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Thread: PS3 PUP / Dev_Flash File Spoofer v3 Tool is Now Available

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    memarcusandi Guest
    you guys ROCK for making these!!!

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    pinoytechno Guest
    more power guys!

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    goodone Guest
    thanks for reply

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    kloops Guest
    Here is a video:

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    SiKillW Guest
    So when a jailbreak for 4.11+ comes out, will i be able to use this to spoof 4.20 or 4.21? I am not going to update from 4.11 until a jailbreak comes out for 4.11 or higher

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    boris0718 Guest
    Stop working for me today.

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    niwakun Guest
    It prompts me to update when I sign in to PSN. Anyone experience this?

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    xRaW Guest
    does anyone else get prompt to update your system when trying to sign in? i also made sure i put it in recovery mode and do all the required steps to log in yet no fix. I use kmeaw CFW btw

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    PSS3Lobbies Guest
    I can install it fine and pt it on 4.20 spoofer but when i go online it says theres a UPATE so i click on it and then it says you are on current firmware (but it doesn't let me go online)

    yeah me too

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    technodon Guest
    it was patched last night

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