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  1. #201
    elser1 Guest
    any psn spoof for rebug 3.55?

  2. #202
    AKmania Guest
    nice one worth to try

  3. #203
    jhwp64 Guest
    rsod on 3.55 kmeaw...

  4. #204
    windrider42 Guest
    arachetous is working on a fix that will add CAXX / cer directly in dev_flash androit good. This will be a unique package for all spoofs available.

    For users that have RSOD on kmeaw 3.55, just reinstall kmeaw 3.55 in recovery and it should be good.

  5. #205
    Goooooland Guest
    Arachetous made an update to his homebrew spoof that included CAZXX.cer Version 4.46 and run the spoofs in a single package.

    One package for all CFW 4.4x & Adding CAxx.cer Version 4.46 included in the spoof


  6. #206
    PS 4 Guest
    Be aware that FW 4.46 uses a new CERT. This Spoofer still has the old cert.

    As it is not enough going online with CFW, loading invalid data as spoof is a higher ban risk!

  7. #207
    windrider42 Guest
    Rebug will have a spoofer out soon, but even at that there will always be a high risk when going online or accessing PSN.

  8. #208
    Xustis Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by jhwp64 View Post
    rsod on 3.55 kmeaw...
    me too i went back to 4.31

  9. #209
    Machinary Guest
    I accidentally stuffed up and installed the wrong pkg and ran it, now my ps3 won't work, it'll turn on and show a red screen saying contact for help and assistance in a bunch of different languages and I can't do anything, any way of fix or restore ?

  10. #210
    niwakun Guest
    go to recovery menu and reinstall your CFW. That should fix it.

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