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Thread: PS3 PUP / Dev_Flash File Spoofer v3 Tool is Now Available

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    nathanr3269 Guest
    For data transfers disable spoof, transfers what you want and then if you wish spoof again


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    nathanr3269 Guest

    Video: PS3 Spoofer Tools v5.0 for Custom Firmware is Released

    Following up on my first release of spoofer PKG tools, I upgraded them to one PKG for each CFW for enable or disable Spoof (both functions in one) and with a GUI for enabling spoof (if something is wrong it will restore your PS3 files preventing a RSOD on the PlayStation 3).

    Spoofer Tool for PC is updated too, the actual version is 5.0, now tools spoofer_pup.exe, spoofer_pup_repack.exe, spoofer.exe and a new one, spoofer_pkg.exe, are all in one, a new spoofer.exe tool upgraded

    PS3 Spoofer Tools v5.0

    Now you can choose version and image version to spoof and build a PKG with it to install in your PS3, is upgraded and fixed like other tools (keys.exe and extractor.exe).

    The new options in spoofer.exe are:
    • help: Show info screen
    • files: Spoof single files (use extractor.exe or copy your dev_flash files in Spoofed folder) *
    • pkg: Spoof your files and build a PKG
    • pup_files: Extract PUP files and spoof *
    • pup_rebuild: Extract files, spoof and re-build PUP file spoofed

    *: You must copy manually to your PS3 with this option

    For example, if you want spoof with version 4.50 and image version 88888 and build a PKG (Remember navigate to folder in Cygwin console):
    ./spoofer.exe -pkg 04.5000 88888
    Now you will see a PKG file named Spoofer Enabler & Disabler.pkg with your files spoofed

    Download: PS3 Spoofer Tools v5.0

    PS3 Spoofer Enabler & Disabler

    This enable (9.99) or disable spoof for your CFW, simply install *ONLY THE PKG FOR YOUR CFW* (CFW Kmeaw = PKG for Kmeaw) and run it in XMB, you will see the menu, first if you wish to continue choose "Yes" or if you wish exit to XMB choose "No".

    If you continue program will ask you if you want enable spoof, and for disable in this screen choose "No" and you will be able to disable spoof. At the moment of enabling spoof, it will create a backup of your dev_flash files to restore and prevent RSOD

    Here is a video (thanks to nandinho55)


    As always, if you see something wrong, please tell me.

    Hope this helps someone.


    [imglink=|Video: PS3 Spoofer Tools v5.0 for Custom Firmware is Released][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Apr 2005
    I have promoted the news to the main page now and +Rep for the update nathanr3269!

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    mgkmgk Guest
    Thanks that looks great.

    One question - I am on 3.55 MFW using the firmware builder app - can I just use the KMEAW install or is it safest to do a full reinstall of 3.55 first (installeed the MFW early on when the FW were getting developed and never had any probs so never changed).


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    nathanr3269 Guest
    Some CFW share the same files but are modified different, you can use Kmeaw if you have a MFW 3.55 (Less Rebug)


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    Zentsuken Guest
    Thanks nathanr3269! Cygwin hates me anyways but this one seems less complicated and more straightforwad so I'll be using this one instead.

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    brokensaint Guest
    nathanr3269.. I'm trying to create a version 5.00 spoof..

    I'm using spoofer.exe -pkg 05.5000 88888

    But it gives me a error..
      * Creating index.dat...
    unable to load dat-key.
    perror: No such file or directory
    An error has ocurred
    I don't know what I'm doing wrong..

    Could you please make me one if possible please.. as soon as possible, I don't want the 9.99 one..

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    nathanr3269 Guest
    That error is because you don't have installed keys for dat/undat, for fix that use my keys.exe tool, type:
    And you will be able to continue with spoof


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    My first post/yes few questions, but important. First off great job on this nathanr3269

    Question about => PS3 Spoofer Enabler & Disabler [9.99] [REBUG 3.55.2] <-Is this version using -> Rebug_Update_Package_0.6_3.55.2.pkg ->( Pre-patched -> vsh.self ) The reason i ask ( Rebug Update 6 -> vsh.self) => is Pre-Patched for ReactPsn 2.0 support. So that is my question. Did you extract Rebugs update 0.6/spoof the pre-patched =>(vsh.self) Also does this overwrite update/Rebug spoof in Rebug Mode..

    If i was running other supported CFW/MFWs i would have already installed this. I just don't want to break ReactPsn 2.0 support + i am unclear about what happens when i set Rebug mode in CEX/DEX . Will the spoof say 9.99.? I was hoping somebody else would have thought of what i have asked & posted related Qs, but i guess i am the guy.. If you can answer these questions, i would be appreciate it. Thanks.

    I could have just said ,does this break reactPsn 2.0 or update Rebug Spoofer ? but i had to give more detail about the Qs. Some/most probably don't use ReactPsn. I bought DLC from PSN. Now i finally got it back, i don't want to lose it over a spoof , then re install everything. The 9.99 spoof will complete me, if it does not break reactPsn

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    nathanr3269 Guest
    For the PKGs i did, Rebug is the only one that needs spoof files "*.cexsp" and " and "*.swp" in dev_flash (folder etc and module inside vsh), if you change Rebug Mode without change that files it will, or show a spoofed version made by Team Rebug or show RSOD.

    For ReactPSN, if you installed patch and you spoof with my PKG prebuilded, youŽll lost it, because i spoofed dev_flash files directly from a PUP, but if you want to spoof and enable ReactPSN, spoof patched vsh.self of support with ReactPSN and make a PKG with my tools [remember, index.dat, vsh.self and version.txt] (spoofer.exe -pkg...)


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