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Thread: PS3 PUP Unpacker & Decrypter v2.2 Homebrew App Arrives

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    cfwprophet Guest
    No the pup key is still the same and i'm doubt that sony will change it. But could be.

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    pooketz Guest

    Question PS3 PUP Unpacker & Decrypter v2.2 - help please!

    Dear all,

    While this may be a novice query, I'd greatly appreciate some help in understanding this application: PS3 PUP Unpacker & Decrypter v2.2; linked at the bottom of this post.

    I'm trying to extract a .dat file from a PS3 game backup archive, but in doing so, I get the following error: No such file or Directory -- and when I do get the folder to be recognized, it tells me that it doesn't know the command.

    The explanation doesn't go into detail on the actual download page for this application, so I'd be grateful for anyone's contributions for knowledge of how this program works.

    Many thanks!

    PUP U&D Page:

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    Foo Guest
    Why don't you put the EXE in the bin folder?

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    pooketz Guest
    Hi Foo - upon launching the application by itself from the bin folder, it opens and closes right back up again immediately.

    The same scenario for launching it with Cygwin. I just noticed you have Skype, may I add you? It'd really help me out to talk about it in real-time!

    Best regards,

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    Foo Guest
    Yes go ahead and add me.

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    PUAD GUI - a PS3 PUP Unpacker & Decrypter for Windows Arrives

    Following up on his previous release, today PlayStation 3 homebrew developer nathanr3269 (aka Nathan_r32_69) has made available PUAD GUI v1.0 - a PS3 PUP Unpacker & Decrypter for Windows.

    Download: PUAD GUI v1.0 - PS3 PUP Unpacker & Decrypter for Windows (Simple) / PUAD GUI v1.0 - PS3 PUP Unpacker & Decrypter for Windows (Installer)

    To quote: After some weeks of hard work I finally finished the new PUAD GUI, aka PUP Unpacker and Decrypter. Works without Cygwin, directly from Windows, if anyone see any issue please tell me. Pictures are created by J-Martin and is tested by largand79, thanks to both.


    • Unpacks PUP file
    • Decrypts/Unpacks CORE_OS
    • Decrypts/Unpacks Dev_flash
    • Decrypts SELF files of CORE_OS
    • Decrypts SELF files of Dev_flash
    • Unpacks RCO file contents
    • Decrypts index.dat

    • PUP - Unpacks PUP file
    • DEV_FLASH - Unpacks Dev_flash
    • SELF - Decrypts SELF files of Dev_flash/CORE_OS
    • DAT - Decrypts index.dat
    • CORE_OS - Unpacks CORE_OS
    • SPP - Decrypts default.spp of CORE_OS
    • RCO - Unpacks RCO file contents
    • FULL - All tasks


    PUAD GUI reads this file at start and depending on the settings disables/enables some functions:
    • lang - Set language
    • music - Enable/Disable background music
    • file_info - Enable/Disable file info frame
    • check - Enable/Disable the initial check of executable files/keys

    Boot.ini content
    # PUAD GUI Options
    # ----------------
    # This option set language
    # en = English
    # es = Spanish
    # default = en
    # This option enables/disables music at startup
    # 0 = Disabled
    # 1 = Enabled
    # default = 1
    # This option enables/disables file info box
    # 0 = Disabled
    # 1 = Enabled
    # default = 1
    # This option enables/disables initial check of executable/key files (unself_PUAD.exe, etc...)
    # 0 = Disabled
    # 1 = Enabled
    # default = 1
    Keys format

    Here is the format and composition of keys. MUST BE inside bin\ps3keys, and named as type + data + fw version, for example for 3.55 app would be app-data-355:
    KEY 0x00 - 0x1F
    IV 0x30 - 0x3F
    PUB 0x50 - 0x77
    PRIV 0x90 - 0xA4
    CTYPE 0xC0 - 0xC3
    • Choose a PUP file
    • Select destination folder *
    • Choose from the options available
    • Click on Start/Iniciar

    * Make sure the folder is empty to avoid errors


    Q: Re-pack PUP file?
    A: No, currently not

    Q: The program is going slow or crashes
    A: The program uses many resources, even if it looks locked is still working

    Q: Background music is heard slow
    A: Disable it in menu or in the boot.ini file

    Q: How can i change the background music?
    A: Replaces SOUND.BIN file in bin folder with another in MP3 format

    Q: Always fails while unpacks PKG
    A: Make sure PKG key is in the orrect place and the output folder there is no file

    Q: Works with regular ps3tools files and keys?
    A: No, only works with embedded files and keys, are modified for PUAD only

    Q: I get an error at startup
    A: Make sure you have all the necessary files and update your version of Windows

    Known bugs
    • Sometimes music stutters when you have a lot of activity (when more RAM, better)
    • Seems to hang but is working, don't worry

    [imglink=|PUAD GUI - a PS3 PUP Unpacker & Decrypter for Windows Arrives][/imglink]
    [imglink=|PUAD GUI - a PS3 PUP Unpacker & Decrypter for Windows Arrives][/imglink]
    [imglink=|PUAD GUI - a PS3 PUP Unpacker & Decrypter for Windows Arrives][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    kalberto Guest
    i got PUAD GUI.exe is not a valid WIN32 application ??

    this is for windows or LINUX ?

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    Should be Windows, although depending on what OS version you are running (x32, x64, etc) it may not work on them all. If I read anything about which are compatible with it I will update the main article with the details. Has anyone else got it to run successfully?

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    Hernaner28 Guest
    This mean we can get a fix for Resident Evil 6? That's all that matters now...

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    nathanr3269 Guest
    Seems to work in x86 and x64, but some people have problems showing error "not a valid win32 application", try to run as administrator

    In x86 works fine, but in x64 fails to some people when to other with same processor works

    Please comment your windows version and processor if have problems


    Quote Originally Posted by Hernaner28 View Post
    This mean we can get a fix for Resident Evil 6? That's all that matters now...
    With this tool not


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