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    Try this:

    The other one was corrupted


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    i've just tried it and it still says its corrupted

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    Are you sure you have CFW Geohot?


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    yeah i had 4:11 spoofer on to host lobbies but then update came out and its taken me ages to find a 4.20 spoofer

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    Ok, the error shows when you install PKG?

    Can you install other PKG? If you can't reinstall your CFW from Recovery Menu and try installing again the PKG.


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    okay i'll try that tomorrow ive got to go now and okay thanks for all your help

    and i can install some packages just not this and stuff like multiman i've got FTP, Congenies, PSIta, PSN Ninja v4 and Dev_Blind and that is all i have got

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    Will the 3.60 spoofer work on an OFW 3.60 demo kiosk? If so, How do I install it?

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    In OFW 3.60+ doesn't work any homebrew, you must downgrade with a flasher, sorry man...


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    Oh ok. Thanks.

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    thanks mate. do i install the rebug pkg as normal after i unstall the 4.11 spoofer?

    like your avatar too.

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