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  1. #91
    nathanr3269 Guest
    Try this: http://www.mediafire.com/?9ueab5zneko2kph

    The other one was corrupted


  2. #92
    PSS3Lobbies Guest
    i've just tried it and it still says its corrupted

  3. #93
    nathanr3269 Guest
    Are you sure you have CFW Geohot?


  4. #94
    PSS3Lobbies Guest
    yeah i had 4:11 spoofer on to host lobbies but then update came out and its taken me ages to find a 4.20 spoofer

  5. #95
    nathanr3269 Guest
    Ok, the error shows when you install PKG?

    Can you install other PKG? If you can't reinstall your CFW from Recovery Menu and try installing again the PKG.


  6. #96
    PSS3Lobbies Guest
    okay i'll try that tomorrow ive got to go now and okay thanks for all your help

    and i can install some packages just not this and stuff like multiman i've got FTP, Congenies, PSIta, PSN Ninja v4 and Dev_Blind and that is all i have got

  7. #97
    theinfinite Guest
    Will the 3.60 spoofer work on an OFW 3.60 demo kiosk? If so, How do I install it?

  8. #98
    nathanr3269 Guest
    In OFW 3.60+ doesn't work any homebrew, you must downgrade with a flasher, sorry man...


  9. #99
    theinfinite Guest
    Oh ok. Thanks.

  10. #100
    elser1 Guest
    thanks mate. do i install the rebug pkg as normal after i unstall the 4.11 spoofer?

    like your avatar too.

    + rep

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