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  1. #231
    dyceast Guest
    I can only think:

    Scared to do the upgrade (scared to brick)
    Lazy to update Games and PSN games if patched for 3.55

    Besides that I see no benefits.

  2. #232
    drphuz Guest
    Look how many people still refuse to come off of 3.41 case closed, lol

  3. #233
    thekeron Guest
    Nope get an xmb error when trying to get to a 4.xx cfw i have a slim ps3 thats on kmeaw so i gave up. if you can help me get on a better cfw than help me den i'm trying to get on dex an ps my ps3 was downgraded so i tried all of dat qa flag condor updater nun of that crap works

  4. #234
    larker Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by skyo78 View Post
    Why are people still on 3.55 CFW? Any benefits?
    because it's safe... if you made as stable version as 3.55 then people should move forward... i am thinking onto move on Rogero 4.40 but i find people are coming back to 3.55 why is that?? mean if 4.40 is working fine with all games then why bother coming back?

  5. #235
    drphuz Guest
    yo thekron. grab a copy of Rebug 3.55.4 and flatz dumpers, and altos c2d. you can be on REBUG cex/dex in 30 mins.

    update to 4.41 REBUG drex.

    enjoy that

  6. #236
    SivokX Guest
    When i uninstall it says that data is corrupted and after data reconfiguration the spoof continue installed. What can I do to remove it?

    Please help me!!!

  7. #237
    modz4fun420 Guest
    I can't wait for dex

  8. #238
    dara jihan Guest
    can change mac address?

  9. #239
    crash251 Guest
    lol nice

  10. #240
    INTODAASKYY420 Guest

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