (All Mode)

    - Unpacking PUP file...
    - Unpacking update_files.tar...
    - Decrypting PKG files...
    - Unpacking PKG files...
    - Decrypting UPL.xml.pkg...
    - Decrypting CORE_OS_PACKAGE.pkg...
    - Unpacking CORE_OS_PACKAGE.pkg...
    - Decrypting ps3swu.self...
    - Decrypting SELF files of CORE_OS...
    - Decrypting default.spp...
    perror: No error
    header decryption failed

    the OFW i used is 4.0+ ( just download from $ony)
    i know the above say that i need the key to decrypt it , but :

    1) if a PS3 is at 3.55CFW, it can upgrade to 4.0+ of course.
    2) 3.55CFW should not have key of 4.0+
    3) but the PS3 unit should work , and so is that key = this key ? as required to unpack 4.0+ PUP ?

    thanks all , i know this is hard to have all these work done ~ great job ~

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