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    how do you go to recovery menu and restore geohotz cfw?

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    PSN / SEN Enabler & Disabler 4.21 Out, Includes ReActPSN Support

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    Following up on my PSN / SEN Enabler & Disabler 4.20 release, I have now upgraded them to version 4.21 and included ReActPSN compatibility support, which is not mandatory for log in SEN.

    It also includes a GUI for enabling PSN / SEN so if something is wrong it will restore your PS3 files preventing a RSOD on the PlayStation 3 console.


    SEN Enabler & Disabler [4.21]

    This enable (4.21) or disable SEN access for your CFW, simply install *ONLY THE PKG FOR YOUR CFW* (CFW Kmeaw = PKG for Kmeaw) and run it in XMB, you will see the menu, first if you wish to continue choose "Yes" or if you wish exit to XMB choose "No".

    If you continue program will ask you if you want enable fix, and for disable in this screen choose "No" and you will be able to disable fix. At the moment of enabling fix, it will create a backup of your dev_flash files to restore and prevent RSOD


    Q: Is this tool safe?
    A: Yes. it is, this have a restore process if something goes wrong for prevent RSOD

    Q: It works with all CFW?
    A: Nop, only with CFW 3.55 and 3.56 (PKG precompiled and fixed)

    Q: It works on OFW?
    A: Nope, only for CFW

    Q: I have RSOD/Black Screen, how can i solve it?
    A: Reinstall your CFW in Recovery Mode

    Q: Fix is already complete but i have an error while log in SEN
    A: Go to Recovery Mode and choose Restore Default Settings, Rebuild Database and Restore File System. In some cases you need to change your login password

    Q: It works with DRM dongles?
    A: Yes, but you need to have dongle update 2.51 and not 2.70

    Q: I have CFW Rebug but when PS3 starts shows Black Screen
    A: Make sure you donīt have any spoof and Rebug Mode in Normal before installing, to fix Reinstall CFW from Recovery Menu


    As always, if you see something wrong, please tell me.

    Hope this helps someone.


    PSN / SEN Enabler & Disabler 4.21 Out, Includes ReActPSN Support

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    I have a dongle at 2.5 right now but if I upgrade it to 2.7 why can't I use this?

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    Because update 2.7 already have a spoof and 2.5 not, are incompatible


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    so can i access play online with Kmeaw 3.55 by the PKG ?

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    hey would you know why i get error code 80029567 when i try to install the ps3 ftp server 1.2 on jailbreak 4.20?

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    is there a jail-broken 4.20 ?

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    Can this or will this get me a ban?

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    Quote Originally Posted by goodone View Post
    is there a jail-broken 4.20 ?

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    Read the descriptions sir.
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