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    I installed package : spoofer hermes on my 3.55 slim and launched it... (this link :

    When ps3 boots, I don't get anything. How can I get rid of this ?

    If I launch service mode and factory reset will it be ok ? If yes, will I lose my saves ? Any help is welcome...

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    If you have CFW 3.55 install ONLY PKG for that CFW (Kmeaw, Waninkoko, etc...), if you install Hermes probably you will have RSOD (Red Screen of Death), for fix it install again your CFW from Recovery, NEVER in Factory Service Mode.


    Added PKG for more CFW:

    PS3 Spoofer Enabler / Disabler [9.99] [HERMES]

    PS3 Spoofer Enabler / Disabler [9.99] [KMEAW]

    PS3 Spoofer Enabler / Disabler [9.99] [Rebug 3.55.2]

    PS3 Spoofer Enabler / Disabler [9.99] [JFW]

    PS3 Spoofer Enabler / Disabler [9.99] [OPENSIDE]

    PS3 Spoofer Enabler / Disabler [9.99] [REBUG 3.41.3]

    PS3 Spoofer Enabler / Disabler [9.99] [REBUG TB v2]

    PS3 Spoofer Enabler / Disabler [9.99] [TB v2]

    PS3 Spoofer Enabler / Disabler [9.99] [WANINKOKO v2]

    As always if you see something wrong please tell me


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    Thank you, service mode is working

    I got mixed up with information, I am gonna read it twice now ^^'

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    yo how can i install this?? i put onto my usb and then my ps3 and it just says error can any 1 help?

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    What PKG did you installed and which is the error?


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    i tryed every 1 lol i have KMEAW cfw and the error is 80029567 do i need make it as a PUP file? or install ot from install package files??

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    If every PKGs gives you error 80029567 you may have something wrong, at this moment PKG for Spoofer Kmeaw is working perfectly (tested), try go to Recovery Menu and chose Restore File System and try again with PKG, if still giving error re-install your CFW


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    guess i'll have to try reinstalling firmware i'll get it off this site and try it do i need to be using the spoofer tool or not? before my friend used to tell me how but dunno if its any different now and thanks for trying to help dude

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    If you want to use Spoofer for Kmeaw you must have that CFW, for example, if you have CFW Hermes and you install Spoofer for Kmeaw, you will have RSOD or black screen.

    You don't have to use Spoofer tool for reinstall CFW, reinstall first OFW 3.55 and then CFW Kmeaw, both from Recovery Menu


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    yo thanks dude just reinstalled ofw and the his again and worked straight away version 9.99 lol

    lol now i got that working i try do data transfer and it says my ps3 needs to be updated and that's on 4.11 ofw how can i data transfer now?

    what cant i do data transfer to pfw 4.11 now?

    ops ment ofw but nvm forgot what i had to do lol but thanks dude

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