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  1. #31
    ashmodeo Guest
    Thanks mate for creating this wonderful tool.


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    Zentsuken Guest
    Thanks again compi! This works amazing!

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    Thumbs Up

    I have now promoted it to the main page as well and +Rep for the update nathanr3269!

  4. #34
    Sshadow2305 Guest
    Hi,thanks for the tool it works perfect, but how we change the version number for example to version 4.11. In need it to backup between my 2 ps3. Or exists a custom spoofer?


  5. #35
    princekhushi Guest


    will this allow psn online on cfw?

    will anybody tell me??

  6. #36
    aamir007 Guest
    No it won't. Its not possible to go on PSN (SEN it should be called now realistically) on CFW.

  7. #37
    Gunner54 Guest
    Spoof Task for PS3MFW Builder :

    - Includes Spoof for Firmware 4.10, 4.11

    Download : http://www.mediafire.com/?ice5x4mdjl34xc2

  8. #38
    nathanr3269 Guest
    I'll upgrade my Spoofer tool for PC with options to create a PKG for version number you want

    Nope, this blocks any intent of update your firmware


  9. #39
    Hernaner28 Guest
    What is this for?

  10. #40
    bitsbubba Guest
    thanks but I'll stick with PS3MFW Builder spoof tcl

    Edit: prevents accidental or unauthorized updates

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