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    excellent ! thanks

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    I've ps3 with a 3.55 MFW (cfw made with PS3MFW Builder). Which version of the Sen Enabler must i Use?


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    anyone can Re-upload PS3 Spoofer Tools v5.5?

    all links are dead

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    I have now added a mirror to the main page article for it.

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    PS3 PKG / SPKG Tools for CFW 3.55 / 4.XX With Source Code Out

    After being inactive for a while since my previous release because I had a problem, finally I finished to create and fix my personal tools for PS3 PKG / SPKG for CFW 3.55 / 4.XX complete with source code.

    Download: PS3 PKG / SPKG Tools for CFW 3.55 / 4.XX with Source Code


    This tools are based on failoverflow's tools, but with support for spkg files on CFW 4.XX, for for example, install a PUP directly from XMB or avoid to do a downgrade to 3.55 to install it.

    A spkg file contains header/metadata for that pkg who has his name, PS3 on +3.56 checks his header/metadata for matching, if not fails and can't install. On FW 3.55 and below is not necessary that spkg files.

    Minimum Requirements
    • Patched spu_pkg_rvk_verifier (disable ecdsa check)
    • Have spkg files on your ".ps3" folder

    • spkg.exe - This tool creates a spkg file from a pkg file
    • unspkg.exe - This tool decrypts spkg files (*.spkg_hdr.1)
    • new_pkg.exe - The tool creates a pkg file and simultaneously a spkg file, the last one is compatible with the first one
    • new_unpkg.exe - This tool decrypts a pkg file and exports his decrypted header/metadata

    [Register or Login to view code]

    [Register or Login to view code]

    [Register or Login to view code]

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Thanks to Team failoverflow for the initial tools
    Thanks to Abkarino
    Thanks to Rogero, samkorg and santi1403 for test the tools

    PS3 PKG / SPKG Tools for CFW 3.55 / 4.XX With Source Code Out

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Sorry the last post must not be here, is a new thread


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    We don't make a lot of new threads because very few people reply in them so it's easier for me to maintain keeping them in our ongoing threads vs 50 threads with 1 post each. I know it doesn't work well for everyone, but I have to do what is easiest for me since I am stuck upkeeping everything here.

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    Ah ok, i thought that i created a new post and not a thread, my fault

    Thanks PS3 News


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    No prob nathanr3269 and +Rep for the release! I have now added it to our main page as well.

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    thats exactly what i needed.... so i can make a pkg file with this?

    mod almost finished everything is working accept pack manager xmbm+!!! somebody here who can help??? i really want to finish this off... got all files packed in to a pkg as an installer.... but i will release it first if packmanger is working!! help me

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