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Thread: PS3 Pulse Generator V2 with Source Code is Now Available

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    DENEGRAO Guest
    sorry the nooby question, i can do this in a bricked mobo? (fw 2.4)

    if yes, i'll try soon.


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    SCE Guest
    Bricked how? YLOD? No display?

    Forget it. It is not like the JTag of XBOX. The console must be running in order to apply the glitch over otheroS

    You can not dump the HyperVisor via LPT. It is just for triggering

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    TUHTA Guest
    well i installed MSDOS. this is screen when msdos is running.. what i have to do next?

    Edit: So i got, i installed Xorhack fully!

    So now to problems...

    1) I dont know how to run GENNSPS3.exe thru picture shown ..that i installed ms-dos thru vmware ..but..

    2)I have solved an a lpt triger.. but... my ps3 wont boot... and freeze when its connected into LPT ... so i tried to connect it when exploit is running but ps3 is freeze!please help!i dont know why.

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    CJPC Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by TUHTA View Post
    well i installed MSDOS.
    Well, I "think" your problem may end up being the whole virtual machine not being able to access "real" hardware. However, not too sure on that one - but that would be my first guess.

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    mushy409 Guest


    Good old windows 98 cd? Got one knocking about somewhere.

    Try connecting the LPT whilst in BIOS screen see if it's the hardware that causing lockups.

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    TUHTA Guest


    guys be careful because something happened with my ps3 now.. it isn't booting.. just green light is lighing but nothing happening!!

    Like.. i don't know.. any ideas what happened?

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    Tender Phantom Guest
    Seems that Jaicrab has dumped lv2

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