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    i restored file system and default settings and rebuilt database but still getting same error as before. 80710A06.

    Any ideas ?

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    does this work on 4.20 and does it allow psn access?

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    Dont know if this was pure coincidence but, after i installed the correct pkg. It did wok great. I logged into PSN no problems, got some new dlc for my troubles.

    The next day... nothing. System won't boot up at all. My launch 60gb ps3 now has YLOD. Cheers for that!

    Anyone else having any other problems?

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    Ylod is hardware and if your launch 60gb made it this far you're lucky.

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    If someone have an issue with spinning icon in XMB while install PKG made with psn_fix.exe, you must delete/change "&" character, thatīs was my fault, sorry


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    the SEN Enabler and Disabler for geohot isn't working for me plzz could update it or make a new geohot 1 plz

    the geohot sen enabler isn't working on geohots cfw for me someone plz help?
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    I'll make a new PKG for Geohot, stay tune, in five min is posted


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    okay thanks for that do you have a youtube i can sub to

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    this came up when installing it AN ERROR OCCURRED DURING THE INSTALL OPERATION (80029567)

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